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#1. My brow still burns from the kiss of the queen; I have dreamed in the grotto where the siren swims . . . - Author: Gerard De Nerval
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#2. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of actually visiting the Playboy Mansion. I saw the peacocks, fed grapes to the monkeys, and even braved the fabled Grotto. After seeing the estate, I understood why anyone would be reluctant to leave. - Author: Diablo Cody
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#3. Two days a week, I go to my office at The Grotto, a writer's collective in San Francisco. I get there at 8:15 and write until around 1 or 2 P.M. - Author: Kaui Hart Hemmings
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#4. The strengths and failings of a relationship depend entirely on your ability to talk about your feelings. - Author: Spike Jonze
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#5. When we can do nothing else, we can still love, without expecting any reward or change or gratitude. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#6. The sea, like a crinkled chart, spread to the horizon, and lapped the sharp outline of the coast, while the houses were white shells in a rounded grotto, pricked here and there by a great orange sun. - Author: Daphne Du Maurier
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#7. Meeting, but first they must travel in a rattletrap submarine to the Gorgonian Grotto, a dangerous underwater cave, in search of the sugar bowl. ISBN 0-06-441014-5 - ISBN 0-06-029642-9 (lib. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#8. I was just a kid, Thomas said, surprising himself. - Author: James Dashner
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#9. So we all die?'
"No, no, no! We fight them!'
'How do you fight a dragon?'
'With prayer, boy, with prayer.'
'So we do all die - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#10. If one sits on the head of the Great Buddha and looks across the green valley, framed by the arch of the grotto and dotted with fort-like manors that are almost tiny villages, he has a view and a sensation of rare beauty. - Author: Maynard Owen Williams
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#11. Will you return to your home if Prince Grotto's reign is ended?"
"Yes. It is home."
"Will you take me back as your gardener? - Author: Terry Spear
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#12. Only that is poetry which cleanses and mans me. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#13. Count Olaf: You should have given up a long time ago, orphans. I triumphed the moment you lost your family.
Violet: We didn't lose our family. Only our parents. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#14. There is something about being a director where, for me personally, I get to ... it's the closest I'll ever come to being able to be a stand up. And to use my particular sense of humor, and hear people laughing, without me having to stand up in front of an audience and tell jokes. - Author: Barry Sonnenfeld
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#15. I spent the night on a sliver of rock high up on the east face of Long's Peak, climbing with Tom Frost, and slept at the icy feet of the Dru, listening to the lightning crack above me and the thunder roll down. I only did it to write about it. I would never go up on the Grotto Wall for fun. - Author: James Salter
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#16. Fame often rests at first upon something accidental, and often, too, is swept away, or for a time removed; but neither genius nor glory, is conferred at once, nor do they glimmer and fall, like drops in a grotto, at a shout. - Author: Walter Savage Landor
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#17. My family said that I wanted to act even when I was a child living on a tea plantation in the jungle in India. - Author: Julie Christie
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#18. Rather than focus on your critics, focus on the people who are impacted by your work. - Author: Tyler Perry
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#19. I am never less alone than when alone. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#20. When you think of me," she said quietly "think of a food you love very much. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#21. That's how you know you've mastered a videogame - when a bunch of butt-hurt crybabies start to accuse you of cheating in an effort to cope with the beatdown they've just suffered at your hands. - Author: Ernest Cline
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#22. It was no use. Edward rolled his head back against his shoulders, trying to ease the tension. He would have to make a trip to London soon to spend a night or even two at Aphrodite's Grotto. Perhaps after that he could be in his secretary's presence without lustful thoughts taking over his mind. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
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#23. I have spent every New Year's Eve since 1992 in Lourdes. I spend the hour of my birth every year in the grotto. It's a place with meaning for me. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#24. I was part of a writers' collective with 21 writers and filmmakers called the San Francisco Writers' Grotto. We had our own office space in this old converted dog and cat hospital, and we had a basketball hoop outside. I'd bring my dog to work every day and write. - Author: Noah Hawley
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#25. If you are still following your likes and dislikes, you have not even begun to practise Dhamma. - Author: Ajahn Chah
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#26. Blood is thicker than water, as people say. (But then again so is ketchup.) - Author: Alex Shearer
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#27. When I was trying to find work after drama school in London, it felt like the same actors always got the plum roles, especially in television. We have a smaller market place, vastly fewer drama-producing networks, and they seem to compete for the same established names for those projects. - Author: Jamie Bamber
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#28. You're right. I'm the old man who wasn't able to become one of those fish (however many there may have been) swimming eternally in the bluish-green light of the grotto beyond the crack in the rocks. - Author: Kenzaburo Oe
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#29. You know what I've seen? Is that people who have gone through unfair, horrific experiences, is that they have this will, and when they get support, a chance, they can not only survive, they can thrive. - Author: Olivia
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