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#1. The experiments I am about to relate ... may be repeated with great ease, whenever the sun shines, and without any other apparatus than is at hand to every one. - Author: Thomas Young
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#2. I remain totally convinced that when children are young, however busy we may be with the practical duties inside the home, themost important thing of all is to devbote enoughh time and care to their needs and problems. - Author: Margaret Thatcher
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#3. I think it must be very hard to be one of the new young writers who are urged to put themselves forward when it may be the last thing on earth they'd be good at. - Author: Anne Tyler
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#4. I know that you are young. I know that you have no power with which to resist the Controllers. But I may be able to give you some small powers that may help - Author: Anonymous
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#5. Upon the profound discontent of the young in every country do I set my faith. I beg you, the young, to be discontented. I pray that you may rebel against what is wrong, not with feeble negative complaining but with strong positive assertion of what is right for all humanity. - Author: Pearl S. Buck
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#6. That may be great for a married couple, but I think it is a stupid idea for two people trying to get to know each other! If you are a young man trying to get to know a young girl, for heaven's sake, don't take her to a movie! - Author: Richard G. Scott
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#7. I only hope, for the sake of the rising male sex generally, that you may be found in as vulnerable and soft-hearted a mood by the first eligible young fellow who appeals to your compassion. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#8. One cannot wonder that so very fine a
young man, with family, fortune, everything in his favour, should
think highly of himself. If I may so express it, he has
a right to be proud. - Author: Jane Austen
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#9. The young people, they don't knock on the door politely and say "May I come in?" They barge in, they take your seat, and you're obsolete unless you recreate and somehow find grace somewhere else. Another profession may not be like that. - Author: Joan Chen
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#10. I can never see why people should be jealous. After all, youth isn't a matter of privilege, we all get the same share of it. Some people may be born at an easier time or be richer or more privileged than others, but that hasn't anything to do with being young - Author: P.D. James
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#11. Moving cities are a fairly hoary old sci-fi trope - I seem to recall they were always cropping up on 'Doctor Who' when I was young, though I may be misremembering. - Author: Philip Reeve
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#12. I believe that young people wearing hoods, unless they are very young, can be frightening. What are they hiding? Why don't they want to come out into the light with the rest of us? They may be perfectly nice, but the hoods send an uncertain statement. - Author: Roger Ebert
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#13. I've written a couple of scripts. Actually, a pilot. I'm not sure I'm allowed to say, but it's a comedy about three young men in New York City, one of whom may or may not be a romantic like me. - Author: Andre Holland
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#14. But if you are convinced that one mustn't listen at doors, but one may murder old women at one's pleasure, you'd better be off to America and make haste. Run, young man! There may still be time. I'm speaking sincerely. Haven't you the money? I'll give you the fare. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#15. I learned that there are two young men lost in the woods. Not one. Two ... I may never find one of the young men ... He has been gone so long. The odds, I'm afraid may be against it. But as for the other, I may have better luck. The other young man may be calling me. - Author: Wally Lamb
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#16. I rise early that morning and dress in green and brown, my skirst the same colour as the forest floor. I include a cap copied from one of the duchess's, but set farther back from my face. She may be a bitch, but she does have style. - Author: Katherine Longshore
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#17. What if I can't be their hero? What if I'm destined to be the villain?~attributed to Harry Potter - Author: Jacquel Chrissy May
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#18. I have two questions for you: one, what kind of person do you want to be? Two, what kind of music would I find on your playlist? If any answer in the second question is in conflict with your answer to the first question, you may want to make a few changes. - Author: Justin Young
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#19. As much as I love acoustic Neil Young - and I do deeply - I may be more passionate about the electric. Luckily it's not a contest, and we never have to make that choice. But Neil Young on an electric guitar - I feel like I've never seen or heard anything like it. - Author: Jonathan Demme
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#20. I need to figure out how to keep this forever. Her, me the open desert. I don't fucking need anything else. I may be young but I know enough that sometimes you don't need the world. You just need that one person to rule the world with. - Author: Karina Halle
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#21. It's quite commonplace for a young man to fall in love and equally commonplace for him to be rejected, but come what may, I'll always be fond of you. - Author: Margaret Way
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#22. I may not be the devil, but I know just how he feels. - Author: Neil Young
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#23. I sighed; as comforting as it may be to some of us, sarcasm, like youth, is wasted on the young. - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#24. It may make me a bastard and a total pervert, but even if she is seventeen, underage and way, way too young, I am afraid I won't be able to let her go. - Author: Aria Cole
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#25. I am come, young ladies, in a very moralizing strain, to observe that our pleasures of this world are always to be for, and that we often purchase them at a great disadvantage, giving readi-monied actual happiness for a draft on the future, that may not be honoured. - Author: Jane Austen
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#26. I think it sort of dawns on you that if you're not gigging constantly you're not actually relevant. You may be relevant to a different part of the media now, to television commissioners and editors, but to a young live-comedy audience you're not, really. - Author: Johnny Vegas
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#27. My father was a newspaper editor, so I was surrounded by journalists my entire life. I think the fact that he was so well known may be why I chose to go into magazines and move to the States at a young age. - Author: Anna Wintour
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#28. Few living do."
