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#1. [...] it seems you don't understand that words are the labels we stick on things, not the things themselves, you'll never know what the things are really like, nor even what their real names are, because the names you gave them are just that, the names you gave them [...] - Author: Jose Saramago
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#2. I wasn't saying you were heartbroken." I sound like English is a new language for me, the way I stutter out the words. "I just meant it was hard for me to ... to watch."
He neither confirms nor denies that he might or might not have been even a teeny bit heartbroken. - Author: Susan Ee
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#3. We writers don't really think about whether what we write is good or not. It's too much to worry about. We just put the words down, trying to get them right, operating by some inner sense of pitch and proportion, and from time to time, we stick the stuff in an envelope and ship it to an editor. - Author: Garrison Keillor
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#4. On a per capita basis, Switzerland has more firearms than just about any other country, and yet it is one of the safest places in the world. In other words, guns do not cause crime. - Author: Steven D. Levitt
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#5. I thought, I might not look my best, I've forgotten half the words to my songs and I'm suffering from post-traumatic stress, but I've just got to get out there and do it. - Author: Marc Almond
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#6. What makes cinema so attractive, so fascinating is that it's not just a one plus one process. It's a chemistry between sounds, words, ideas and image. - Author: Wong Kar-Wai
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#7. Do the right thing. Not just when it's convenient for you, but all the time. Words to live by. - Author: Jonathan Sadowski
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#8. It's not just words. Action expresses priorities. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#9. When top-level chess players look at a board, they see words, not letters. Instead of seeing twenty-five pieces, they may see just five or six groups of pieces. That's why it's easy for them to remember where all the pieces are. - Author: Geoff Colvin
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#10. The secret of Soto Zen is just two words: not always so ... In Japanese, it's two words, three words in English. That is the secret of our practice. - Author: Shunryu Suzuki
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#11. An artists job is to see. And to go out in the world and see it firsthand, just as it is; to report with line and words what is seen. To be in the world, not just study about the world, that is the artists task - Author: Robert Fulghum
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#12. I just like to have words that describe things correctly. Now to me, 'black feminist' does not do that. I need a word that is organic, that really comes out of the culture, that really expresses the spirit that we see in black women. And it's just ... womanish. - Author: Alice Walker
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#13. You claiming me?" The words were practically a growl and I realized our lips were now inches apart.
"Are you saying you're claimable?" she murmured.
"Depends on the girl ... "
"I thought it was just sex."
"Those were your words, babe. Not mine. - Author: Kimberly Lauren
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#14. That's politics, power: it's all verbal, a continuous blizzard of words. But it's not just speaking, it's making statements. It's action; it's doing something without doing anything. - Author: Harry Mulisch
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#15. I'm not a good kid. Yeah, look, I'm just a piece of paper with the word sad and a bunch of cuss words written on it.
A lousy piece of paper. That's me.
A piece of paper that's waiting to be torn up. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#16. By looking through my human eyes, I hope you can see the humanity in all of it, beyond the topics of my words. Because life is an expression and our species should be a united one, not a just another bunch of tribal morons. - Author: Steve Merrick
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#17. Have you ever tried to vent your frustration by writing down swear words? Try it, it's just not the same. - Author: Frank Tayell
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#18. Death is not the way they show it in the movies, with the dying person holding on just long enough for one last embrace, some final words of love or absolution. - Author: Bethany Chase
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#19. But me contradicting a news story is not going to make my words fact. It will just create a new news story. - Author: Megan Fox
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#20. Words were not just words, describing things a person could see. Even if most did not. Maybe they had to know a thing first, to see it. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#21. That is our calling: to show that there is a reality in personal relationship, and not just words about it. - Author: Francis Schaeffer
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#22. If you are stymied as a writer, if it's just not coming together, then take the pressure off and don't feel that you need to write 1,000 words today; just write one really good sentence. - Author: Chris Bohjalian
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#23. She said nothing, refusing to meet his gaze. After a long moment, he released her.
