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#1. Scotsmen, she had occasion to observe, often did have nice knees. Perhaps that was why they insisted upon kilts. - Author: Gail Carriger
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#2. Bruges was his dead wife. And his dead wife was Bruges. The two were untied in a like destiny. It was Bruges-la-Morte, the dead town entombed in its stone quais, with the arteries of its canals cold once the great pulse of the sea had ceased beating in them. - Author: Georges Rodenbach
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#3. Bruges is a beautiful medieval city almost untouched by time. If you like jazz, you will be well catered for. If you like chocolate and beer, you will be in heaven. - Author: James Frain
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#4. In the Belgian backwaters, south of Bruges, there lives a reclusive English composer, named Vyvyan Ayrs. You won't have heard of him because you're a musical oaf, but he's one of the greats. - Author: David Mitchell
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#5. If there is one thing the psychic taught me, it's that people and events are rarely who and what we think they are. They are more meaningful, more worth our attention-part of some finely choreographed, eternal dance that we would be wise to bow down before in gratitude and humility. - Author: Leslie Morgan Steiner
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#6. Managers will tell people what to do, whereas leaders will inspire them to do it, and there are a few things that go into the ability to inspire. - Author: Jeff Weiner
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#7. I would not give half a guinea to live under one form of government other than another. It is of no moment to the happiness of an individual. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#8. Without knowing why, he yielded to the temptation of those lips and flung onto them, eating them, partaking of their sacrament ... Eucharist of love with a red host! - Author: Georges Rodenbach
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#9. I kind of love Colin Farrell again. I think it started with In Bruges. No, I'm lying. It started when I saw a clip of his sex tape where he's manning the camera and instead of getting all Sex Tape-y, he goes, quite genuinely, "GOD, I'm a TERRIBLE cinematographer. - Author: Jessica Morgan
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#10. Better for the judge to see my innocence than for me to think I see it. It is very comfortable for me to know that I am one of God's people - but whether I know it or not, if the Lord knows it, - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#11. The main thing for inner contentment is to be in a state of grace. And there is an artistic state of grace, for art is a kind of religion. - Author: Georges Rodenbach
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#12. Have you heard his new song? 'Cause he thinks he's a black man now. - Author: Natasha Leggero
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#13. The beauty of sorrow is superior to the beauty of life. - Author: Georges Rodenbach
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