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#1. How would you be able to detect a fart over your natural odor, Sanza?" "For shame," said Galdo. "There's no Sanzas here, remember? I'm an Asino." "Oh yes," said Locke with a yawn. "Yes, you certainly are. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#2. Heavens," said Galdo in a deep, dramatic voice, "only one man living could have squeezed forth such a gleaming brown jewel
this is the work of Squatting Calo, the Midnight Shitter! - Author: Scott Lynch
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#3. Some secrets can't be kept too long. No matter how hard you try to hide them, sooner or later they scurry out from your cupboards, cockroaches on the run. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#4. I've done so many Lifetime movies; at this point, I'll be going through airport security, and the lady there will be like, 'I took the weekend off and I saw four of your movies.' And I say: 'You've been watching Lifetime, right?' - Author: Linden Ashby
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#5. When you have a couple hundred people in one huge space, that's gonna lead to jokes and it's a breeding ground for practical jokes and teasing. - Author: Erin Duffy
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#6. You might one day be able to send the experience of dancing the tango, bungee jumping, or skydiving to the people on your e-mail list. Not just physical activity, but emotions and feelings as well might be sent via brain-to-brain communication. - Author: Michio Kaku
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#7. Messi and the Brazilian come up to Rafinha and say "you're one of us now kid" - Author: Ray Hudson
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#8. Twenty's good and proper. While Locke gestured for Calo and Galdo to help him set - Author: Scott Lynch
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#9. I've done my part, played my hand, even thrown in my cards when I had to. I've bet what I didn't have and bluffed until I had it. Link once said: Ridley Duchannes is always playing a game. I never told him, but he was right. - Author: Kami Garcia
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#10. I've heard enough about what you want to do; now tell me what needs doing - Author: John Marsden
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#11. For Calo, Galdo, and Bug - Author: Scott Lynch
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#12. Don Lorenzo and 'Master Eccari' fenced pleasantries for a few moments thereafter; Galdo eventually let himself be skewered with the politest possible version of 'Thanks, but piss off. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#13. It is the task of the translator to release in his own language that pure language that is under the spell of another, to liberate the language imprisoned in a work in his re-creation of that work. - Author: Walter Benjamin
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#14. My mom shot and killed her last husband. Yeah, my dad used to say Hey, dodged that bullet. Ha ha. - Author: Christopher Titus
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#15. I'm very pleased. Very, very pleased. But I really must ask - why the hell have men and women been throwing money in my kettle for the past half hour, telling me they're sorry for what happened in the Videnza?" "It's because they're sorry for what happened in the Videnza," said Galdo. - Author: Scott Lynch
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