"So that's the way it is, then." His words were not a question. The door closed quietly behind him, leaving her cold to the bone, hollowed out and empty. Leaving her alone. Just like always. - Author: Jessica Scott
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#24. Mind not only what people say, but how they say it; and if you have any sagacity, you may discover more truth by your eyes than by your ears. People can say what they will, but they cannot look just as they will; and their looks frequently (reveal) what their words are calculated to conceal. - Author: Lord Chesterfield
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#25. Here stands a girl clutching a knife. There is grease on the stove, blood in the air, and angry words piled in the corners. We are trained not to see it, not to see any of it ... Someone just ripped off my eyelids. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
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#26. In my opinion, animation is best when it communicates without words, because it is the perfect medium through which to make shortcuts to meaning. When actors are not talking, just acting out, it looks kind of weird. But in animation, mime is constant, and you accept it. - Author: Signe Baumane
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#27. Because I love you.' It was easy to say it this time now that I understood what it meant. Then I quoted his own words back to him. 'Not just when it's easy. All the time. - Author: Ann Aguirre
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#28. It's not rash," she said, a fiery tone to her words. "I've waited two years for him to realize how I felt. He's just a little slow on the uptake. - Author: Ronie Kendig
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#29. Even if society dictates that men and women should behave in certain ways, it is fathers and mothers who teach those ways to children not just in the words they say, but in the lives they lead. - Author: Augustus Y. Napier
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#30. It's not just the words we speak in a moment, but the weight of words over the course of time that matters. The words you choose every day add up. You are the words you speak, whether that's constructive or destructive. - Author: Adriana Locke
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#31. Where we got to know eachother. Not just with words, it was how we observed eachother's movements. The way your smile only effected the lower half of your face. How our hands moved when they were close: as if they had minds of their own. - Author: Elaine Turnbo
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#32. Sometimes I don't even bother coming up with proper words for conversation. It's not necessary; some people are content to just talk to themselves. - Author: NoViolet Bulawayo
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#33. I've overcome the blow, I've learned to take it well. I only wish my words could just convince myself that it just wasn't real. But that's not the way it feels. - Author: Jim Croce
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#34. I realize that I quite like this girl. It's not just that she's so pretty the words fly out of my mind before they can leave my mouth - it's that when we're chatting, I feel like I've known her all my life. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#35. Our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action. - Author: John The Apostle
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#36. It was that his words, his telling, just did not synchronize with what his hearers believed would (and must) be the scope of a single individual. - Author: William Faulkner
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#37. I just listen to so much music that I like the role music can play in scoring something. I'm not doing song parodies or funny songs, I'm just adding some music to my words. So it's limited and specific, but as a performer I find it pretty enjoyable. - Author: Demetri Martin
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#38. Promises to love without putting those words into action are just empty proposals. It's not tangible until it is actually seen. Love is action. - Author: Annie Lobert
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#39. I'm creative because I did an icon navigation while everyone else on the planet sticks to words? No, it just means I didn't want to stick to convention. If anything you can call it rebellious but certainly not creative. - Author: Paul Scriven
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#40. [...] She knew it a book it was not just a book. Everything had a meaning. There was an invisible web that connected the words. It was like magic - Author: Ben Oliveira
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#41. When I say, 'I can't stay long, I'm in-between meals,' that plays differently on the radio than it does in person. So I have to pick material that works because the words are funny, not just because of the images. - Author: Louie Anderson
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#42. I've recorded songs that are prayers in different styles, not just in the traditional gospel style that can help and comfort them. It's the words that matter most. - Author: Oleta Adams
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#43. In the words of Richard Driehaus, "The stock market is like a woman. You observe her. You respond to her. And you respect her." That is not as easy as it sounds. Just ask my ex-wife. - Author: Gary Antonacci
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#44. It's said that I went into a rant, but I think it went on for about five words. I was drunk. It just turned into a big thing. I apologized profusely-not once but three times. So what's the problem? It's four years ago. Do I need to apologize again? - Author: Mel Gibson
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#45. That's the thing about business. Facts and numbers and results actually count. It's not just about words as it is in politics. - Author: Carly Fiorina
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#46. Sometimes it's not what you say, Valkyrie, it's just the fact that you're saying it. - Author: Derek Landy
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#47. When you look at the piece of paper, and there's just words on there, you interpret it as the actor to whatever you think is right. There may not be the hidden meaning behind the dialogue, because you don't really get to see what's going on. - Author: James Hong
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#48. County library? Reference desk, please. Hello? Yes, I need a word definition. Well, that's the problem. I don't know how to spell it and I'm not allowed to say it. Could you just rattle off all the swear words you know and I'll stop you when ... Hello? - Author: Bill Watterson
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#49. Excellence is not just words, it's an act or process that paves the way for the purposeful and successful life. - Author: Euginia Herlihy
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#50. I am not a day dreamer, I am a believer, that after every painful love I have gone through, it is just an experience to crack open the deepest parts of my core and allow to me to delve into a passion so rare, that I will find a love that was almost, never meant to be. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#51. Words can sometimes be used to confuse, but it's up to the practitioners of the study of language to apply them for good and not for evil. It is just like fire; fire can heat your house or burn it down. - Author: Frank Luntz
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#52. I probably should just shut up and enjoy it." I take a deep breath. "But I'm starting to think maybe I'm just not built that way."
