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#1. Stumblingblocks? If you are facing one right now, be grateful for two reasons. It landed in front of you not on top of you. And now you have something to climb on top of so that you can see farther than you ever could before. Live large my friends, live deliberately. - Author: Jim Killon
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#2. If a man be discreet enough to take to hard drinking in his youth, before his general emptiness is ascertained, his friends invariably credit him with a host of shining qualities which, we are given to understand, lie balked and frustrated by his one unfortunate weakness. - Author: Agnes Repplier
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#3. The accidents of life separate us from our dearest friends, but let us not despair. God is like a looking glass in which souls see each other. The more we are united to Him by love, the nearer we are to those who belong to Him. - Author: Elizabeth Ann Seton
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#4. All the friends I ever had are gone. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#5. We have recognized that the world is changing. How your children are behaving, how their friends are behaving. What they consume and what they watch. - Author: James Packer
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#6. In community we are called to care for each member of the community. We can. Choose our friends but we do not choose our brothers and sisters' they are given to us, whether in family or in community." Jean - Author: Jean Vanier
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#7. All my friends are but one, but He is all sufficient. - Author: William Carey
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#8. Most of my friends in New York are single women or gay men. - Author: Sarah Jessica Parker
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#9. Every plan in which we participate has one constant, ourselves. Not that we are always the same, but that we are always part of the plan. All else comes and goes: friends, parents, possessions, conditions, situations, and associates, leaving only us, ourselves. - Author: Wu Wei
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#10. My friends, if we are going to do a great work for God, we must spend much time in prayer; we have got to be closeted with God. - Author: Dwight L. Moody
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#11. I am a big believer that you have to nourish any relationship. I am still very much a part of my friends' lives and they are very much a part of my life. A First Lady who does not have this source of strength and comfort can lose perspective and become isolated. - Author: Nancy Reagan
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#12. I hate people who cry around me. I'm not friends with them anymore. Especially girls. Cuz girls are crying all the time. It's like, 'Shut up.' - Author: Robert Pattinson
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#13. I know who we are, and how we got that way. We are writers. We danced with the words, as children, in what became familiar patterns. The words became our friends and our companions, and without even saying it aloud, a thought danced with them: I can do this. This is who I am. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#14. I go through about half a dozen spiral notebooks a year. They are my friends, just like the to-do lists. They keep me organized. - Author: David R. Wommack
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#15. There's so much negative imagery of black fatherhood. I've got tons of friends that are doing the right thing by their kids, and doing the right thing as a father - and how come that's not as newsworthy? - Author: Will Smith
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#16. My friends, look to Christ, and not to yourselves. That is what is the matter with a great many sinners; instead of looking to Christ, they are looking at the bite of sin. - Author: Dwight L. Moody
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#17. We are always alone. We are never alone. Even in the center of a crowd of friends , we cannot escape our apartness; even in the locked and darkened room, we cannot cut ourselves off from our sense of the life going on outside. - Author: Lester M. Schulman
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#18. Sometimes lies are most necessary with our friends. - Author: Brent Weeks
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#19. I'm a big fan of Rand Paul; he and I are good friends. I don't agree with him on foreign policy. - Author: Ted Cruz
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#20. With a tiny bit of effort, the nettle would be useful; if you neglect it, it becomes a pest. So then we kill it. How many men are like nettles ... My friends, there is no such thing as a weed and no such thing as a bad man. There are only bad cultivators. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#21. It's not proper for seventeen-year-old princesses to be alone with young men who have questionable intentions."
She laughed. "And what about young men who she's been best friends with since she was barely old enough to walk?"
He shook his head. "Those are the worst. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#22. Friends disappear
or they are powerless.
This is what misfortune means
an acid test of friendship.
