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#1. Mielke and Honecker grew up fighting the real evil of Nazism. And they kept on fighting the west, which they saw as Nazism's successor, for forty-five years after the war ended. - Author: Anna Funder
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#2. When you hit thirty-five or forty, you know on one level that you are no longer the physical specimen you once were. - Author: Harlan Coben
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#3. You heard people say forty was the new thirty and fifty was the new forty and sixty was the new forty-five, but you never heard anybody say eighty was the new anything. Eighty was just eighty. - Author: John Lanchester
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#4. I am also four, and twelve, and fifteen, and twenty-three, and thirty-one, and forty-five and ... and ... and ... - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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#5. This ball was so crowded that it took me - a trained professional journalist with vast experience in this area - forty five minutes to get a beer. - Author: Dave Barry
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#6. Millie Beggs, by the time she was forty-five, had become an emotional anarchist. - Author: Zelda Fitzgerald
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#7. The ideal age for a boy to own a dog is between forty-five and fifty. - Author: Robert Benchley
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#8. I've always loved the future. But I must say the future changes a lot quicker than it used to. An era used to last thirty or forty years - now we're lucky if it's five. - Author: Nicolas Roeg
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#9. She talked to herself as she wrote. "Dark hair, about six four five, two-forty. Shoulders the size of Nebraska. Amazing blue eyes." She put down her pen. Amazing blue eyes?Where did that come from? - Author: David Baldacci
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#10. Domestic violence does not only happen to adults. Forty percent of girls age 14 to 17 report knowing someone their age who has been hit or beaten by a boyfriend, and approximately one in five female high school students reports being physically and sexually abused by a dating partner. - Author: Dianne Feinstein
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#11. The next forty-five minutes in that office was about as much fun as a day at Disney World - when it's pouring rain. And all there is to eat are hot-dog buns. And you get electrocuted on the rides. - Author: James Patterson
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#12. Thirty, thirty-five, forty, all had come to visit her like admonitory relatives, and all had slipped away without a trace, without a sound, and now, once again, she was waiting. - Author: Evan S. Connell
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#13. I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailleur? We are getting soft ... As for me, give me a fixed gear! - Author: Henri Desgrange
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#14. What a shot! Now tell me Zurov wastes his time making holes in five-kopeck pieces! From forty paces straight into the back of the head, and you have to take the poor light into account. - Author: Boris Akunin
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#15. You're just the romantic age," she continued- "fifty. Twenty-five is too worldly wise; thirty is apt to be pale from overwork; forty is the age of long stories that take a whole cigar to tell; sixty is- oh, sixty is too near seventy; but fifty is the mellow age. I love fifty." - Hildegarde - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#16. I've been married forty-five years. I think laughter is the secret. - Author: Bob Newhart
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#17. When I was about twenty-five years of age, Professor Sims informed me that I could sing, but added, 'I would like to be at least forty miles away while you are doing it.' - Author: Heber J. Grant
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#18. I'll be clickin' by your house about two forty-five, Sidewalk Sundae Strawberry Surprise. - Author: Tom Waits
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#19. How did a woman who was not even forty years old - and barely five feet tall in heels - come to command the full attention of a superpower like America - Author: Monique Brinson Demery
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#20. People are not used to seeing an older woman on screen, unless she's playing a character role. Why can't they make a movie about a woman who's forty-five who's falling in love or getting divorced? Why does the leading role always have to be a woman who's twenty-three or twenty-eight? - Author: Melanie Griffith
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#21. that August an ominous and unprecedented British armada of 450 ships and boats carrying forty-five thousand British soldiers and sailors, as well as the rented Germanic troops known as the Hessians (of Headless Horseman fame), assembled in New York Harbor - Author: Sarah Vowell
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#22. In this neighborhood, with only forty-five cents, you're a bum. But Sobotnik, even with two dollars, he's still a bum. - Author: Nelson Algren
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#23. One nice thing about the Third World, you don't have to fasten your seat belt. (Or stop smoking. Or cut down on saturated fats.) It takes a lot off your mind when average life expectancy is forty-five minutes. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#24. Racial caste systems do not require racial hostility or overt bigotry to thrive. They need only racial indifference, as Martin Luther King Jr. warned more than forty-five years ago. - Author: Michelle Alexander
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#25. I'm still not at my ideal weight. I didn't lose forty-five pounds before the wedding. Who knows if I ever will. I've lost twenty-seven and a half pounds, and that's better than nothing. Somehow, though, today I'm thinking more about what I've gained than what I've lost. - Author: K.A. Barson
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#26. Stations were built at intervals averaging fifteen miles apart. A rider's route covered three stations, with an exchange of horses at each, so that he was expected at the beginning to cover close to forty-five miles - a good ride when one must average fifteen miles an hour. - Author: Buffalo Bill
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#27. Try to say nothing negative about anybody.