As soon as the words leave my mouth, I know it's the most honest thing I've said in a long time. - Author: Rachel Harris
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#53. The Bible is not only laws, it's also stories. It begins, 'In the beginning God created Heaven.' If I had written these words, I wouldn't have written anything else; it's just enough. - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#54. It's a lovely feeling, just working away at the desk, putting words down, building words up ... I think you have to be aware that what you're doing is not just a private act, it's a societal thing. - Author: Sarah Hall
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#55. It's ridiculous to think that taking out words will heal hearts,
because a palm-sized box is just not enough for the anger of this world. - Author: Nema Al-Araby
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#56. I loved seeing my name in print, I loved seeing my words in print. I felt really privileged to be in the kind of company I was in at Esquire, but I didn't think it was going to launch a career as a top-notch journalist. It's just not what I wanted. - Author: Laurence Shames
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#57. Like this, Rook." Ford's soft words vibrate into me. "I like you. I'd like to show you how much, actually. I'm being a gentleman to make life easier for you, but believe me, it's not really in my nature to be so accommodating. I typically just take what I want. - Author: J.A. Huss
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#58. My morning begins with trying not to get up before the sun rises. But when I do, it's because my head is too full of words, and I just need to get to my desk and start dumping them into a file. I always wake with sentences pouring into my head. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#59. Not writing is never an option. This is not words of advice. It's just literally never an option! - Author: Lillian R. Melendez
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#60. It's kind of embarrassing to put this into words," she said, "but I want to stay friends with you, Junpei. Not just for now, but even after we get older. A lot older. I love Takatsuki, but I need you, too, in a different way. Does that make me selfish? - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#61. It's time for greatness
not for greed. It's a time for idealism
not ideology. It is a time not just for compassionate words, but compassionate action. - Author: Marian Wright Edelman
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#62. In nature this animal would have nothing to do with you. "Natural horsemanship" is just words. It's not natural at all. There's an abundance of trust that must be developed for you. Imagine if humans were that pliable. - Author: Buck Brannaman
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#63. I'm just not a good psychic. I can tell when something's not right, sometimes, but I can't tell what it is, or when it is, or if I'm supposed to do anything about it. I've tried to make it make sense, but I can't. It's just feelings instead of words. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#64. I don't like losing the words, as you have to, when I'm asked to turn a play into a movie. It's not a matter of ego ... I'm just better able to create the character for an audience through words rather than through actions. - Author: Neil Simon
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#65. The image foreigners have of French cuisine is fattening and very fancy food. But it's not true - French food isn't just rich. The word "healthy" doesn't exist in French. We have many, many words, but not that one. To me, healthy means paying close attention to feeding people. - Author: Alain Ducasse
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#66. He looks at me, and I don't know what he sees. I used to think it was Rose. But she's not here with us now, in this room. It's just him and me, and the books. I feel like our lives are in those books. I feel like all the words on the pages are for us. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
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#67. One false word, one extra word, and somebody's thinking about how they have to buy paper towels at the store. Brevity is very important. If you're going to be longwinded, it should be for a purpose. Not just because you like your words. - Author: Patricia Marx
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#68. There are about 50 or 60 recommendations [in "Win"] for how to communicate, not just the words themselves. All of them had to be tested. And in this short amount of time, it's just very time-consuming and very stressful to ensure that you get it right. - Author: Frank Luntz
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#69. I don't just love you. It's like the word I want to use hasn't been invented yet. Maybe it's because no one's ever felt this type of love before. Maybe I'm the first to feel it. I don't know. I can't explain it. But those words
I love you
they just don't seem like enough. Not anymore. - Author: Jay McLean
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#70. I just like to express myself in the world around me. And I love writing, but sometimes it feels a little too minute. Sometimes, at the end of the day, there's just not enough colors involved - visually, there are just words on a page. - Author: Andrea Gabriel
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#71. It's not that I don't believe you," Peter managed. "I'm sorry. It's just that ... it's only a story."
"Perhaps." She shrugged. "And perheps someday someone will say those very words about you, Peter. What do you say to that? - Author: Justin Cronin
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#72. I kiss him to get him to stop talking. If he keeps talking I will love him, and I don't want to love him. I really don't. As strategies go, it's not my finest. Kissing is just another way of talking except without the words. - Author: Nicola Yoon
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#73. Equality is a practice, it's not just about words, - Author: Mona Eltahawy
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#74. Now, Neve, are you about to say no to me?' 'Well, it's just that - ' 'Because the word "no" is not in my vocabulary, along with the words "can't" and "Victoria Beckham". - Author: Sarra Manning
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#75. Something that came as a shock to me is that we do not have a constitutional right to vote. And that's not just a fun little historical factoid. It actually has huge ramifications. It's the reason our system is so decentralized - in other words, chaotic. - Author: Mo Rocca
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#76. Salvation is based on heart belief and mouth confession; it's not just saying words without heart faith. - Author: Paul Silway
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#77. I'm not interested in the words or the meaning of the words. I'm interested in disappearing in it completely, to not be aware of yourself at all. That's the way music works for me. It's purely emotional. It goes straight to the heart. There are no explanations. That's just it. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgard
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#78. I just want you guys to see it also. To see what type of words that are said toward me, and towards us as professional athletes. Everybody thinks it is a bed of roses and it's not. - Author: LeBron James
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#79. FATBACK'S DEAD" The words on the slip of paper struck me like a blow. "Fatback's dead." It was not just the news itself, though the words cut deep. It was the very fact of the note, stuck on my windshield on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota, - Author: Kent Nerburn
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#80. I don't like remembering the way that hurt her. Hurts her. I'm sure it still does; I'm just not around to see, and I don't like dwelling on that, either. That's only normal. Missing people you still love, and not wanting to see them in pain and angry and humiliated. - Author: Caitlin R. Kiernan
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#81. What else is a poem about?
