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#1. If you truly believed you had a benevolent bus driver, and you were certain he was taking you somewhere good, you could just settle in and appreciate the ride. - Author: Maria Semple
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#2. I want to work with great directors. I want to work on good material with good actors. I've probably done 20 movies at this point and a lot of independents. It's been an incredible ride and I love it and I'm just going to keep going and doing what I'm doing. - Author: Famke Janssen
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#3. I don't like the negative of reality tv - the 'you're no good, so you have to leave, I choose you, but I thought you really loved me.' It's all about how bad people are and I just hate that. I like Pimp my Ride where someone is helping somebody. - Author: Bob Saget
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#4. There's gonna be good times and bad times. When the good times come you got to ride it as long as you can. And when the bad times come you got to battle and try to get out of there as soon as you can. - Author: Carlos Delgado
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#5. I better make the plot good. I wanted to make it grip people on the first page and have a big turning point in the middle, as there is, and construct the whole thing like a roller coaster ride. - Author: Mark Haddon
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#6. I always look for an intense experience, an intense ride. There is nothing better than a good zombie movie where you run crazy and blow at monsters! It was a physical shoot and I enjoyed it. - Author: Sarah Polley
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#7. Look them... look this black hoodies... they are having fun... why you don't try also?

(Drugs are good for you..)

(Can you think!?)
- At least blink! - Author: Deyth Banger
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#8. If biking is your passion, set aside time to enjoy a good ride. - Author: Patrick Dempsey
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#9. What I'm trying to say, and not doing a very good job at, is ... will you ride the river with me? - Author: Charles Martin
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#10. The way is open, ride the wave of success again today. You can't lose. - Author: Sereda Aleta Dailey
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#11. It's not just the cheerleading thing I have a problem with, it's the whole jock enchilada. I'm all for a good game of basketball in teh driveway or a killer bike ride. But when there's tackling and grunting involved
no thanks. - Author: Linda Ellerbee
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#12. But I loved that house, and I hated to say good-bye. Because, it was more than just a house. It was every summer, every boat ride, every sunset. It was Susannah. - Author: Jenny Han
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#13. As rewarding as a good film role can be, there is just nothing like getting up on a stage and taking an audience for a ride. - Author: Kevin Pollak
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#14. My daddy used to say that I was too big to ride and too little to hitch a wagon - no good for a damn thing. - Author: Dan Blocker
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#15. I find it easier to write in the winter in Melbourne. When the weather is good you want to go out for a walk, ride a bike, go to a cafe or something. When it's raining, when it's a miserable day, I just sit down at my desk and get some work done. - Author: Adrian McKinty
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#16. I know that all good things must come to an end and I've had an incredible ride. I just want to end it on the right note. - Author: Alonzo Mourning
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#17. It all counts,' Adam said again. 'And the bottom line is, what defines you isn't how many times you crash, but the number of times you get back on the bike. As long as it's one more, you're all good.-pg 325 Along for the Ride - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#18. I just try to keep going and work on projects that are exciting to me, with people I respect and enjoy and want to work with. That takes me in different directions sometimes, but it's all been a pretty good ride. - Author: Tom McCarthy
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#19. Pretty people do ugly things.
It was one of those laws of nature that Gaia had understood for years. If she ever started to forget that ride for a second, there always seemed to be some good-looking asshole ready to remind her. - Author: Francine Pascal
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#20. I felt very honored, and I knew that people would be watching very closely, and I felt it was very, very important that I do a good job. - Author: Sally Ride
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#21. I'm not talking about the girl who wants to have fun and a good time with no strings attached. I'm talking about the girl who's looking for a free ride after the ride ends. - Author: Penny Reid
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#22. The team we had, the Hobie Vita-Pakt Super Surfer team, you know, the Hilton boys were on there, Conrad Hilton's grandkids, and they were really good. After being around those kids, I could ride a little. Do a 360, some kick-turns, stuff like that. - Author: Hobart Alter
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#23. Stations were built at intervals averaging fifteen miles apart. A rider's route covered three stations, with an exchange of horses at each, so that he was expected at the beginning to cover close to forty-five miles - a good ride when one must average fifteen miles an hour. - Author: Buffalo Bill
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#24. To me, watching a movie is like going to an amusement park. My worst fear is making a film that people don't think is a good ride. - Author: Darren Aronofsky
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#25. With mountain biking, it's always that constant thing, negotiating singletrack, which I like, but for a road ride that rhythm is really Buddhist. When you get a good pedal stoke, it's that thing of everything works. - Author: Robin Williams
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#26. Ninety percent of a good performance of an actor is based on the material. If you've got the material there, you can ride it. - Author: Justin Kirk
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#27. A coaster gives you hope. You can pretty much ride a good one through the worst tragedy life throws at you. You can even ride it through somebody dying, I guess. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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#28. I really would not change anything. Have a passion for what you do, work hard, have great people with good personalities, enjoy the ride. - Author: Wayne Huizenga
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#29. If you're lucky enough to draw a good horse, you still have to ride him, then the next ones. - Author: Chris LeDoux
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#30. Romance is like maintaining a car. If you do a good job of it, you will always have a dependable quiet ride. - Author: T.R. Wallace
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#31. If you wish to hurt yourself , you're doing a very good job, but for me that was exquisite. Now, move." He slapped my butt hard, making me cry out of surprise. He laughed, then did it again. "Hurry up and ride me, before I decide I want to fuck your other hole." ~Frano - Author: Marita A. Hansen
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#32. Hurry up. You promised me a ride." Okay, that wasn't a good thing to say to him. Not in her bedroom. "On your bike," she added hastily. - Author: Christine Feehan
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#33. What good is an "I LOVE YOU" If said only when you have to?
