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Top 18 Hypocrisy And Ignorance Quotes

#1. One of the greatest geniuses that ever existed,
Shakespeare, undoubtedly wanted taste. - Author: Horace Walpole
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#2. In the days when hyenas of hate suckle the babes of men, and jackals of hypocrisy pimp their mothers' broken hearts, may children not look to demons of ignorance for hope. - Author: Aberjhani
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#3. I think the conscientious pursuit of happiness by itself can validate decisions to change, to try again, especially when failure to change will lead to lives of duplicity, dishonesty, and deceit. - Author: Ben Bradlee
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#4. Yes I know my enemies. They're the teachers who taught me to fight me, compromise, conformity, assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite, all of which are American dreams. - Author: Zack De La Rocha
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#5. Retirement is like sex. Men love to talk about it but when the time finally comes they're good for about fifteen minutes then they're dying to put their tie back on. - Author: Paula Wall
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#6. Woe unto thee if after all thy profession thou shouldst be found under the power of ignorance, lost in formality, drowned in earthly-mindedness, envenomed with malice, exalted in an opinion of thine own righteousness, leavened with hypocrisy and carnal ends in God's service. - Author: Joseph Alleine
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#7. Tonight is when the obscene becomes the acceptable. - Author: Laura Wiess
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#8. I got to act with my childhood film idol, Robert Redford, and that's a gift in itself. - Author: Chin Han
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#9. With a shiver of foreboding he saw his marriage becoming what most of the other marriages about him were: a dull association of material and social interests held together by ignorance on the one side and hypocrisy on the other. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#10. No one's ever going to shag you if you cry all the time. - Author: Richard Kelly
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#11. Mankind's biggest blunder, ignorance. Mankind's second, infallible. - Author: M.T. Dismuke
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#12. I know what you are, but I also know who you are too. And the 'who' is the part that defines us. - Author: Amalie Howard
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#13. To me, part of the fascinating profession of acting is to participate in all these strange situations, to try to understand all these interesting characters, fictitious or real, their human nature ... It's extraordinarily fascinating. - Author: Max Von Sydow
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#14. There is a profound hypocrisy - and deep historical ignorance - when Europeans complain about the problems posed by the ethnic and religious minorities in their midst, for that is exactly what European colonial rule meant for peoples around the world. - Author: Martin Jacques
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#15. Some readers took 'Heaven's My Destination' as a satire on Christianity and the Midwest, but today it reads like a loving comedy. - Author: Robert Gottlieb
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#16. No man, even though he be Shakespeare, can write perfectly when his web is woven of threads that have been spun in many lands. - Author: William Butler Yeats
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#17. I do love horror movies, but I'm not the kind of guy who would dress up as a ghoul for Halloween. I might go as a member of the Blue Man Group. - Author: Christopher Mintz-Plasse
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#18. Warning: I may contain more than a trace amount of nut. - Author: Stephen Colbert
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