Top 11 Jimmy Hart Sayings

#1. I think grown-ups don't go to movies because they're much more discerning.

Joseph Bologna

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#2. Because, really, what was worse than lying wide-awake in the dark, watching your life drip away, one irreplaceable minute after another?

Tom Perrotta

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#3. The biggest regret of my whole football career was leaving White Hart Lane in 1970 ... my interest in football weakened after that. I was heartbroken

Jimmy Greaves

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#4. Believe this truth, that we are fellow members of the body of Christ and that God loves each of us, could serve to diffuse a lot of hostility and disagreement among fellow believers. I am grateful that God taught me this lesson early in my training to be a Navigator staff member.

Jerry Bridges

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#5. But I really believe that you don't do music because you want to, you do it because you have to.

Dan Reynolds

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#6. The French Revolution actualised the Enlightenment's greatest intellectual breakthrough: detaching the political from the theocratic.

Pankaj Mishra

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#7. I don't think you can force a moral opinion or you can force something through a Bollywood film.

Ranbir Kapoor

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#8. I'm the age where we didn't have television as kids. So when I saw my nieces and nephews watching Howdy Doody, Kukla, Fran and Ollie, and so forth, I thought the world had gone mad.

Jack Nicholson

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#9. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend - Skulduggery Pleasant.

Derek Landy

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#10. The songs he chose reflected that same withdrawn, private man, but this man had the gift of expressing his inner soulscape through the medium of some of the 20th century's finest songwriters, from Rodgers and Hart to Antonio Carlos Jobim to Jimmy Webb, and as always, making those songs his own.

Neil Peart

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#11. The first point of courtesy must always be truth.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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