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#1. The man who is able to hate strongly and with a quiet conscience is one who is complacently blind to all unworthiness in himself and serenely capable of seeing all his own wrongs in someone else. - Author: Thomas Merton
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#2. We fought very hard for feminism, for women's rights. What I'm seeing today is a very opposite thing. I don't know why, but I see women being put back in the place. And I hate it. We're losing all we worked so hard for and it really bums me out. - Author: Stevie Nicks
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#3. The worst thing about getting cured from paranoia is seeing how many people actually hate you - Author: Danny Hogan
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#4. I hate when your friends quit drinking on you, don't you? It's sad. I've lost more friends to AA than Liberace did to the virus. It's sad to see 'em go. You see a thirty day chip on your buddy's key ring, it's like seeing a toe tag on his cold, stiff corpse. - Author: Doug Stanhope
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#5. I don't like to criticize music and I had a really hard time picking out the song I hate for this because I end up seeing and working with musicians all the time. - Author: Margaret Cho
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#6. Comics are my first love, and I hate seeing an art form that I love suffer. - Author: Gerard Way
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#7. I think there must be something wrong with me as a writer. Because all my friends who are writers find reasons to hate everything about their day. But I just love writing. I love starting the day with language and seeing if I can make something of it. - Author: Roger Rosenblatt
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#8. I should hate to be employed and have no time for my needlework and my painting and playing the piano and seeing people. I find I have little enough spare time as it is." "Rubbish, caro, one can find time for important things if one makes an effort." conversation between Georgie and Lucia - Author: Tom Holt
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#9. It's strange the way people hear and see things. Like going to films - -violent films. To me, seeing violence in a film makes me hate the violence. But there's beauty in violence if it's put over the right way. - Author: Jim Capaldi
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#10. I think seeing films should be interactive. I'd rather have people see a film that I'm in and either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it, than be like, "Oh, yeah, it was good." That's the worst! - Author: Juno Temple
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#11. We find it hard to apply the knowledge of ourselves to our judgment of others. The fact that we are never of one kind, that we never love without reservations and never hate with all our being cannot prevent us from seeing others as wholly black or white. - Author: Eric Hoffer
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#12. I hate it [driving] more than anything in the whole world. I'm just an awful, awful driver. I get lost, I hit things (parked cars, one moving car, a pole in my parking garage). Just when I think I got everything under control, I'll miss seeing something out of the corner of my mirror. - Author: Rachael Leigh Cook
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#13. I remembered seeing a media channel where they showed picture after picture of food items I had never seen before in my life. When I asked my father what it was, he said they called it the "Two Minutes' Hate. - Author: Project Itoh
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#14. If you hate what you're seeing, you call it sex and violence. If you like it, you call it 'romance and adventure.' - Author: Joe Bob Briggs
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#15. I don't hate being compared with female musicians. I don't mind that at all. I have no problem with seeing connections between women's work. - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#16. Success makes so many people hate you. I wish it wasn't that way. It would be wonderful to enjoy success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you. - Author: Marilyn Monroe
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#17. I'm quite shy, so I hate seeing my private life splashed over the papers. - Author: Andrea Bocelli
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#18. I thought, I hate the thought of a 12, 13 or 14 year-old girl seeing a picture of me and thinking she'll do what I did. - Author: Courtney Thorne-Smith
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#19. From my own internal fanboy perspective, there's nothing that I hate more than seeing a three minute trailer for a movie where I feel like it's shown me the entire movie. - Author: Damon Lindelof
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#20. If I had had plastic surgery, I would have asked for something better than the face you are seeing! I actually really hate plastic surgery when it's just for aesthetics and anti-ageing. I think ageing is beautiful and expressive and characterful. - Author: Miranda Hart
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#21. I hate seeing you hurt. I'm sorry for hurting you last night. The look on your face speared my icy heart. I wish I could take it all back. - Author: Fisher Amelie
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#22. At this point, I think I would garner a lot of hate mail if I was now on the cover of Modern Drummer seeing as I'm not a modern drummer anymore. - Author: Jason Schwartzman
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#23. It's not hate that you're seeing. Hate requires emotion. What this woman has simply done is realize that you are a rogga, and decide that you aren't a person, just like that. - Author: N.K. Jemisin
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#24. I don't mind a little blood on the ice when it's a hockey rink, but I hate seeing blood on the ice when it's from baby seals. - Author: Pamela Anderson
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#25. You didn't choose God. He chose you. When you stop feeling hurt by everyone and plotting your comeback, he has some very important things he wants you to accomplish with your life. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#26. On the other side, I do believe that the rhetoric we are seeing from the Democrats today is unprecedented, is a new low in presidential politics and goes beyond political discourse and amounts to political hate speech. - Author: Ed Gillespie
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#27. If I tell you not to follow me, it ain't because I hate you, kiddo.