What good is it to ride a horse if you cannot gallop?
What good is it to believe in someone if you doubt your own belief? - Author: Carew Papritz
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#34. She had been like a roller coaster aficionado for whom tame county fair roller coasters were as good as the ones that spun you upside down and dropped you so fast your eyes turned red. It was all just a ride. - Author: Peter Straub
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#35. My favorite part of a roller-coaster ride is when you're going up and you're slightly scared and really excited. You don't know what's coming next but you know it's going to be good. You can't handle it, go on the carousel. - Author: Gina Gershon
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#36. A good ride in the winter is something you quietly put adjacent to your heart; an unspoken victory filed away for times of weakness and need, to be pulled out when you require a reminder of what you are capable of. - Author: Tom Babin
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#37. My mom would never ride an ATV,' he said. 'But you did.'

'Is that a good thing?' I asked.

He traced my lips with his fingertip. 'Yes.'

My body melted like a candy bar on the dashboard. - Author: Sandra Byrd
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#38. In choosing a portfolio, investors should seek broad diversification, Further, they should understand that equities
and corporate bonds also
involve risk; that markets inevitably fluctuate; and their portfolio should be such that they are willing to ride out the bad as well as the good times. - Author: Harry Markowitz
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#39. I think the whole stigma of 'black movies' is slowly being lost. When you look at movies like '12 Years A Slave,' to 'The Butler,' to 'The Best Man,' to 'Ride Along,' to even 'Think Like a Man' from last year - these movies are just good movies. - Author: Kevin Hart
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#40. Lem glowered. Your lion friends ride into some village, take all the food and every coin they find, and call it foraging. the wolves as well, so why not us? no one robbed you, dog. You just been good and foraged. - Author: George R R Martin
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#41. Here is a good reply of a clever horse to the man who tries to ride and control it: Throwing him into the air - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#42. Experience is the best teacher. I've been through a lot - going to the Olympics, going to the Finals, having a lot of good games and having a lot of bad games. It's a rollercoaster ride and I'm just happy I'm a part of it. If it was easy, then everybody could do it. - Author: Kevin Durant
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#43. A bad ride is much better than a good walk. - Author: J. Peter Grace
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#44. I believed that 'freedom' is not a clear or sufficient answer to the question of what conservatives believe in. Like Matthew Arnold, I held that 'freedom is a very good horse to ride, but to ride somewhere'. - Author: Roger Scruton
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#45. A new man is like a new toy. Fresh and interesting. Almost intriguing. It's like when you get a new car. Everything is different. The smell, the sound of the horn and seats, and it even ride good for a while. That's what a man is like to me. - Author: Jeanette Michelle
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#46. As long as I'm enjoying what I'm doing, then that's fine. That's what I want. I want to enjoy life. We're only here for a small ride, so it may as well be a good one. If I can go to work enjoying what I do, then my life becomes a very nice one. - Author: Aneurin Barnard
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#47. Riding a motorcycle on today's highways, you have to ride in a very defensive manner. You have to be a good rider and you have to have both hands and both feet on the controls at all times. - Author: Evel Knievel
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#48. You can't read good-night stories to your bank account, or brush its hair, or teach it how to ride a bike for the first time. - Author: Marko Kloos
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#49. Everyone gets their rough day. No one gets a free ride. Today so far, I had a good day. I got a dial tone. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#50. 'Good as Gone' goes from zero to 60 in under six seconds and never lets off the gas! If you like your thrillers filled with nonstop action in a race against time through Europe's underbelly, hop in and take a ride. - Author: Andrew Gross
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#51. So yeah, Jesus does pretty good over here. But I met a guy who said he saw him hitchhiking by the side of the road in Afghanistan and nobody was stopping to give him a ride. You know? It all depends on where you are. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#52. I think I've been really good at surrounding myself with really talented people. I've picked the right coattails to ride on. - Author: Nathan Fillion
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#53. A perfect ride. I fell a bit behind on the slow pace, but everything's good. It's real good. Yes, he ran the race we wanted him to run. - Author: Elvis Trujillo
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#54. I made my first mix tape when I was 14. I used to play basketball and ride bikes, but I think I just latched onto music because I figured I could be really good at it on my own. - Author: Wiz Khalifa
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#55. I feel like I have a lot more freedom to make these decisions to kind of sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have a really good sense of who I am now and what I am capable of and because of that, I have the confidence to go after things like a 7-day 545-mile bike ride and know I can do it. - Author: Cristina Goyanes