The rhythm and the images buried in the language. All the ways you can build an emotion with words, but you can't just write 'I feel sad.' I mean, you can, but it's not poetry ... I think it has to be experienced instead of studied. You step into it. - Author: Garret Freymann-Weyr
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#82. But now, everything is so quiet. Not just the pool, but my mind, too. I don't even feel the urge to swim to the beat of a song. I'm mentally spent. Out of words. Out of thoughts. It feels so good to be this empty. It's so peaceful. -Sam - Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
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#83. Don't worry about having the right words; worry more about having the right heart. It's not eloquence he seeks, just honesty. - Author: Max Lucado
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#84. confidence to define success and failure for herself who succeeds. These words were not invented for an incremental life. "Success" and "failure" serve a world that is black-and-white. And as I said before, it's all just kinda gray. - Author: Sophia Amoruso
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#85. No relationship would be successful without a little compromise. If you can't learn to do that then I'm sorry to say your relationship will never survive. Love is about giving and taking, it's not just about smiles and kind words. Compromise is key. - Author: Glennon Melton
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#86. A language is not just words. It's a culture, a tradition, a unification of a community, a whole history that creates what a community is. It's all embodied in a language. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#87. Not really. It's a just a change of address. You moved into my heart a long time ago. That's some fuckin' progress for you." As soon as the words left his mouth, he laughed. "Fuck me. I'm a Hallmark card. - Author: Anonymous
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#88. Screaming, it's not me. I tried it before! Action is more my thing. Not talking. It's hard for me to have word fights, fighting with words. I'd rather just listen. - Author: Ziggy Marley
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#89. He loves me."
"You sound surprised."
"Nobody ever did. Not like this. It's easy to say, for some people. The words. But it's not just words with Roarke. He sees inside me, and it doesn't matter. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#90. It's not just philosophy, not just words; it's knowing how the mind functions; only then can you develop loving-kindness; only then can you become a spiritual person. - Author: Thubten Yeshe
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#91. The Bible is not a book of magic. It's a book of mystery. You can't just quote verses that support your prejudices or guarantee your health, wealth, and happiness and demand that God 'follow through' as promised. God is not limited to the words of Scripture. God is still speaking. - Author: Mel White
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#92. You don't think when you play music, you just try to play and be in it. It is the same for me when the writing is going really well. It's the same kind of feeling. I'm just in it. It's not the words, it's not the sentences, I'm not aware of it. Then it's good. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgard
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#93. Everything, every part that you approach has to be somehow rooted in yourself. You have to somehow root everything so that it's not just words coming out of you. - Author: Judi Dench
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#94. Somehow, the words don't have any vitality, any life to them, unless I can feel it marking on a paper. That's how I start. Once I'm off, then I switch to the laptop. I think it would all just be prose if it started on a laptop - not that what I do is poetry. - Author: Simon Schama
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#95. Tobin's just a guy - like a ton of guys. Even as I run those words through my head, trying to convince myself, I know it's a lie. Tobin will never be just a guy. Not to me. And he shouldn't be just a guy to anyone who meets him or to anyone else that's lucky enough to love him. - Author: Jolene Perry
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#96. So I know she forgives me, just as I forgive her. Thomas Edison's last words were: 'It very beautiful over there.' I do not know where there is, bit I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it is beautiful. - Author: John Green
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#97. I was pretty good at picking up new languages when I was little, but it's not like I had superpowers or anything.
Kids just have an easier time with words. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#98. We see the world and our words in one impression, as if we're looking at a forest through a green filter. We can't see what's really green and what's not. If we were to walk around with the filter in our eye long enough, we'd forget it was there, and life would just be green. - Author: Dave Logan
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#99. Certain songs just feel a way that's hard to put into words and it's not happy and it's also not really sad but I couldn't say what it is - Author: Elliott Smith
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#100. It's the hardest thing for an actor not to speak because you take away their main tool. So for an actor, it's very frustrating and very challenging, and very few people can pull it off. Some actors can say a thousand words with just a look, and it's a unique gift. - Author: Nicolas Winding Refn
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