Top 8 Interestin Quotes

#1. Because I wanna get to know her.
Because I think she's beautiful, interestin', and sexy as fuck, and that laugh of hers knocks me on my ass. And I think she wants me, too only she's afraid.

J.T. Geissinger

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#2. I beamed at him. "You're my favorite sea god, you know." "Aw, get your nose out of me arse. Just make life interestin' as ye promised.

Kevin Hearne

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#3. I say the very things that make the greatest StirAn' the most interestin' things, are things that did n't occur.

Sam Walter Foss

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#4. I have noted two particularly powerful and common methods of allaying fears about death, two beliefs, or delusions, that afford a sense of safety. One is the belief in personal specialness; the other, the belief in an ultimate rescuer.

Irvin D. Yalom

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#5. Experience as well as common sense indicated that the most reliable method of avoiding self-extinction was not to equip oneself with the means to accomplish it in the first place.

Iain Banks

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#6. I never think of this business as fun. I don't know why. I think I've actually said something about it being fun, but I don't think of it that way. It's not fun, doing it. It's joyful, it's passionate, it's rewarding, it's a pursuit of truth, but I don't think of it as fun. It's not a game.

Donald Sutherland

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#7. Why is it upset? Shouldn't it be downset?

John Green

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#8. Woe to the dupe that yields to Fate!


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