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Top 10 Imaginaires Quotes

#1. Everything depends on liking the people and trusting the people. You have to assume that whatever they do will be as good as you want the thing to be and just go ahead with that. - Author: Anne Carson
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#2. I know that it is not enough to be remembered for books and theories. One does not make a difference unless it is a difference in people's lives. - Author: Joseph A. Schumpeter
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#3. Even as he who glories while he gains will, when the time has come to tally loss, lament with every thought and turn despondent, - Author: Dante Alighieri
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#4. A certain kind of seriousness in a girl could cancel out looks - Author: Alice Munro
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#5. Alex was a world. He was an entire galaxy. A universe of possibilities. - Author: Autumn Doughton
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#6. The repentant, run-to-seed ultra-Leftists who have converted to humanitarianism, artificial inseminators of the widow and the orphan, themselves orphans of reality and malades imaginaires of politics, premature ejaculators of posthistory and hyperchondriacs of the dead body of ideology and morality. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
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#7. You took away the numbness. You made me remember how to feel, how to care about someone other than myself. - Author: Kelly Oram
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#8. But there were worse things than disappointment, and I'd lived through several of them already. - Author: R. J. Anderson
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#9. I saw a psychologist once because I thought I had depression. It cost me $100. When I left, I realised that there's nothing he could have said that would cheer me up as much as if I found a $100 bill on my way home. - Author: Emo Philips
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#10. You know what my greatest personal stumbling block is? My shyness. - Author: Susan Lucci
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