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Top 33 I Don't Drink Water Quotes

#1. Maybe it's some Bioterrorism test being run by the government. Don't drink the tap water or seafood until I do some testing." Bubba
"I don't normally drink my seafood Bubba, but" Nick

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#2. His eyes looked at my body as if it were a drink of water on a desert dune.
"I don't know much," I confessed, my voice barely audible.
"Don't worry. I know a lot.

Charlaine Harris

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#3. Someone said drink the water, but I will drink the wine
Someone said take a poor man, the rich don't have a dime
Go fool yourself, if you will, I just haven't got the time
I'll give you back your water, and I will take the wine.

Frank Sinatra

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#4. I don't drink water. Have you seen the way it rusts pipes?

W.C. Fields

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#5. I decline the coffee. I don't drink it, because no matter how much sugar I put into it, it still tastes like ass-water to me. Maybe it's because my taste buds are so desensitized to sweet that anything not comprised of at least ninety percent sugar tastes wrong

Katja Millay

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#6. I don't have any particular thing I do ritualistically. I do the same thing every day. I get up. Drink a lot of water. Have a wheatgrass shot. Drink some green juice. Eat as healthy as I can.

Erykah Badu

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#7. But I ain't puttin' it in de street. Ah'm tellin' you.'
'Ah jus lak uh chicken. Chicken drink water, but he don't pee-pee.

Zora Neale Hurston

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#8. I can drown a drink of water. I can kill a dead tree. Don't mess with Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali

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#9. The people who are running this planet are insane - they are literally destroying it. I don't know where they think they're gonna drink water, breathe air.

Assata Shakur

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#10. I'm driving," Louis-Cesare said, sliding into the low seat as easily as if he'd done it a hundred times. "You're drunk."
I wished. "I had all of two beers, mostly for the water content."
"If you needed water, why didn't you drink water?"
"I don't like water.

Karen Chance

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#11. I told you not to drink that much water on the drive," Sarah told her. "You never listen to me."
"Sorry I don't have the bladder of a freaking sloth."
"You mean camel," Sarah corrected.
"I meant sloth," the other girl said. "I read somewhere they only have to go once a week.

Alexandra Bracken

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#12. I'm just looking for a little mystery in life ... like things you can't explain. Like, you go to Mexico, they tell you don't drink the water. You go to any diner here, who brings you the water? It's a mystery.

Ted Alexandro

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#13. I don't smoke, drink. I exercise, drink lots of water, eat well, don't sun. Me cuido. There's a lot of things that I want to do.


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#14. I don't go to the doctor except when I'm very ill, and when I go to India, I drink a drop of local water.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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#15. There's loads of things you can do to make things easy for your throat, you can drink a bit of lemon and hot water couple of spoons of honey, you can gargle with port, I've done it a couple of times myself - but don't swallow it!

Cliff Richard

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#16. Don't you want to be anything. An architect or a gardener, or perhaps a painter?'
'No, I don't ... I'd like to do entirely different things. I'd like to understand what robins say to each other. ... I'd like to see how trees manage to drink water with their roots and get to be so big.

Hermann Hesse

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#17. I don't use deodorant. If you drink enough water, you shouldn't have to. I think I smell pretty good without it.

Simon Baker

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#18. I don't drink any soda. None at all. Just water with lemon. If I need something different: iced tea. I don't have anything like protein shakes.

Jillian Rose Reed

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#19. When I drink a Glass of water, it's thick and crawling with life. My mouth leads to the interior of my body - a caldron of disease, germs, and perversions of biology. I don't exist individually. I'm made of millions of living creatures, eating each other, decomposing, eating each other.

Michael Gira

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#20. You're a big one,[ ... ] a tall drink of water, but I got to tell you, you don't look too bright. I got a son, stupid as a man who bought his stupid at a two-for-one sale, and you remind me of him.

Neil Gaiman

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#21. I eat cupcakes and I don't work out! But if you ask me in 10 years, I'm going to regret answering that way now. I don't even drink water, I'm terrible! I'm 24 now, so I guess I've been very, very lucky that it doesn't show that I like to eat. I should probably start working out I guess ...

Blake Lively

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#22. I don't drink water, haven't drank water in 40 years.

Lou Holtz

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#23. I want a different world. One where I don't wake up thinking I'm so lucky to be able to feed my daughter, and able to give people a clean drink of water. I don't want images of starving babies at the breast in my mind. I want that to change. And if I want that, I had better do something about it.

Emma Thompson

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#24. My beauty secret is ... nothing! I don't drink too much water. I don't eat very well. Sometimes I cheat and grab some chocolate. The best thing is to eat what you want, but not very much.

Yoko Ono

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#25. I try to do things that make me feel good. I go to yoga classes, drink a lot of water, eat healthily and keep things like alcohol and coffee to weekends. I don't overdo anything.

Abbey Lee Kershaw

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#26. Conclusion: I don't need the water reclaimer at all. I'll drink as needed and dump my waste outdoors. Yeah, that's right, Mars, I'm gonna piss and shit on you. That's what you get for trying to kill me all the time.

Andy Weir

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#27. Truthfully, I just try to get as much rest and drink water like a fish every day. If I don't get enough rest, exercise and water to keep my body healthy, then the voice begins to suffer and it can't repair overnight from the previous day's work.

Roger Craig Smith

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#28. I don't drink water. Fish fuck in it.

W.C. Fields

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#29. I don't make cocktails with whisky. I'll always drink it with a little bit of water. I love Negronis early on, but for me drinking whisky is something I do at the end of an evening. It's a midnight-to-3-a.m. drink for me.

Patrick Grant

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#30. I don't really have any kind of rigorous or definite routine before I go onstage. I like to eat at least an hour or two before I go on. If I can't do that, I just wait until after. I try and drink lots of water before I go onstage.

Martina Mcbride

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#31. I lead horses to water and if they don't drink, then I drown them.

Mike Brown

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#32. I ask is there anything with a little kick to drink. And this old lady says to me, We don't approve of alcohol. And I says, Well, ma'am, we need to remember Jesus did turn water to wine. And she says, And we're none too crazy about that stunt, neither.

Smith Henderson

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#33. I do lead a careful diet, I don't overeat, I have fruit and vegetables every day and I drink a lot of water. And my darling wife keeps me so young it is ridiculous. Being with her is an inspiration as well.

Bruce Forsyth

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