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#1. Each prayer is like a seed that gets planted in the ground. It disappears for a season, but it eventually bears fruit that blesses future generations. In fact, our prayers bear fruit forever. - Author: Mark Batterson
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#2. She was always saying things like that but I let her be my best friend anyway. - Author: Ellen Gilchrist
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#3. People get God and religion confused. I think God is a bit too hip to join any of his unauthorized fan clubs. - Author: John Fugelsang
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#4. People always say I'm a legend, but I'm not. Not until I've defended my Olympic titles. That's when I've decided I'll be a legend. - Author: Usain Bolt
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#5. It became obvious in 1957 that I was endangering my health by carrying so much weight. - Author: Kate Smith
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#6. The challenge of life is to learn how to love - Author: Pope Francis
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#7. I believe in manicures.
I believe in overdressing.
I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipsitck. - Author: Audrey Hepburn
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#8. My grandparents in Istria had a frasca, which is about the most basic kind of grocery/restaurant. They sold wine from their own vineyard. I took control of the vineyard, hired a local winemaker, and bought another winery in 1996. We had our first commercial vintage in 1998. - Author: Joe Bastianich
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#9. The morning wind spreads its fresh smell. We must get up and take that in, that wind that lets us live. Breathe before it's gone. - Author: Rumi
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#10. I was going through a little bit of turbulence in my career. And so, it's funny how turbulence itself will make you hold onto something for security. And so the only thing I knew is trust in the Lord and lean not unto your own heart, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path. - Author: Emmitt Smith
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#11. You like the car. I like the car. I've fucked you in it ... Perhaps I should fuck you on it. - Author: E.L. James
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#12. Tessa reached for the words ... You know, in that essay of Donne's, what he says ... about how no man is an island. Everything you do touches others. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#13. You have to let go of the things that are darling to you. You have to take the focus off yourself and put it on the shape of the scene and the intention of what everyone else needs. - Author: Robert Downey Jr.
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#14. Eventually,we would mean nothing to each other and become strangers again. What I want you to do, either become someone to me or stay nothing at all because when we go strangers to each other, I don't wanna see another me by your side waiting to be nothing.. - Author: Himmilicious
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#15. Don't treat people as you think they are, treat them as you think they are capable of becoming. - Author: John Marsden
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