"Then, have I...I mean, am I-"
"Oh, no, child! You are still very much alive! Though I may say, not as Alive as you might be if you had died. - Author: R.W. Schmidt
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#29. People seem to think that if a man is a Member of Parliament he may do what he pleases. ... Being in Parliament used to be something when I was young, but it won't make a make a gentleman now-a-days. It seems to me that none but brewers, and tallow-chandlers, and lawyers go into Parliament now. - Author: Anthony Trollope
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#30. Old friends are the great blessings of one's later years. Half a word conveys one's meaning. They have a memory of the same events, have the same mode of thinking. I have young relations that may grow upon me, for my nature is affectionate, but can they grow To Be old friends? - Author: Horace Walpole
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#31. I may be a young girl, but behind every young girl is a powerful father. - Author: Olivia Palermo
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#32. Because I also teach college, I am around a lot of young women who are just starting out, and I often see them coming up against certain expectations that may be more gender-specific. - Author: Liza Johnson
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#33. I may be heaven-sent, but I'm not perfect. - Author: Cynthia Leitich Smith
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#34. It was an occasion that undoubtedly did more credit to Mr. Deacon's social adroitness than to my own, because I was still young enough to be only dimly aware that there are moments when mutual acquaintance may be allowed more wisely to pass unrecognised. - Author: Anthony Powell
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#35. I hope that I can be an inspiration to kids that are young and may feel different or may feel like they don't belong. - Author: Jonathan Knight
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#36. While I understand the mother believes what she is saying, I cannot believe the statement to be true for her young child. Hence the book. - Author: May Saubier
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#37. Can we please focus? We are supposed to be professionals." Holly said.
"Not me!" said Orion cheerily, "I'm just a Teenager with hormones running wild and may I say, young fairy lady, they're running wild in your direction. - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#38. When I was young in L.A. and I couldn't get into clubs or restaurants, I would call imitating celebrities and get a table, and it would work often. I was either Stallone or Mickey Rourke: 'This is Sly. I may be late, but my buddy Hank will be there early.' - Author: Hank Azaria
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#39. I think it is possible on earth to build a young, new Jerusalem, a little, new heaven of this surpassing love. God, either send me more of this love, or take me quickly over the water, where I may be filled with his love. - Author: Samuel Rutherford
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#40. I have been trying to point out that in our lives chance may have an astonishing influence and, if I may offer advice to the young laboratory worker, it would be this - never to neglect an extraordinary appearance or happening. - Author: Alexander Fleming
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#41. I was a very naive young man, and I may still be ignorant about a lot of things. - Author: Joe Namath
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#42. My people must be tried in all things, that they may be prepared to receive the glory that I have for them. - Author: Brigham Young
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#43. Starting from this day, I will create a chance of happiness that doesn't depend on perfect conditions. My options may not be infinite, but my possibilities are endless." -Bliss Aston - Author: Umi Allison
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#44. Sometimes you may think you're doing the right thing, but it turns out to be the wrong thing. And you just have to live with it. If I'd known what I know now when I was young, I could have done a lot more right, but I didn't. That's the way life is: you figure it out right before you die. - Author: K. Martin Beckner
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#45. If you have ever come up against Nothing you have no idea how it can scare you out of your wits. When I was a child I used to be afraid of Something in the dark. I know now that the most fearful thing about the dark is that we may find Nothing in it. - Author: Howard Spring
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#46. There is no doubt that a little difficulty and plenty of variety keep you young, or at any rate amused, which may be nearly the same thing. I sometimes wonder whether science will one day establish that we die of boredom. - Author: Luca Turin
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#47. I'm kind of happy to know there may be some kid or teenager now who might never have had the chance to see my Broadway performance, but gets a taste for what it might have been like now, because they can see Clint Eastwood's film. - Author: John Lloyd Young
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#48. He may be stronger, but I'm not defenseless. He knows that, of coarse. That's why he's here. He wants me for what I can do after all. - Author: Sophie Jordan
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#49. However, withered, I still feel myself to be exactly the same person I've always been. Hard to explain that to the young. we may look truly reptilian, but we're not a separate tribe. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#50. I have to say, as a young woman of color, and this may sound controversial, in sci-fi, anything is possible. In sci-fi I can belong to the military. In sci-fi I can have an interracial love affair; I can be a revolutionary. - Author: Kandyse McClure
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#51. The power of our thoughts may never be measured or appreciated, but it became obvious to me as a young boy that there was value and power in being aware of my thoughts and how I expressed myself. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#52. Do you wanna know the secret to picking the right guy? All you need to do is to find one that makes you laugh and keep him. I may be 72 years old, but, in my head, I'm still the same young madcap I was at 20, and my wife and I have been together for as long as I can remember! - Author: Someone
