Top 29 Good Freaking Quotes

#1. Why couldn't I have just made it home without seeing them? I wasn't in the mood to play good freaking Samaritan to Beau and his trashy girlfriend.

Abbi Glines

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#2. There were days when I was on the last $10 in my account, and I was freaking out about paying rent or buying groceries. Then you book a commercial, and you're good for another three months.

Colin Egglesfield

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#3. Why must holy places be dark places?

C.S. Lewis

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#4. Most of what I do is for creative people - writers and painters and photographers - trying to work through creative problems.

Jessa Crispin

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#5. Good Lord, if Incy could be helped ... then I was a freaking picnic.

Cate Tiernan

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#6. I've learned to get really good at this - say one thing when I'm thinking about something else, act like I'm listening when I'm not, pretend to be calm and happy when I'm really freaking out. It's one of the skills you perfect as you get older

Lauren Oliver

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#7. For you to be considering someone else like that is more like turning over a whole freaking tree, not just a leaf, but good for you.

Jay Crownover

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#8. K.T. sighs. If you mess with her head, I'll personally hunt you down, but otherwise, good luck. If you can get her to talk, you're a freaking miracle worker. Hell, if you can get her to actually smile, her parents might throw you a party.

Erica Cameron

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#9. You're so freaking hot, Michaels. As much as I love watching you suck my thumb, I have bigger plans for you. I wanna show you how good this can be. I need to be buried balls deep inside you, and I will be, but I want you good and relaxed before we start.

Kindle Alexander

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#10. That's right," Philby said, remembering. "You're a computer freak, aren't you, Maybeck?"
"Freak? I'm freaking good with them, if that's what you're asking.

Ridley Pearson

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#11. You wouldn't wish hardship on anyone, but when it comes, you would be crazy not to see the huge growth that will come from it.

Michael Leunig

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#12. It is easy to answer the ultimate questions - it saves you bothering with the immediate ones.

John Osborne

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#13. Good grief. They're like the freaking poster family for the NRA.

Elisabeth Wheatley

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#14. You're exactly right, Aizen. My blade is full of hate. I didn't come here to fight you. I came here to violently hack you to pieces.

Tite Kubo

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#15. If it makes God so freaking mad, why does it feel so good?


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#16. I was going to die and I'd just saved his freaking life. No good deed goes unpunished.

Meghan Ciana Doidge

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#17. It's much easier to wear your pain on the outside ...

E.L. James

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#18. Catch a fish once and if it gets away, it's a lot harder to catch the second time.

Will Graham

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#19. Black is like the silence of the body after death, the close of life.

Wassily Kandinsky

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#20. For me, the reason to make the movie is that if people like the comic, then people would like the movie if it was well made. There are good movies for them, but very few. And I mean that in a true sense. If they love your story for freaking 30 years, then they can do a movie about it.

Gilbert Hernandez

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#21. It is the guilt, not the scaffold, which constitutes the shame.

Pierre Corneille

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#22. I do not know its name. I call it the Way. For the lack of better words I call it great.


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#23. Oh, of course, I always feel unconfident.

Katherine Dunn

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#24. Now my troubles are going
To have truobles with me!

Dr. Seuss

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#25. If you're a woman, just make a freaking good movie. I don't believe in the women who say, 'It's too hard, I'm getting shot down.'

Katie Aselton

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#26. You know, I've kinda been freaking out over being a father, but then I read in a men's magazine somewhere that as long as you can keep your son off the pipe and your daughter off the pole, that you've done a good job.

Jillian Dodd

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#27. As a species we're fundamentally insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another. Why do you think we invented politics and religion?

Stephen King

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#28. I want to inspire people to be better, to do better, to dance better, and I want to help to grow this next generation. That's something that's really, really important to me, and I just want to be freaking good at everything I do.

Vivian Nixon

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#29. I mean, accidents happen. You learn from them and you try to make sure they don't happen again.

Joe Lieberman

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