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#1. Poison?" she (Granuaile)said,"I hope it isn't iocane powder.

Kevin Hearne

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#2. Never get involved in a land war in Asia. Never fight a battle of wits when iocane powder is involved. And never, never, never, never, never, never, never let the New Republic's editors choose the headline for your article.

Brad De Long

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#3. like a good wine without iocane powder, it seems to get better with time.

Cary Elwes

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#4. The last thing you want to do is write songs about being in a band.

Matt Berninger

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#5. your fate is mortal: what you ask for isn't.


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#6. Dr. Buford's profession was medicine and his obsession was anything that grew in the ground, so he stayed poor.

Harper Lee

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#7. A wise man need only the guidance of his own heart.

Tyler J. Hebert

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#8. The total subject of mathematics is clearly too broad for any of us. I do not think that any mathematician since Gauss has covered it uniformly and fully; even Hilbert did not and all of us are of considerably lesser width quite apart from the question of depth than Hilbert.

John Von Neumann

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#9. Another said , I don't ask six months, I don't ask two. In less than two weeks we'll meet the government face to face. With twenty-five thousand men we can make our stand.

Victor Hugo

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#10. Worry adds no hours to a day, nor happiness to a smile, so it is not worth succumbing to, especially when it obscures the sight of potential.

Johnathan Jena

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#11. When I was quite young, she was working in a hardware store, so I grew up knowing about hardware.

Elizabeth Moon

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#12. I had dreams. And I had to pursue them; otherwise my soul would have shriveled. The hardest part was allowing myself to want something other than what was socially acceptable, telling myself to go after it, then actually doing it.

Connor Franta

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#13. Australia has one of the worst mammalian extinction rates in the world.

Steve Irwin

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#14. Now, though, I must rent a movie."
"You're going to do that?"
"Of course. I'm a werewolf, not a cretin. We have Blockbuster cards."
It blew my mind. Werewolfs rented DVDs. At my local Blockbuster.

Shannon Delany

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#15. Whether Neil left today or tomorrow or next week, he'd leave alone. Two, five, ten years from now, if Neil was even still alive, he'd still be alone. He could be anyone, anywhere in the world, but he'd be alone until the day he died. He'd never trust anyone enough to let them in.

Nora Sakavic

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#16. I think the business of writing a great deal of it is the business of paying attention to your characters, to the world they live in, to the story you have to tell, but just a kind of deep attention and out of that if you pay attention properly the story will tell you what it needs.

Salman Rushdie

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#17. Better a wrong will than a wavering; better a steadfast enemy than an uncertain friend; better a false belief than no belief at all.

George Eliot

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