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#53. I may die young, but at least I'll die smart.... If you can't be seven feet tall, be seven feet smart...Best advice I can ever give you. - Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour
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#54. It is a sad thing to begin life with low conceptions of it. It may not be possible for a young man to measure life; but it is possible to say, I am resolved to put life to its noblest and best use. - Author: Thornton T. Munger
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#55. It's irrelevant to me what young Singaporeans think of me. I've lived long enough to know that you may be idealised in life and reviled after you're dead. - Author: Lee Kuan Yew
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#56. Words have power. And I may be privileged and have a higher IQ than any of our former teachers, but when people look at me? They see a black, male teenager. And there is nothing quite as frightening to some folks as an angry young black man. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#57. Speak up and speak clearly. I want to hear what you have to say because it matters. Let's listen to each other and respect one another's opinions. Although, they may be different, wisdom allows us to be responsible for our own feelings and actions. - Author: Felicia Johnson
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#58. No matter where I am in my life, no matter what I am doing, I will never be far from you in my heart. I may be moving on, but I'm not moving away from you. You will always be in my soul, a part of my present, and a fleeting dream for my future." ~Emma Ranstein - Author: Lindsay Detwiler
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#59. It is a little-known fact about covert operations that you will spend a lot of time with people you can't really trust. They may be traitors and liars. We call them assets or informants. But mostly, in those days, I called him Zach. - Author: Ally Carter
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#60. Being a writer, I take thing seriously (not too seriously). I may be a young writer/self publisher, I do love to write and I want to share my stories to the world. but more importantly, I do take writing seriously. - Author: Simi Sunny
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#61. What message may I take from you to the young people in Zion?" The answer was quick and positive. "Tell them," said the doomed man, "to keep their lives so full of good works that there will be no room for evil. - Author: Spencer W. Kimball
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#62. I don't believe in writer's block, writing well is very easy; it's writing horribly, the horrible work necessary to do to get to writing well, that is so difficult one may just not be willing to do it. - Author: Dean Young
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#63. For mad I may be, but I will never be convenient. - Author: Jennifer Donnelly
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#64. I have always admired the work of Phil Farmer and was glad for the chance to work with him. Readers today may be too young to remember his classics like The Lovers. - Author: Piers Anthony
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#65. Who shall guess what I may be?Who can tell my fortune to me?For, bravest and brightest that ever was sungMay be - and shall be - the lot of the young! - Author: Martin Farquhar Tupper
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#66. I started gigging when I was about 16, and I was way too young to be in the clubs. - Author: Imelda May
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#67. I hope with all my heart and soul that every young man who receives the priesthood will honor that priesthood and be true to the trust which is conveyed when it is conferred. May each of us who holds the priesthood of God know what he believes. - Author: Thomas S. Monson
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#68. The fiery ones do not marry young" he said. "They wait for fire to match their own. I did not see that in your village." "My sister finds the fire in others," I said. "Her husband may be the quietest man at the market until he sees her. Then he will burn with a flame to match her own. - Author: E.K. Johnston
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#69. The good die young, but I have been spared to build myself up so that I may end my life as good as gold. The senior dead will be proud of me ... I will join the Y.M.C.A. of the immortals. Only, in this very hour, I may be missing eternity. - Author: Saul Bellow
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#70. I'm always the one who doesn't have a date, the one guys walk up to and say, "So, is your friend, you know, with someone?" and I may not be the only girl without someone, but it feels like it sometimes. A lot of the time. - Author: Elizabeth Scott
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#71. You wouldn't dare," Marion drew a breath. "That would be idiotic." Her sister snapped back as if she had been slapped. "You forget yourself." "I do not. You may be the Head of this coven but I am still your blood and I refuse to bend to you when you spew nonsense. - Author: Samantha Young
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#72. Ben Affleck exec-produced a documentary for HBO called 'Reporter' about my 2007 win-a-trip journey. I take the trip each year partly to encourage young people to think about global humanitarian issues: I think blogs by a student may be more compelling for that audience than my own work. - Author: Nicholas Kristof
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#73. I personally am thrilled at the numbers of people, and particularly young people who are coming to support Bernie Sanders campaign. I hope that I will be able to earn their support. They may not support me now, but I support them and we'll work together. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#74. May you always see a blue sky overhead, my young friend; and then, even when the time comes, as it has come for me now, when the woods are black, when night is fast falling, you will be able to console yourself, as I do, by looking up at the sky. - Author: Marcel Proust
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