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Top 16 Friends Fade Quotes

#1. It is precisely the presence and help of Christ in times of suffering that makes it possible for us to stand up under pressure. - Author: R.C. Sproul
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#2. People change. Feelings fade. Lovers drift. Friends leave. Friends become enemies. Lovers become strangers.
You'll be judged. but still Life Goes On. - Author: Lovely Goyal
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#3. Death is no problem because when we are alive we are not dead and when we are dead we don't know it. So long as you can possibly worry about it, you've got nothing to worry about. - Author: Jennifer Michael Hecht
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#4. Lis felt the corners of her mouth turn up a little. She'd never had friends like this. Friends who wanted to see her flourish not fade. Their eager faces were like mirrors in which she could see herself more clearly. - Author: James Dawson
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#5. I don't want friends to die ... or fade away. I don't want battles where we have to lose in order to win. - Author: Yuna
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#6. People dream. They talk about escaping from it all. Their friends and family diligently listen and politely ignore it when the ruminations fade into oblivion. So quite a few eyebrows went up when I made this trip a reality. - Author: Kristine K. Stevens
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#7. But suppose you struggle through to the good and find that it is also dreadful? - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#8. Papa says that wars take three generations to fade from the ground where they're fought. And from what I've seen, Friends have quite long memories, as well." "He might just have a point. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#9. Some people seem to fade away but then when they are truly gone, it's like they didn't fade away at all. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#10. Some friendships fade. Others dissolve under stress or disagreement. Still other friends just leave. Those that stick, however, are almost irreplaceable; and the sadness of long life is losing friends. - Author: Hugh Hewitt
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#11. If you live for a very long while, you will have to watch your friends and loved ones die, your body age and lose its beauty and vigor, and your mental capacities fade. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#12. You've got to walk and talk with God to go to heaven ... I have the devil in me! If I didn't have, I'd be Christian! - Author: Jerry Lee Lewis
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#13. For the rest of the day all I could think about was that precious fruit. The mango, that is. - Author: Tiffanie DeBartolo
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#14. The evening makes me think Facebook is a blessing and a curse. Sure, it helps us keep track of people with whom we otherwise would have fallen out of touch. But sometimes relationships fade for a reason. They're better left a memory. - Author: Rachel Bertsche
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#15. I'm fascinated by offensive subject matter. Always have been. It is very natural to me, as any teach I've ever had growing up could attest. - Author: Anthony Jeselnik
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#16. With Rue My Heart Is Laden
With rue my heart is laden
For golden friends I had,
For many a rose-lipt maiden
And many a lightfoot lad.
By brooks too broad for leaping
The lightfoot boys are laid;
The rose-lipt girls are sleeping
In fields where roses fade. - Author: A.E. Housman
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