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#56. Larger-than-life, celebrity leaders who ride in from the outside are negatively correlated with going from good to great. Ten of eleven good-to-great CEOs came from inside the company, whereas the comparison companies tried outside CEOs six times more often. - Author: James C. Collins
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#57. I wish we had horses to ride," Maria said. "In my happiness I would like to be on a good horse and ride fast with thee riding fast beside me and we would ride faster and faster, galloping, and never pass my happiness. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#58. Biking takes so much time. You need three hours to get in a good ride. In one hour, you can get in a good run. - Author: Daniel Humm
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#59. I wouldn't mind starting to ride some more if I had a really good horse to just work a little bit with every day. - Author: Robert Duvall
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#60. You have your bad moments in your career and your good moments. And it's been a good ride so far, but it's not over yet. - Author: Maria Sharapova
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#61. Plausible development, building from what we know about what really did go on, and a whacking good story ... Surrounded by Enemies delivers on both, big-time. So hold on to your hats, folks. You're in for quite a ride. - Author: Harry Turtledove
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#62. I've made over 25 studio albums, and I think probably I've made two real stinkers in my time, and some not-bad albums, and some really good albums. I'm proud of what I've done. In fact it's been a good ride. - Author: David Bowie
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#63. I attempt to surf. I'm not as good as anyone else in the water. I'm more like a beached whale. I just hang out on my board. I can ride, but I get too nervous unless I go with my boyfriend or my trainer. There are too many burly men out there! - Author: Olesya Rulin
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#64. I'm getting my exercise at five o'clock in the morning, that's good. So far I've managed to hold on to a bike ride on Saturday or Sunday morning, probably at least two weekends out of three. - Author: Tony Abbott
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#65. Give me a good horse to ride and some good licker to drink and a good girl to court and a bad girl to have fun with and anybody can have their own Europe ... What do we care about missing the tour? - Author: Margaret Mitchell
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#66. My version, of course, is not this flag-waving, let's all get on the Jesus train and ride out of hell. I'm not that kind of guy. It's an embrace that life is good, worth living and yeah, it's not easy, but there are more pluses than minuses. - Author: Billy Corgan
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#67. Kind of where you end up your ride on a horse is so important. It's a little bit like when you guys were younger & you were dating, that last two minutes of the date can be a real deal breaker. With these horses it's the same thing you know? You got to quit on a good note. - Author: Buck Brannaman
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#68. I take pleasure in the little things. Double cheeseburgers, those are good, the sky ten minutes before it rains,the moment your laugh turns into a cackle. And I sit here, and smoke my Camel straights, and I ride my own melt. - Author: Ethan Hawke
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#69. I stood my ground. "You evil scientist are all the same
evil. Count me out."
Fang and I brushed past Mr. God and walked quickly but smoothly to the exit. It was barely noon, and I'd already made a huge enemy.
Dang, I'm good. - Author: James Patterson
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#70. Why, then you go on to Death Row at state prison and just
enjoy all that good food until it's time to ride the lightning. It won't be
long. - Author: Stephen King
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#71. Good." His eyes flash fire. "Now ride me like a fucking pony. - Author: Dahlia Adler
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#72. Putting his mouth close to her ear, he said, I'm going to ride you raw, baby, but you won't care. It's going to feel so good, all you'll be able to think about is getting me back inside you. Keeping me here, packed up tight and deep, screwing into you so hard you go hoarse from your screams ... - Author: Rhyannon Byrd
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#73. You ride horse of good intent," Naomi said. "It does not arrive at destination. - Author: Jane Kirkpatrick
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#74. It takes a good deal of physical courage to ride a horse. This, however, I have. I get it at about forty cents a flask, and take it as required. - Author: Stephen Leacock
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#75. Parking's expensive, so I walk or ride my bike, which is good because my girlfriend's getting her PhD as an environmental engineer. - Author: Chaz Bundick
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#76. I've never wanted to just ride on coat tails. I don't know, if you don't earn something then it doesn't feel as good. - Author: Rumer Willis
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#77. I do like working out. I feel my best when I work out, but you know, I'm human. I like to ride my bicycle and lift weights and hike. When I am diligently working out, ideally, I like to work out four days a week. If I can do that, I feel good about myself. - Author: Shemar Moore
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#78. I'm in awe of you, Rowan Palotay," he said softly. "And plan to make love to you for the rest of the night, but right now, I want you to be a good cowgirl and ride me."
