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#1. With that, the hologram did dissolve and PROXY returned to his normal appearance and size.
"Ugh," the droid said with a shudder. "I hate being him."
The apprentice stood, deep in thought and nodded. "I think he does too.

Sean Williams

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#2. Fax me a fact, and I'll telegram a hologram.

Saul Williams

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#3. Real life? Well, I just hope mine isn't investigated. They might find that I don't really exist - that I'm just a hologram.

Steven Wright

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#4. You are a hologram of the world around you, and in that hologram, whatever you do inside yourself shows itself in your outside, and that means you have total control over your life and your creations and experiences by just going inside.

Maha Devi Li Ra La

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#5. Because I believe psychedelics are a kind of higher dimensional sectioning of reality, I think they give the kind of stereoscopic vision necessary to hold the entire hologram of what's happening in your mind. The old paradigm is gone.

Terence McKenna

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#6. The quantum hologram is a mechanism to explain this concept of the ancients of the Akashic Records. It also explains Rupert Sheldrake's work among animals [his theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance, leading to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory].

Edgar Mitchell

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#7. The universe was a vast machine yesterday, it is a hologram today. Who knows what intellectual rattle we'll be shaking tomorrow.

R.D. Laing

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#8. Was it possible that people who wanted to die developed the ability to look slightly transparent around the edges, a hologram of themselves, empty of spirit or desire? Honor had to stop herself from passing her hand across the woman's body to see if she had substance. from: Honor's Ghost

Voula Grand

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#9. That's the biggest problem with personas. A false self can never rest. It looks like a real person, but a persona is actually just a hologram, a projected image, and it requires constant energy to keep that image up. A persona is afraid to go to sleep, because to sleep is to die.

Nate Larkin

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#10. If we accept that opposites (or gradations of circumstances, or differences in ways of being) are all part of the same hologram of life (just as we need different shades and colours to make up a picture), then we can see that we need all those aspects to make up our world.

Julia Woodman

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#11. So hologram means
" I finally said.
"It means non-corporeal, yeah. Which sucks seeing as how there are a lot of very corporeal things I'd like to do with you right now.

Rachel Hawkins

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#12. I feel like they're different creatures, live and in the studio, but that's what makes it so interesting to me. If they didn't have any different shadings or colors, you might as well be a hologram or something.

Mary Chapin Carpenter

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#13. What were you supposed to do, talking to a hologram of a dead man, when a younger version of that man was still alive? Should you offer condolences?
Jordan decided that really wasn't necessary.

Margaret Peterson Haddix

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#14. People are wonderful one at a time. Each one of them has an entire hologram of the universe somewhere within them.

George Carlin

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#15. Dave Eggers is a prince among men when it comes to writing deeply felt, socially conscious books that meld reportage with fiction. While A Hologram for the King is fiction ... it's a strike against the current state of global economic injustice.

Elissa Schappell

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#16. So, here we are - all part of this great hologram called Creation, which is everybody else's SELF.It's all a cosmic play, and there is nothing but you!

Itzhak Bentov

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#17. And nothing's wrong when nothing's true
But I live in a hologram with you.


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#18. Life is a hologram. Even the smallest moment contains eternity within it.

Banani Ray

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#19. I never take any notes or draw charts or make elaborate diagrams, but I hold an image of the shape of a book in my head and work from that mental hologram.

Jonathan Lethem

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#20. Colonel: Tell me what is the T.R.U.T.H, Doctor!
Doctor: Total.Reveal.Using.Therapeutic.Hologram

Toba Beta

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#21. This was not a religion where people came together to focus on the same deity; it was a religion where each person projected a hologram of the divine based on their subconscious issues and desires, and worshipped that.

Jennifer Fulwiler

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#22. If you don't have a hologram, how can you understand what's going on in the news? Right? Am I right?

Joe Scarborough

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#23. Crystal skulls are a metaphor that reality is a consciousness hologram through which we experience virtually.

Stephen Richards

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#24. Almost every single thing you hope publication will do for you is a fantasy, a hologram
it's the eagle on your credit card that only seems to soar.

Anne Lamott

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#25. We're chipping away at our capacity for wonder. When hologram TVs eventually go on sale, they'll cost £20,000 and be bought only by those strange, heroic, friendless men who live in flats piled high with giant 80s mobiles and DVD players weighing eight stone.

Peter Baynham

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#26. You're more mean-spirited than I remember you being."
"It's this organic body. Hologram fur wasn't itchy.

Howard Tayler

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#27. Maybe Holgy's right. Maybe we are all holograms.

Anna Perera

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#28. The techniques that worked so extraordinarily well when applied to sustaining technologies, however, clearly failed badly when applied to markets or applications that did not yet exist.

Clayton M Christensen

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#29. The inspirational value of the space program is probably of far greater importance to education than any input of dollars ... A whole generation is growing up which has been attracted to the hard disciplines of science and engineering by the romance of space.

Arthur C. Clarke

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#30. What is practicality but one moment betrayed for the next? -

R. Scott Bakker

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#31. We don't need guns, we got dogs!

T.A. Uner

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#32. Playground of Dreams supports kids in discovering and achieving their own magnificence, that unique quality that only they have, fostering it, watering it, and watching it sprout!

Dash Mihok

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#33. A man who has to be punctually at a certain place at five o'clock has the whole afternoon ruined for him already.

Lin Yutang

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#34. For scientific researchers, charitable donations are enormous engines of new opportunities ...

Leroy Hood

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#35. All perception is the result of electrical impulses in the brain - the world of the individual is tantamount to a highly advanced computer running and analyzing programs in its working memory.

Kevin Michel

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