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#1. Breakthrough Advertising is not about building better mousetraps. It is, however, about building larger mice - and then building a terrifying fear of them in your customers. - Author: Eugene Schwartz
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#2. Felix's beauty devastates him, annihilates every fiber of his being, and the voices shout in his head, they sing to him until he thinks his head will split. - Author: T.J. Klune
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#3. We're not interested in confiscating their guns, as long as they are legitimate gun owners, as long as they store them appropriately, transport them appropriately and so on ... - Author: Anne McLellan
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#4. Earth is the largest being on this planet. - Author: Toba Beta
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#5. A good corroborating chain, if they fail in the last link, the whole will fall to the ground. - Author: Chris Pratt
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#6. Love's gentle spring doth always fresh remain. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#7. We set out to capture what was happening, and then we cut that into the series. - Author: Michael Scott
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#8. The real drug, I came to believe, was love. - Author: Joyce Maynard
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#9. The great thing about a short story is that it doesn't have to trawl through someone's whole life; it can come in glancingly from the side. - Author: Emma Donoghue
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#10. The law of the innermost form of the essay is heresy - Author: Theodor Adorno
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#11. You touched people's lives, glancingly, and those lives changed forever. - Author: Guy Gavriel Kay
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