His finger hooked around the string of her panties, and he tugged them down and off. "The boots stay on. - Author: Robin Bielman
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#79. I've got a bike. You can ride it if you like. It's got a basket, a bell that rings and things to make it look good. I'd give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it. - Author: Syd Barrett
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#80. i'm no good-girl-gone bad or goin O-na-na like Rihanna, but I'm gonna Work It like Iggy and Ride Like Lana. - Author: Bee
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#81. At the end of the day, I know that I make my living by dressing up, fooling around, playing pranks and giving people a good time. I am enjoying the ride. - Author: Cyrus Broacha
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#82. The roller coaster came to a stop and a good friend got off, but what a ride we'd taken together. It had been one hell of a trip. - Author: Ed Catmull
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#83. You can have the most amazing horse in the world and not be able to ride it, so it has to be a good match for sure. - Author: Jessica Springsteen
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#84. That's what my dad always said. 'If you're very lucky, it'll work out.' I love what it is I do, and I realize how blessed I am. So now it's just about doing the work as good as possible and enjoying the ride. - Author: Brian Dietzen
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#85. A good story is like a road. If it's well put together, you don't notice the road at all; you just enjoy the ride. If the road is bad, you notice the whole way. - Author: Ken MacGregor
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#86. I did not think that a good movie was the equivalent of a good stage play, any more than I thought an automobile ride was as exhilarating as a drive behind a spirited horse, nor a trip by steam as soul-satisfying as a voyage by sail. - Author: Preston Sturges
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#87. Enjoy the ride while it still lasts. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#88. I started out doing triathlons because they terrified me! I'm a good swimmer, I learned to ride a bike in college, and I hate running. It seemed like something I could never do, so I decided, 'I'm gonna do it.' - Author: Megyn Price
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#89. I'd love to do another 'Indiana Jones.' A character that has a history and a potential, kind of a rollicking good movie ride for the audience, Steven Spielberg as a director - what's not to like? - Author: Harrison Ford
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#90. With mania, is it dangerous to ride that euphoric feeling. You feel very animated and creative; I would fill journals with drawings. It feels good and you want it to last, but it can lead to being delusional. The delusions can be as real as you thinking you can fly. - Author: David LaChapelle
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#91. Really good mountain bikers are lousy judges of trail difficulty. We haven't a clue, we just ride. - Author: John Olsen
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#92. In Britain I focus on my horse riding. I ride everyday no matter what. I have a wonderful trainer called Joe Meyer. He is from New Zealand and competed in the World Games this year. I have been with him for four years and we have a good rapport. - Author: Liz Halliday
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#93. Mr. Persichetti knew that six weeks before its time and with a good thirty-minute ride to the hospital once the ambulance came (would it ever come?), the baby would most likely not survive, would - Author: Alice McDermott
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#94. I enjoy making money and I enjoy the work [acting]. I'm really into it and it's really fun. As long as it goes for, I'm happy to keep going with it. It's a good ride so far, and I hope the wheels stay on. - Author: Callan McAuliffe
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#95. The script comes first. If that isn't good enough, you know it's gonna be a long ride. - Author: Ted McGinley
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#96. Most of us need a good ride on the Sin Wagon, and if I were to meet a man who was better looking than say, Yoda, I might treat him to some Serta hospitality. I'd like to have said this to Mama but could not because she is certain that a real Southern lady doesn't enjoy the business at hand. - Author: Susan Reinhardt
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#97. Oh yeah. Baby, so good." He had to release her nipple, had to hold her face in his hands, stare into her eyes. "So damned tight. Sweet. Ride me, sweetheart. Ride me out of hell. - Author: Lora Leigh
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#98. cram's with praise, and make's
As fat as tame things.
One good deed dying tongueless
Slaughters a thousand waiting upon that.
Our praises are our wages; you may ride's
With one soft kiss a thousand furlongs ere
With spur we heat an acre. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#99. Cowgirl don't cry, ride, baby, ride Lessons in life show us all in time Too soon God will let you know why If you fall get right back on The Good Lord calls everybody home Cowgirl don't cry. - Author: Brooks And Dunn
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#100. Not all options will be good ones. Sometimes you have to make the best of a bad lot and ride the storm. - Author: Robert Jordan
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