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#1. As for those wingy mysteries in divinity, and airy subtleties in religion, which have unhinged the brains of better heads, they never stretched the pia mater of mine; methinks there be not impossibilities enough in Religion for an active faith.

Thomas Browne

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#2. Follow a shadow, it still flies you, Seem to fly, it will pursue: So court a mistress, she denies you; Let her alone, she will court you. Say are not women truly, then, Styled but the shadows of us men?

Ben Jonson

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#3. Living abroad facilitates treating life as a spectacle.

Susan Sontag

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#4. The only way he could truly stick out in New Orleans was if he were walking down the street on fire.

Hunter Murphy

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#5. He felt responsible for his fate, but his fate felt no responsibility for him.

Milan Kundera

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#6. Money is the fuel for choices. Money gives me choices, so it's not nothing, it's something," he continued. "But it's not the end all, be all. There are other things in my life that I did not purchase with money that are very valuable.

Dave Chappelle

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#7. Real' is a dirty word in this place.

Lauren DeStefano

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