I wouldn't wish it on anyone. - Author: Anne Carson
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#23. Ah,' said Zultan. 'I, too. I keep many books at my home.' He gestured to the books in the tent. 'These are only a few. Those I think might need on this trip, and those I have yet to read and might want, and those old friends that I cannot bear to leave behind. - Author: T. Kingfisher
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#24. You are my wickedest mischievous sisters, most beloved friends of my mind. - Esme from Sister Mischief - Author: Laura Goode
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#25. perhaps we are not as free as we might think in the first place. Given your background, your friends, your family, the books you read, and the movies you watch, how surprising is your vote in a federal election? - Author: Tyler Cowen
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#26. You bring to chess facets of your personality and what you are. I have interests other than chess, like music and world and current affairs. I also have many friends around the world with whom I like to keep in touch. - Author: Viswanathan Anand
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#27. The world will see the peace when we will understand that there are no enemies but there are friends who don't understand me. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#28. Those that want friends to open themselves unto are cannibals of their own hearts. - Author: Francis Bacon
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#29. A good cause is often injured more by ill-timed efforts of its friends than by the arguments of its enemies. Persuasion, perseverance and patience are the best advocates on questions depending on the will of others. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#30. I was tired of playing the child and acting the way many of my friends did - the ones who are afraid that love is impossible without even knowing what love is. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#31. Assume you will make enemies. Work to make allies. Don't expect to make friends. Friends are a gift that happens over time. - Author: Thea Harrison
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#32. Condiments are like old friends - highly thought of, but often taken for granted. - Author: Marilyn Kaytor
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#33. Without a doubt I understand the monster and I are more than just friends. We're blood brothers. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#34. I can play the guitar and the keys and the drums. I'm not brilliant at any of them. I can sing too. Some of my friends are proper musicians but I'm a song-writer. I write songs. - Author: Jim Sturgess
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#35. I think any person who goes to Rikers is criminalized, even just for visiting. I go back every week to see my friends in there. When you go to see a criminal, you are by relation a criminal and subject to be treated like one. - Author: Cecily McMillan
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#36. On a summer night it can be lovely to sit around outside with friends after dinner and, yes, read poetry to each other. Keats and Yeats will never let you down, but it's differently exciting to read the work of poets who are still walking around out there. - Author: Michael Cunningham
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#37. Are we still friends? Can we be? Now? - Author: Robert Jordan
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#38. Friends are rare for, the good reason that men are not common. - Author: Philibert Joseph Roux
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#39. I have friends who are in the posh category and some who are in the not-at-all-posh category, and some who you would find it very hard to get any sort of handle on. But I am lucky to have any friends, of course. - Author: Jools Holland
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#40. I've seen a lot in my life, and everybody goes down the dark, winding staircase eventually. It's a bad place to be and that's why having good friends is always essential. Those are the people who pull you out. - Author: Daniel Craig
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#41. You see, it started when my friends and I were all hanging out in my room one day. There are four of us that all hang out together, mostly because we are all into the same stuff. - Author: Sam Grasdin
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#42. Basically, when I was filming John Tucker the guy that I was seeing for two years was cheating on me. Sophia, Ashanti, and Arielle really became the same girls they are in the movie, and we became best friends. They were there for me so much. - Author: Brittany Snow
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#43. Reading means never being bored and never being lonely. My books are my friends; they always provide me with a place to go. - Author: Satinder Bhatti
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#44. The world is a beautiful place, travel has been my greatest teacher, my close friends and folks are the greatest givers. I even have a ring of support around my bed as I type ... Goodbye world. Spread good energy. Pay it forward! - Author: Brittany Maynard
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#45. Friends, much as in real life, are often more trouble than their worth. - Author: Scott Meyers
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#46. These songs are old friends I have entertained myself with when I'm washing the dishes, driving to the store and walking down the aisles. The ones that you sing when you're driving in the car and as a singer you always go back to them. - Author: Al Jarreau
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#47. There is something eminently Chilean about avoiding confrontation, or about not clarifying the way you feel sometimes. It's a particular culture, where emotions are not discussed as profusely with your family or friends, nor shown in an explicit manner. - Author: Omar Zuniga
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#48. Hanging around people you're smarter than is good for your ego. Hanging around people who are smarter than you is good for your intellect. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#49. I think it is important to pass on the message to young people who are going through a difficult time with friends that it will pass. - Author: Clemence Poesy
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#50. My friends are me and in essence better than me, they help me be better even when they don't know it ... - Author: Aeriel Miranda
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#51. I hear myself saying these words: What this movement is about is options. I say it to friends who are frustrated, or housebound, or guilty, or child-laden, and what I'm really thinking is, If you really got it together, the option you would choose is mine. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#52. Make all good men your well-wishers, and then, in the years' steady sifting, Some of them turn into friends. Friends are the sunshine of life. - Author: John Hay
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#53. I like to write about people who are real and likeable. I like to write about people who tell their stories in that close and intimate voice we use with best friends. I love the closeness and honesty and vulnerability that come from characters who can talk that way. - Author: Katherine Center
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#54. To be a true poet is to become God.