I just don't want you feel dissapointed ... when seeing the truth. - Author: Toba Beta
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#28. I hate seeing people that look like you. Especially if God's living by the motto 'If at first you don't succeed.' - Author: Demetri Martin
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#29. Beyond all judgments of good and bad ... is perfection - Vivian Amis - Author: Vivian Amis
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#30. I'm trying out Theodore Finche, '80s kid, and seeing how he fits.
I fish through my desk for a cigarette, stick it in my mouth, and remember as I'm reaching for my lighter that Theodore Finch, '80s kid, doesn't smoke. God, I hate him, the clean-cut, eager little prick. - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#31. Original minds are not distinguished by being the first to see a new thing, but instead by seeing the old, familiar thing that is over-looked as something new. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#32. God, I was beginning to hate this hope inside me. Sometimes, hope kept you from seeing the truth. Sometimes hope made you keep holding on to something that you should let go of. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#33. [Hilary] ... after you left, I didn't understand what had happened. David, I don't hate you and I don't blame you. I don't think you were happy, and I wasn't that happy either. We were just coasting, seeing what would happen, and then you pulled the plug. Right? - Author: Janice Y.K. Lee
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#34. I hate seeing fat girls on TV or in movies, because the only way the world seems to be okay with putting a fat person on camera is if they're miserable with themselves or if they're the jolly best friend. Well, I'm neither of those things. - Author: Julie Murphy
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#35. I had to depend on Braille for my reading and guide for my walking ... I am now wearing no glasses, reading and all without strain ... by taking lessons in seeing ... optometrists hate the method ... - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#36. When I was young I used to have this thing where I wanted to see everything I used to think 'How can I die without seeing every inch of this world?' - Author: Leonardo DiCaprio
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#37. The living blind and seeing Dead together lie As if in love ... There was no more hating then, And no more love; Gone is the heart of Man. - Author: Edith Sitwell
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#38. It is a torture to see people whom you don't like. - Author: Nikita Dudani
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#39. I stop paying attention because as much as I love beauty, I hate stupidity, and seeing the two combined pisses me off. - Author: Tucker Max
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#40. I hate the word practice. Practice breeds inurement. Instead of discovering, of distinguishing traits that are deeply hidden or merely veiled, one ends seeing nothing anymore. One ceases to be aware. - Author: Wanda Landowska
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#41. He hung up and looked at Rhage.
"Hate this," the brother said.
"I know." Wrath moved the sticky, blood-soaked hair out of the vampire's face. "We're going to get you home."
"Didn't like seeing you shot."
Wrath smiled softly. "Clearly. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#42. I hate seeing poetry in everything I touch. I hate that I can no longer love you without turning you into a metaphor - that it can never be simple as looking at you and saying yes, yes, yes. - Author: Shinji Moon
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#43. When you're an actor, seeing yourself for the first time, you spend all your time just watching yourself and hating yourself and picking your performance apart. You say, "I look horrible. I should quit." - Author: Sandra Bullock
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#44. Sure, 'Les Miserables' can be melodramatic. And seeing the musical instead of reading the novel will save you some time and spare you the long part where Hugo goes on and on about the Parisian sewer system. But I would hate for the novel to lose that. - Author: Garth Risk Hallberg
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