a) for three days
b) for forty-five days
c) for three months
See what happens to your life. - Author: Yoko Ono
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#28. Who would you die for? Who would you wake up at five forty-five in the morning for even though you don't even know why he needs you? - Author: John Green
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#29. John and Jenny's planes arrived in Rome only hours apart. They had never imagined, when they walked away from each other graduation night 1960, it would be forty years and five thousand miles away before they would meet again. - Author: Thomas Allen
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#30. The mature, forty-five-year-old woman, quite experienced in matters of life and death, knows that it was 'for the best,' but Daddy's girl, who hung onto his belt and danced fox trots on the tops of his shoes, cannot accept that Daddy is not here anymore. - Author: Mary-Lou Weisman
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#31. I don't love the years going by. I'd just as soon stay forty-five. But it's OK because I feel a whole lot better than I did at thirty-five. - Author: Stevie Nicks
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#32. By the war's end, some 180,000 blacks had served in the Union Army - over one fifth of the nation's adult male black population under age forty-five. - Author: Eric Foner
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#33. Biology seems to be a chemical strategy for amplifying quantum mechanical indeterminacy so that it leaves the subatomic realm and can be present in a hundred and forty five pound block of meat. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#34. Almost forty-five years after my parents first became Americans, I stand before you and them tonight as the proud governor of the state of South Carolina. - Author: Nikki Haley
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#35. Is all niceness then or is all buggery? How can a man be forty-five years old and still not know whether all is niceness or buggery? How does one know for sure? - Author: Walker Percy
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#36. You can be a girl at any age, you know. Girls at forty. Girls at fifty. There's a kind of flightiness to them, just like how a man at forty can have the impatience and belligerence of a five-year-old boy. But you can also be a woman at any age. - Author: Robert Jackson Bennett
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#37. A woman, till five-and-thirty, is only looked upon as a raw girl, and can possibly make no noise in the world till about forty. - Author: Mary Wortley Montagu
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#38. When I go outside in the morning for coffee, I'm not going to spend forty-five minutes getting ready. I just don't care. - Author: Shenae Grimes
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#39. But even those five-and-forty minutes were too long, the bored me
and boredom is the coldest thing in the world. - Author: Thomas Mann
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#40. A clear look back on the Cold War's battlegrounds, along with a sense of relief that the world survived forty-five years of confrontation, evokes feelings of humility and regret. - Author: John Lamberton Harper
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#41. He couldn't be more than forty-five, but Murray Miles was stooped, old before his time. The mountains of Alberta had the ability to bend those who lived here.
That, or it broke them. - Author: Danika Stone
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#42. By the time I was twenty-three, I'd given up any thought of becoming a fiction writer, and I didn't return to the craft for over two decades. But, at the age of forty-five, return I did. - Author: Eric Flint
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#43. The difficult thing about a pop record is that you're given guidelines: it has to have 3 choruses, and then it must be between 3 minutes fifteen seconds and three minutes forty-five seconds. - Author: Duncan Sheik
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#44. I proceed with the proper subject of this discourse; namely, the further changes in scientific belief, which have occurred within my own recollection, even since the time when I first aspired to authorship, now forty- five years ago. - Author: Asa Gray
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#45. Imagine anybody having lived forty-five or fifty years without knowing Hamlet! One might as well spend one's life in a coal mine. - Author: Hector Berlioz
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#46. Now, I don't actually know the exact cut-off age where beautiful ceases and 'must have-once-been-beautiful' begins. It's true it's not forty-five. I can still get attention when I try really hard, even if it's greatly reduced. - Author: Paulina Porizkova
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#47. I don't want you to wake up at sixty-five and realize, 'I spend forty of my best years doing something that just funded my life. - Author: Jon Acuff
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#48. You do realize Kingsley is forty-five, yes?" "I told them," Nora said. "Age is only a number," Angie said. "So is sixty-nine," Maxine said. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#49. Trying to build my dreams with what I have now, it's like building a forty-five story house with thirty-four bricks. (DoubleDuce.) - Author: Aaron Cometbus
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#50. I had no concept of this [healthy food] until very, very late in life, thanks to a trainer/nutritionist that I met who has been working with me since I was forty-five. - Author: Sandra Cisneros
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#51. We fired pie filling. That was the Faroes. When they tried to board us, we hit them with forty-five gallon shots of custard and banana creme. - Author: Paul Watson
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#52. Simple rules for saving money: To save half, when you are fired by an eager impulse to contribute to a charity, wait and count to forty. To save three quarters, count sixty. To save all, count sixty-five. - Author: Mark Twain
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#53. No one could say the stories were useless
for as the tongue clacked
five or forty fingers stitched
corn was grated from the husk
pathwork was pieced
or the darning was done ...