I tried to explain this to my friends on Heaven's Gate. 'Piss, shit,' I said. 'Asshole motherfucker, goddamn shit goddamn. Cunt. Pee-pee cunt. Goddamn!'
They shook their heads and smiled, and walked away. Great poets are rarely understood in their own day. - Author: Dan Simmons
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#55. The men who are dropped in a jungle or a desert and expected video games and got mundanity and depravity and friends dying like animals. - Author: Dave Eggers
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#56. I don't really have that much contact with Americans. I mean, I see the oddest things on the Internet, I suppose. And I've got a couple of American friends, but they are Anglophiles anyway because they've decided to come live here. - Author: Robert Webb
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#57. I have charity work that I do. I started my own charity, the Friends of the Prostate, and I'm also working on awareness of the deviated septum. I do this because not many people are interested in it. There's also Save the Funnel-web - they're dying out. - Author: Barry Humphries
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#58. All of my best friends are dead people. Someday I've got to figure out how that happened. - Author: Claudia Gray
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#59. If you have to explain your sense of humor, then you are performing for the wrong crowd. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#60. Friends are proved by adversity. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#61. I blend in the backgroud. when I arive for lunch my friends are surprised i'm not already there. - Author: Wendy Mass
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#62. When we are young, friends are, like everything else, a matter of course. In the old days we know what it means to have them. - Author: Edvard Grieg
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#63. I do the work with friends who are musicians as well. I'm working on a piece of music and I have an idea of who I want on the vocals, but I don't really have a list. - Author: Paul Van Dyk
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#64. Fame, do I like it? No. It has bought a lot for me in my career, but there are a lot of downsides to it. You give up your privacy. I did it to myself but not to my family and friends. You don't ask for it. You just have to live with it. - Author: Cara Delevingne
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#65. Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye. - Author: Ouida
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#66. If you're not into Metal - you are not my friend! - Author: Joey DeMaio
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#67. We are a country that has many friends, many allies, when we operate in the world, we operate with friends and allies that's been true for decades and if we wind up going to war in Iraq it will be true in Iraq. - Author: Douglas Feith
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#68. When I look at my life and the lives of my female friends these days - with our dizzying number of opportunities and talents - I sometimes feel as though we are all mice in a giant experimental maze, scurrying around frantically, trying to find our way through. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#69. Best friends are the chicks who make your problems theirs so you guys can form a gangsta posse and beat those problems to hell. - Author: Celia Kyle
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#70. True friends are to people what lighthouses are to ships. No matter how stormy it gets, they stay put and light our way. - Author: Julie-Anne
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#71. I love you today. I will love you tomorrow. I will love you always. Because when we are reborn, I will fall in love with you again and again and again.
- Faye Hall, from an untitled script - Author: Faye Hall
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#72. your real self always attracts your real enemies and shows your real companions. - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#73. You're using me for my hot friends?"
"Are you gay?"
