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Top 17 Funny Fridge Quotes

#1. At least you left out the oh-my-God sauce this time."
"Made myself a batch with it," Shane said. "It's got the biohazard sticker on it in the fridge, so don't bitch if you get flamed. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#2. Dear Mom,
I won't be home this weekend because I'm wanted for treason and I have to clear my name. Also, I took the last Sprite from the fridge.
Love, Steve - Author: Mac Barnett
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#3. The leaf twirls gently
To the dry ground
The flake tumbles lightly
To the snow mound
The lightning falls mightily
To the earth with a crash
And I plummet sleepily
From the fridge to the trash.
Such is nature's way - Author: Francesco Marciuliano
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#4. Your mail could've waited." Daemon followed me into the kitchen. "What is it? Just books?"
Grabbing the OJ from the fridge, I sighed. People who didn't heart books didn't understand. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#5. I pondered what else I should take for him. Flowers seemed wrong; they're a love token, after all. I looked in the fridge, and popped a packet of cheese slices into the bag. All men like cheese. - Author: Gail Honeyman
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#6. A king may spille, a king may save; A king may make of lorde a knave; And of a knave a lorde also. - Author: John Gower
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#7. Many atrocities, have been done in the name of the greater good. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#8. Love does not measure qualities, nor sets any standards. Love happens. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#9. Tomorrow is red with the blood of murdered resolutions. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#10. A wise saying is something you keep picking up off the floor in front of your fridge - Author: Robert Breault
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#11. There's good directors and bad directors. Some of the critics are really conscientious and really try to do what they can popularize the work or to explain the work and so on. And then there's the critics who just wants to make a reputation by attacking. Those are the ones I'm not keen on. - Author: Peter Bogdanovich
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#12. Yes. Yes, when we live our life like 1950s detective films. I often go to my fridge, "Hullo, we're out of milk. I say mother, where's the milk?" - Author: Bill Bailey
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#13. I held my head back and looked upward. The moon was hidden and only a lone star dared to break through the darkness. - Author: Nancy B. Brewer
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#14. Nothing is better than spending quality time with my family by reading & using our imaginations! - Author: A.J. DeJong
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#15. I've always got such high expectations for myself. I'm aware of them, but I can't relax them. - Author: Mary Decker
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#16. My childhood had its challenges, like everyone's. It imbued me with certain things and took away others. It made me very determined. - Author: Sam Taylor-Wood
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#17. Being a kid during the '80s, I feel I didn't really get the full experience. - Author: Travie McCoy
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