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#1. It is the unemotional, reserved, calm, detached warrior who wins, not the hothead seeking vengeance and not the ambitious seeker of fortune.

Sun Tzu

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#2. The first person who throws the rock is a lot more radical than a hundredth person.By the time the riot has attracted a hundred people, you don't have to be nearly as much of a daredevil or a hothead or committed or any of those things to want to engage in a riot.

Malcolm Gladwell

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#3. There was a time when I was a hothead, and my temper wreaked havoc in my life until I learned to take myself out of the center of the circle. The real key to staying cool and calm is to relinquish selfishness and always consider the feelings of others.

Ben Carson

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#4. I always try to make a voice to go with the characteristics - if the guy's a hothead or he's cool, whatever.

Peter Cullen

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#5. When people tell me that I'm a hothead, I have one response, 'You got a problem with that?'

Steve Schirripa

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#6. Professor Winthrop delivered an influential lecture at Harvard proposing the earthquake might have been caused by heat and pressure below the surface of the earth. With God's help, of course, but God comes off as an engineer instead of a hothead vigilante.)

Sarah Vowell

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#7. He's a hothead and I'm a coward. Perhaps that's why we're friends - we fit around each other's wrong places, make something that's almost whole.

Stephen King

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#8. I was always considered this crazy hothead kid, but I would always just go and just really break bread with someone who I respected. I will completely bow to anybody I respect.

Kanye West

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#9. My birthday was right around the corner. I'd be seventeen and have my full power, and then I'd see that Narco hothead again. Treaty Act my ass. ~ Dez Harkly

Trisha Wolfe

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#10. Christ imparts the capacity of conquest to our lives every single day that we are willing to believe Him.

Walter Martin

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#11. And that's how we live: wandering endlessly, concentrically outward, seeking in others a kindling spark of the love which has long lain, dormant, dark, unstoked in our own deepest souls.

Jordan Sonnenblick

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#12. The great advantage of the Lib Dems is precisely that no-one knows what they stand for.

Tony Blair

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#13. Her work, I really think her work is finding what her real work is and doing it, her work, her own work, her being human, her being in the world.

Ursula K. Le Guin

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#14. Yeah, I am pretty sure of myself.

Lee Child

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#15. The judge is found guilty when a criminal is acquitted.

Publilius Syrus

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#16. Have come to us perhaps only to see whether here he could sacrifice all or only "two roubles," and in the monastery he met this elder. I must

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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#17. Moderation of oil prices would be very, very welcome. But overall I think we are in a position of stable growth, sustainable growth, and basically with inflation in check.

John W. Snow

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#18. If the church marries herself to the spirit of the times, she will find herself a widow in the next generation.

Charles Stanley

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#19. God gave these ten laws for our good. He wants us to be our very best and to get the most that is possible our of life.

Charles L. Allen

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#20. Here is an old tradition badly in need of return: You have to earn your way into politics. You should go have a life, build a string of accomplishments, then enter public service ...

Peggy Noonan

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#21. I hope Britain stays in the European Union, but I don't want to decide for the British.

Francois Hollande

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#22. The problem of the environment is the extension of good housekeeping of the thinking woman.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas

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