"Then you're useless to me. - Author: Jay McLean
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#74. There's a reason we'll all end up with just a handful of true friends in our life. These are the people that have taken the time to look at our heart, so despite any flaws they're forever in our lives. - Author: Ron Baratono
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#75. Subsidies and mandates are just two of the privileges that government can bestow on politically connected friends. Others include grants, loans, tax credits, favorable regulations, bailouts, loan guarantees, targeted tax breaks and no-bid contracts. - Author: Charles Koch
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#76. Let's still be friends (things that are never true in a break up, but you have to say). - Author: Lauren Leto
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#77. I always say to my people, how come I'm always audited and friends of mine are never audited? - Author: Donald Trump
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#78. I have always wondered at the passion many people have to meet the celebrated. The prestige you acquire by being able to tell your friends that you know famous men proves only that you are yourself of small account - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#79. As an adult, most of my friends are women . . . they, too, had that moment when they realized they were all the "other girls," and that every girl in the world is, too. - Author: Mara Wilson
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#80. All my friends are dead, or else they're not feeling too good. - Author: Tom Waits
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#81. All friends are not for life, but if you have a true friend, you have a life. - Author: Lois Wyse
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#82. What are the differences between me and you, I stand up and continue you just stay down and don't move and you think that nobody will touch. But when you are down, you always easy to be attacked - You will find down "IT" :D :D - Author: Deyth Banger
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#83. Friends are the fruitcake of life - some nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet. - Author: Jon Ronson
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#84. Many of my friends and colleagues are in the public eye, so they have to pay close attention to what they wear. But every woman needs to stay on her toes in this era of cell-phone cameras and Facebook. - Author: Nina Garcia
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#85. And while all of your friends are grieving at your wake, I hope the sprinkler system turns on and sprays them with AIDS, hepatitis C and liquified genital warts. And while they're all running out and crying, I hope one of them slips and accidentally molests a child. - Author: Jim Norton
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#86. Friends are the thermometer by which we may judge the temperature of our fortunes. - Author: Marguerite Gardiner, Countess Of Blessington
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#87. Today, people often make the American mistake of confusing acquaintances with friends. The former are there to share life's pleasures; only the latter should be invited to share one's problems. - Author: Julian Fellowes
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#88. We are not greatly pleased that our friends should respect our good qualities if they venture to perceive our faults. - Author: Luc De Clapiers
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#89. Best friends are the people who know us best. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#90. Let it be our delight to find our society in the circle of which Jesus is the center, and let us make those our friends who are the friends of Jesus. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#91. All my friends are talented enough to get nominated for awards. I just am always surprised when things and people I like are also liked by things like the Oscars. - Author: Seth Rogen
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#92. All my friends are like, 'Can you be on my side in the zombie apocalypse?' and I'm like, 'I got this.' - Author: Taissa Farmiga
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#93. His laughter stitches more of me together. Bit by bit, I feel like my friends are coming back to me. Or maybe I'm coming back to them. Suppose - Author: Pierce Brown
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#94. Stories don't need to be new to bring you joy. Some stories are like familiar friends. Some are dependable as bread. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#95. No matter how much money you make or don't, how many friends you think you have or lack or how much you know you are loved - or not, we all cherish one thing above all else, the intrinsic need to connect - Author: Lisa Bloom
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#96. Filmmakers, they tell me they want to make movies. I say, 'Good, go out, buy a $500 camera, get some friends and make a movie. Don't go to Hollywood. Stay wherever you are.' - Author: Alan Arkin
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#97. When you start working, everybody is in your studio- the past, your friends, enemies, the art world, and above all, your own ideas- all are there. But as you continue painting, they start leaving, one by one, and you are left completely alone. Then, if you are lucky, even you leave. - Author: John Cage
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#98. Want nothing but the best for your friends because when your friends are happy and successful, it's probably going to be easier for you to be happy. - Author: Roxane Gay
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#99. Libraries are places where the damaged go to find friends - Author: Tamora Pierce
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#100. So why did you want to kiss me?"
"We're friends aren't we?" Callum shrugged.
I relaxed into a smile. "Of course we are."
"And if you can't kiss your friends who can you kiss?" Callum smiled. - Author: Malorie Blackman
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