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#1. The whole thing means such a great deal for me, and hopefully one day it will be there. But my friends and my family mean a little more. I would rather be helping them, even if it hurts that.

Michael Irvin

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#2. It's about you putting in the work, practicing every day, and hopefully one day you write the song the whole world wants to get down to. And one day you're going to be sitting next to Ellen DeGeneres talking about how you broke records and rocked the Super Bowl!

Bruno Mars

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#3. She would always love Holden. She would always want Holden. But until she could have him, she was going to live the best-possible version of her life, and one day - hopefully one day - they'd find their way back to each other again.

Katy Regnery

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#4. I think of myself as a content creator and hopefully one day a content enabler and supporter of others, so that's what my immediate and hopefully future journey is.

Lake Bell

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#5. I think we have the same goals in mind. We are not planning on just all of a sudden taking a film and separating. Hopefully one day she can direct me in something, or I will direct her. Or we'll produce a movie under our company's name.

Mary-Kate Olsen

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#6. Hopefully, one day people will be able to look at Mumford & Sons and say, 'that's a career band.' It's all about time instead of sales.

Ben Lovett

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#7. It is a very small minority point of view and I think, through continuing to set the tone of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity, you just have to further marginalize such people. Hopefully one day nobody will think that way.

Helen Clark

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#8. I am sorry for when I do it
hopefully one day you'll realise why.
Please do not be angry;
just understand that today I tried.

Isabel Aanya Leigh

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#9. I just want to continue to grow, as an actor, and dig. Hopefully, one day, I'll lose myself in a role. My only worry about that is that I just want to be able to come back home. I don't want to get lost forever. That scares me.

Jill Scott

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#10. Hopefully one day I can be up there with Peyton in terms of history.

Andrew Luck

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#11. Hopefully one day Wars will only be fought in movies. And may the best producer win!

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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#12. I believe that he [Jesus] is Lord of the government, and the church, and business and education, and, hopefully, one day, Lord of the press. I see him involved in everything. And that's why I don't want to stay just in the church, as such. I want the church to move into the world.

Pat Robertson

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#13. I think that research is incredibly important and hopefully one day there will be a cure for cancer. They are making great strides.

Alana Stewart

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#14. I'll always be there for you.
I promise to protect and nurture you.
Hopefully one day soon, true Autism acceptance will be
something that just is.

Tina J. Richardson

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#15. Hopefully, one day I won't have to be so caught up in all of that day-to-day, the Twitter and the Instagram. But I also would like to, at some point, turn off and take a break and also be, like, an artist.

Madi Diaz

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#16. We're trying to have the band create something beautiful that hopefully one day, 20 years from now, can be picked up by a kid and hopefully have the same effect that Neil Young had on me, or Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath.

Ville Valo

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#17. I'm in charge of raising a young woman one day, to be a mother and hopefully a wife.

Tionne Watkins

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#18. You try and nurture the relationship. This day and age we have to do a little more networking than we used to do. All that does is make sure you befriend the people you are working with on a project so you hopefully carry it over to the next one.

Aaron Zigman

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#19. I've dropped my pebble in the ocean, and hopefully; throughout the course of the day; millions of others will drop theirs in too. No single one of us knows which pebble causes the wave to crest, but each of us, quite rightly, believes that it might be ours; an act of faith.

Michael J. Fox

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#20. I want to make my music and be a happy woman, a good wife, a good mom and one day hopefully have a child of my own.

LeAnn Rimes

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#21. Well I've always wanted to sing at something called The Houston Rodeo in my hometown, so hopefully I'll get to do that one day.

Danielle Bradbery

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#22. I always say one of my favorite things about making movies is finishing on that last day because I get to have my life back and let that go, and hopefully have a real sense of accomplishment at the end of it.

Mark Wahlberg

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#23. What if you didn't have time to draw them on one day? Or what if it rained and your eyebrows started dripping off? Hopefully her eye pencil is waterproof.

Lauren Barnholdt

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#24. I want to write, I want to sing. I want to do the same thing for others, have my music, hopefully do that for others one day, not realizing what I sort of had to climb. I had an idea a little bit, but I think that I underestimated the whole thing.

Lisa Marie Presley

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#25. Annika has the type of game I want to work on. She's just so consistent. Hopefully I'll be like that one day.

Michelle Wie

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#26. We have always tried to treat every album differently and even from day one I think that each Asia album has been approached with care and thought and hopefully that shines through twenty years later.

Geoff Downes

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#27. I haven't accomplished everything that I want to yet in my career, that's why I'm still playing. I just know that I still have something left inside of me to accomplish, and I don't know exactly what that is. Hopefully, I'll know one day soon.

Mary Pierce

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#28. Delilah Bard - always a thief, recently a magician, and one day, hopefully, a pirate - was running as fast as she could. Hold

V.E Schwab

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#29. You should write, write, write every day, and learn to edit and pare it right back so you're proud of every sentence, and each one is either being useful or beautiful, but hopefully both.

Caitlin Moran

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#30. Hopefully it will be possible to get all our other albums in American shops one day so if people are interested they can hear it but I'm hoping that people are going to be interested in what we are going to do, not just what we've done.

Ville Valo

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#31. For me personally, I just try to prove myself in my work. I'm just trying to get better at what I do, and hopefully that will impact women in music, and hopefully the girls in the crowd will see my up there as a bandleader and think, 'Wow, maybe I can do that one day.'

Jenny Lewis

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#32. In life one rarely knows which remarks of the hundreds uttered in the course of a day will turn out to be auspicious. In fiction, foreshadowing is planted and flagged in some (hopefully or desperately) subtle way, drama demands it.

Delia Ephron

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#33. One day they will name a plague for you," he said.
"Hopefully a particularly nasty one," she answered. "A girl can dream.

Alexandra Bracken

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