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Top 25 Hot Mama Quotes

#1. I stepped out of the bathroom in a black dress and hot pink heels.
America whistled. "Hot damn, Mama!"
I smiled in appreciation, and Travis held out his hand. "Nice legs."
"Did I mention that it's a magic razor?"
"I don't think it's the razor," he smiled, pulling me out the door. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#2. The west need someone to tell the man who walks around with the biggest stick in the world, that that stick can't bring down God's house. - Author: Saddam Hussein
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#3. I archive a lot of my clothes and have them wrapped up and in boxes. I call them 'little tombs' and keep them in a storage space ... I would never get rid of the dress I wore on the night I won my Oscar. When I die, someone can have it, but not a minute before! - Author: Halle Berry
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#4. You've got to remember, Vermont is a lot of beautiful mountains with valleys and small brooks that run into bigger rivers. - Author: Peter Shumlin
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#5. I played Big Mama in 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' when I was 20 years old at the University of Michigan. - Author: Margo Martindale
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#6. How vainly men themselves amaze To win the palm, the oak, or bays; And their uncessant labours see Crown'd from some single herb or tree. Whose short and narrow verged shade Does prudently their toils upbraid; While all flow'rs and all trees do close To weave the garlands of repose. - Author: Andrew Marvell
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#7. Continually, a storm blew through our world and it always had, and the only place I knew where this was formulated, the most extreme yet simplest things, was in these holy scriptures. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgard
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#8. That mama-bear, elegant-and-modest-on-the-outside, hot-as-allfuck-on-the-inside thing was ringing his doorbell. And God help him, he knew it was beyond inappropriate to be making up fuck fantasies about this woman right then but he couldn't help it. - Author: Lauren Dane
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#9. I do not stay to be nice. I stay because it is my duty - " "But, Mama can't find out, Muddy," Addy cautioned, interrupting him. "She'd have a heart attack." " - and because Adara has promised me hot monkey sex," Brand finished. - Author: Lexi George
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#10. Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#11. Michelle Obama, you're one hot mama. - Author: Tyra Banks
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#12. A longing for the extraordinary had grabbed ahold of her and was burning her up inside, so hot and fierce that her heart had gone stone cold toward everything and everybody standing in her way. That was Mama. Fire and ice. - Author: D. Anne Love
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#13. Love protects and preserves the soul, spirit and the body. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#14. MOM - noun - One who sacrifices her body, sleep, social life, spending money, eating hot meals, peeing alone, patience, memory, energy and sanity for LOVE! - Author: Tanya Masse
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#15. Could a dream kill a man? Could it strangle him where he sat sleeping? - Author: Jedediah Berry
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#16. So the best thing is to really work on yourself and opening your own heart and just letting all that stuff [worrying] go. And it is possible. It's sometimes takes a lot of time; it's not easy. And a lot of sitting with yourself and trying to work with your own heart. - Author: Alice Walker
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#17. It is inconceivable to me that an ethical relation to land can exist without love, respect, and admiration for land, and a high regard for its value. By value, I of course mean something far broader than mere economic value; I mean value in the philosophical sense. - Author: Aldo Leopold
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#18. And at that moment, Thibaut knew he was a murderer. He had murdered his brother that night; he had taken away his brother's soul. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
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#19. I happen to like my balls. They accentuate my cock quite nicely, you know. I'd show you, but well... you've got to earn that first. So pay attention, okay? There's work to do here. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#20. MOMBIE - noun - Suffers from forgetfulness, fatigue, exhaustion, moodiness, sleeplessness, confusion and moments of insanity!
Has difficulty eating or drinking anything while it's still hot and peeing alone. - Author: Tanya Masse
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#21. It pays to be prepared. - Author: Aesop
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#22. Revenge is a dish best served cold but Mama prefers to serve it with hot gravy, potatoes, and roast turkey. - Author: Jonathan Dunne
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#23. Hmm, What did I love? I think all the scents. Mama's lilac trees, and the wild iris in the fields, and rain on the breeze on a hot day. Apple and pear blossoms. The hay just cut. The mix of odors in the barn when the sunlight was shafting through the cracks in the boards, heating everything up. - Author: Jane Smiley
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#24. I'm tired of people disturbing the peace, getting on the radio and sounding a hot mess. If I can tell what the note really is, why let them go to the note they think it is? I've got that mama vibe. I don't look at it with an ego. - Author: Betty Wright
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#25. Francie, Neeley, and mama had a very fine meal. Each had a thick slice of the "tongue," two pieces of sweet-smelling rye bread spread with unsalted butter, a sugar bun apiece and a mug of strong hot coffee with a teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk on the side. - Author: Betty Smith
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