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#1. Ifit be a thing external that causes thy grief, know, that it is not that properly that doth cause it, but thine own conceit and opinion concerning the thing: which thou mayest rid
thyself of, when thou wilt. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
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#2. Am reading the life of Mozart and cannot help thinking that one's capacity for suffering is in direct proportion to one's greatness. - Author: Lily Koppel
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#3. No one has a right to consume happiness without producing it. - Author: Helen Keller
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#4. Every move of his body sent ripples along those lean muscles. his flawless crystal skin practically dared people to see ifit felt as good as it loked - which it did. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#5. 'Monday Night Football' has the good and the bad points. The bad point is you have to wait around all day, and it disrupts your schedule for the next week. Now you have one less day to prepare for the following week. - Author: Bud Grant
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#6. Wear an unusual accessory to complete your outfit. - Author: Chelsea Leyland
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#7. So down and down and down and down
And down and down we go
Hurry my darling we mustn't be late
For the show
Neptune champion games to an aqua
World so very dear
Right this way smiles a mermaid
I can hear Atlantis full of cheer. - Author: Jimi Hendrix
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#8. We have gratefully to receive from the hand of God the institution of the state with its magistrates as a means of preservation ... On the other hand ... by virtue of our natural impulse, we must ever watch against the danger which lurks for our personal liberty in the power of the state. - Author: Abraham Kuyper
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#9. I've been around a long time. Maybe the people like me. - Author: Humphrey Bogart
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