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Top 15 I Hate Playboy Quotes

#1. I will dive to find Rosalie. She is out there, floating for me if I can only swim long enough, climbing up through silent silver bubbles up and up and free. - Author: Jason Heller
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#2. Women! They madly love Casanovas for their traits and equally hate them for being disloyal. - Author: Himmilicious
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#3. Cities and landscapes are illustrations of our spiritual and material worth. They not only express our values but give them a tangible reality. They determine the way in which we use or squander our energy, time, and land resources. - Author: Leon Krier
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#4. My anger is ebbing away now, replace with a crazy grief for the stupid, dumb, trysting animal, who was running too fast and didn't look where it was going and still -even after its leg was scissored in the trap- believed it might escape. Stupid, stupid, stupid. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#5. Choose your companions before you choose your road. - Author: Patrick Lencioni
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#6. Experience taught me to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. - Author: Donald Trump
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#7. I should be glad to see a good change in anybody, Mr. Godfrey.' she answered, with the slightest discernible difference of tone, 'but it 'ud be better if no change was wanted. - Author: George Eliot
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#8. My main motivation for staying in the spotlight at all is, I don't want to just be known for being involved in 'Playboy,' or having been Hugh Hefner's girlfriend - I hate that. I like to show I can do other things and take on other challenges. That's my main motivation. - Author: Holly Madison
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#9. Nothing could have been more obvious to the people of the early twentieth century than the rapidity with which war was becoming impossible. And as certainly they did not see it. They did not see it until the atomic bombs burst in their fumbling hands. - Author: H.G.Wells
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#10. Prayers not felt by us are seldom heard by God. - Author: Philip Henry
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#11. Justin Beiber exists because he is the anti-Christ and no one would ever suspect the anti-Christ came from Canada. - Author: Karina Halle
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#12. I reached out and placed my hand on the book and thought maybe someday I wouldn't need the bruises or the scars anymore. Maybe someday it would be all right for the scars to go away. - Author: Han Nolan
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#13. I don't remember much about being born but I hear it's quite a traumatic experience. - Author: Phil Wohl
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#14. Good. Now I've got work to do," I said, pulling away. "Some of us have jobs, you know."
He grinned, "Yeah. Suckers. - Author: Alicia Kobishop
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#15. The American future is here, and there's great news: the future votes. - Author: Rosario Dawson
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