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#1. Most of us are busy gambling on the most dangerous risk of all - living our whole life not doing what we want on the bet that we can buy the freedom to do it later. - Author: Jake Ducey
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#2. We can't expect to ride the wave if we aren't even willing to catch it. - Author: Jake Ducey
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#3. It's hard to look too grand when you're led by someone who looks like a pudding with legs. - Author: Robin McKinley
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#4. First, we believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns
in America's schools, period ... with the rare exception of law enforcement officers or trained se
curity personnel. - Author: Wayne LaPierre
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#5. Some of what makes growing up hard for famous kids is that they don't have room to do immature stuff. I was really happy that I could go to school and hang out behind the alley and be somewhat irresponsible. - Author: Tavi Gevinson
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#6. Believing without acting is nothing. Nothing at all. - Author: David Matheny
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#7. I always felt before Paul Brown, coaches just rolled the ball out onto the field. - Author: Sid Gillman
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#8. I love all music. Right now I am loving Josh Grobin and Kelly Clarkson. - Author: Kaley Cuoco
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#9. The dice are stacked against them - Author: Theo Foley
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#10. One of your inalienable rights as a human being should be to receive a mysteriously useful omen every day of your life. - Rob Brezsny - Author: Jake Ducey
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#11. Some sell their soul for the easy road. The devil's always buying. I can't count the ones I've known who fell right into line. - Author: Aaron Tippin
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#12. I keep forgetting your IQ is higher than my bank balance."
"That's not saying much. - Author: Darynda Jones
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#13. Bluegrass has brought more people together and made more friends than any music in the world. You meet people at festivals and renew acquaintances year after year. - Author: Bill Monroe
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#14. Forgiveness is alchemy of the soul in which the feeling of possibility returns to the human spirit. - Author: Jake Ducey
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#15. How do we become conscious? We recognise our unconsciousness. - Author: Jake Ducey
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#16. A writer writes
regardless ...
even though ...
notwithstanding ...
despite ...
at any rate ...
anyhow ...
nevertheless ...
in the face of ...
undeterred by ...
heedless of ...
and because.
The true writer simply continues to write. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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