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#1. Asinine is a word that sounds like you shouldn't say it, so when you do say it, people often gasp. This makes it a delicious way of saying 'not very smart,' which is all it means. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#2. The pilgrims and the lost often did look the same, - Author: Paula McLain
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#3. It was probably my mother's screaming that frightened the cat. It's just a guess. No one knows for sure why a cat fell from a ten-storey building onto my head. - Author: J.E. Fison
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#4. It is the contention of Mr Norrell of Hanover-square that everything belonging to John Uskglass must be shaken out of modern magic, as one would shake moths and dust out of an old coat. What does he imagine he will have left? If you get rid of John Uskglass you will be left holding the empty air. - Author: Susanna Clarke
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#5. The best teams have chemistry. They communicate with each other and they sacrifice personal glory for a common goal. - Author: Dave DeBusschere
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#6. No one knows who is listening, say nothing you would not wish put in the newspapers. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#7. Abs? What are you, a workout video?" he sneered.
"Pigeon?" I said with the same amount of disdain. "An annoying bird that craps all over the sidewalk?"
"You like Pigeon," he said defensively. "It's a dove, an attractive girl, a winning card in poker, take your pick. You're my Pigeon. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#8. I still blog, but I do think blogging will become obsolete, as there are more ways of interacting on the Web with low barriers to entry for people to engage and participate. - Author: Biz Stone
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#9. Perhaps this is the only real evil left. - Author: Anne Rice
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#10. Definitely my own room," Sully muttered. Mark - Author: Cynthia Eden
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#11. LINCKLAEN, JOHN. (Agent of the Holland Land Company.) Journals of Travels into Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont (1791-1792). Translated from French by Helen Lincklaen Fairchild. With biographical sketch and notes. New York, Putnams: 1897. - Author: Anonymous
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#12. Democracy is made up of three elements. One is whether the laws support pluralistic principles. The second is whether the people take advantage of these laws. The third element is whether the peoples' wallets are thick enough to benefit from this democracy. - Author: Lech Walesa
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#13. a fatal recovery from a promising illness - Author: Thomas Boston
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#14. I refuse to be held responsible for bringing back a wave of pasty-faced people into the world. - Author: Brian Molko
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#15. I am 15 and you are 51, I know you are the best, to be loved by, everyone. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
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