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Top 33 Happiness Quest Quotes

#1. No one in my family has been observant for generations, but we all identify with being Jewish. - Author: Adam Mansbach
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#2. People are not on a truth quest; they are on a happiness quest. They will continue to attend your church - even if they don't share your beliefs - as long as they find the content engaging and helpful. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#3. The quest for God is the quest for true happiness. - Author: Harold Klemp
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#4. They have no idea how deep this goes for me. To them it's a tremor, not an earthquake. - Author: Lilah Pace
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#5. The world is perfect, and at the same time, it is in a constant state of unfolding. This is also true for you and me. Our quest for enlightenment is really just a re-connection with something that already exists in us. - Author: Victor Shamas
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#6. At last, psychology gets serious about glee, fun, and happiness. Martin Seligman has given us a gift-a practical map for the perennial quest for a flourishing life. - Author: Daniel Goleman
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#7. By engaging in a delusive quest for happiness, we bring only suffering upon ourselves. In our frantic search for something to quench our thirst, we overlook the water all around us and drive ourselves into exile from our own lives. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#8. If the search for happiness is the underlying quest of our lives, it seems only natural that it should simultaneously be the essential theme to which beauty alludes. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#9. You suddenly find yourself somewhere and you wonder, how did I get in this room? That happens to me all the time, every day! - Author: Shirley Henderson
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#10. The quest for power is strange in that, once the quest has begun, the destination always seems to shift ever further away. What power one has is never enough; whatever happiness one had turns to bitterness. - Author: Sonya Hartnett
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#11. The supreme good - to examine everything - a life which was not devoted to such research would not be worth living. Happiness would thus consist in their never-ending quest. PLATO - Author: Alexandra Stoddard
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#12. We can continue our quest for improvement or not. We can search for happiness, enlightenment, security or identity or not. The search is not wrong; it is unrelated to the actual world. - Author: Steven Harrison
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#13. Let us hope for the best, let us dream and go for the quest. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#14. She hoped he could move on one day and find happiness. He had the luxury to try. She hoped he would succeed.

Be happy for the both of us.

As it was, she would never forget him. The memory of their time together she will cherish always, even as it eats away at her sanity. - Author: Kiersten Fay
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#15. Through the practices of yoga, we discover that concern for the happiness and well being of others, including animals, must be an essential part of our own quest for happiness and well being. The fork can be a powerful weapon of mass destruction or a tool to create peace on Earth. - Author: Sharon Gannon
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#16. You will find joy, frustration and sorrow in your quest. Never forget that friendship and loyalty are more precious than riches ... Happiness can be brief, but it knows no time in the land of dreams. - Author: Brian Jacques
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#17. The hidden keys of true happiness are individual responsibility and an incessant quest for joy. - Author: Amy Leigh Mercree
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#18. If there is one critical ingredient for your successful quest for both wealth and happiness, it is discipline. - Author: Jim Rohn
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#19. In our quest for happiness many times we evade the truth and remain unhappy. The truth lies within our hearts, regarding faith, family and inner peace. To love yourself is the largest truth you'll ever have. It's there where happiness begins. - Author: Ron Baratono
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#20. No, I do not need an outrageous quest to prove my worth. I deserve happiness
happiness on my own terms. - Author: Anna Bayes
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#21. I don't wear small shoes, or tight pants that squash your balls. - Author: George Harrison
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#22. In their vain quest for happiness, they only succeed in rendering it more inaccessible not only for themselves, but for everybody else. - Author: Luis E. Navia
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#23. We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to somebody too. - Author: Helen Hayes
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#24. Chesapeake Bay is like a beautiful woman. There's no humiliation from which she cannot recover. - Author: James A. Michener
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#25. I had a handle on satisfaction, and I loved my career, but I didn't really know what happiness was. So I started on this quest to have a happy life. - Author: Dennis Christopher
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#26. They taught me that all life forms are important to each other in our common quest for happiness and survival. That there is more to life than just yourself, your own family, or your own kind. - Author: Lawrence Anthony
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#27. For the majority of contemporary Americans, the essence of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness centers on a relentless personal quest to acquire, consume, to indulge, and to shed whatever constraints might interfere with those endeavors. - Author: Andrew Bacevich
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#28. Life begins as a quest of the child for the man, and ends as a journey by the man to rediscover the child. - Author: Sam Ewing
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#29. I am not happy, and the quest for happiness as a principal objective is not part of my world. Of course, ever since I can remember, I have done what I felt like doing. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#30. Alvin was an explorer, and all explorers are seeking something they have lost. It is seldom that they find it, and more seldom still that the attainment brings them greater happiness than the quest. - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
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#31. I write movies, so - I look at boxing, and I commentated on it, as if I were telling you the story of a movie or a short story. - Author: Ferdie Pacheco
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#32. Love sustains us in our challenges, in our search for truth, in our quest for happiness. - Author: Jerry L. Ainsworth
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#33. The greatest possible irony would be if in our endless quest to fill our lives with comfort and happiness we created a world that had neither. - Author: Bill Bryson
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