(from 'The Storyteller Poems') - Author: Liz Lochhead
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#54. The body is most fully developed from thirty to thirty-five years of age, the mind at about forty-nine. - Author: Aristotle.
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#55. Today, amphibians enjoy the dubious distinction of being the world's most endangered class of animals; it's been calculated that the group's extinction rate could be as much as forty-five thousand times higher than the background rate. - Author: Elizabeth Kolbert
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#56. We have lunch at ten-forty-five, Colin said. A stupidly early lunch. At our school, the older you get, the stupider your lunch period. - Author: Rebecca Stead
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#57. I have these visions of myself being thirty, thirty-five, forty having a family. - Author: Nastassja Kinski
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#58. News of the Indian Mutiny had taken forty-six days to reach London in 1857, travelling at an effective speed of 3.8 miles an hour. News of the huge Nobi earthquake in Japan in 1891 took a single day, travelling at 246 miles an hour, sixty-five times faster.50 - Author: Niall Ferguson
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#59. A man of forty-five can consider himself still young till the moment comes when he realises that he has children old enough to fall in love. - Author: Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa
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#60. Looking thirty, claiming forty, actually forty-five. - Author: Larry Kramer
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#61. A government of five hundred country attornies and obscure curates is not good for twenty-four millions of men, though it were chosen by eight and forty millions; nor is it the better for being guided by a dozen of persons of quality, who have betrayed their trust in order to obtain that power. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#62. Rock and roll was something to fall back on. If I had my choice, I'd be Jerry Rice and I'd be playing until I was forty-five. - Author: Darius Rucker
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#63. Most films seem to be about a man and a women falling in love at some point and once you pass forty-five, it's almost disgusting to fall in love. - Author: Kristin Scott Thomas
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#64. In my writers' room, which is mostly men, I get a lot of questions like "What would be the quickest way to pass as a seemingly normal guy between the ages of twenty-five and forty years old?" - Author: Mindy Kaling
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#65. Anything you think is wrong with your body at the age of thirty-five you will be nostalgic for at the age of forty-five. - Author: Nora Ephron
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#66. Any man worth his salt has by the time he is forty-five accumulated a crown of thorns, and the problem is to learn to wear it over one ear. - Author: Christopher Morley
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#67. I've never been a morning person, and if it's one thing I don't need before my first cup of coffee, it's a visit from the cops. But at eight forty-five on a Friday morning, two of them waited for me at my law office. - Author: Debbi Mack
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#68. An hour and forty-five minutes before Nazneen's life began-began as it would proceed for quite some time, that is to say uncertainly-her mother, Rupban, felt an iron fist squeeze her belly. - Author: Monica Ali
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#69. I'd love to spit some Beechnut in that dude's eye and shoot him with my ole forty-five. - Author: Hank Williams Jr.
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#70. Forty-five States, as the gentleman just said, have determined by people that were elected by the people of that State that marriage is the definition of one man and one woman. - Author: Randy Neugebauer
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#71. A thousand years ago five minutes were
Equal to forty ounces of fine sand.
Outstare the stars. Infinite foretime and
Infinite aftertime: above your head
They close like giant wings, and you are dead. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#72. I'm forty-nine but I could be twenty-five except for my face and my legs. - Author: Nadine Gordimer
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#73. The death of a real deer at my hands was just a vaporous, remote presence that hovered over the figure of the paper deer forty-five yards away at target six of our archery range, as I tried to hit the heart-lung section marked out in heavy black. - Author: James Dickey
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#74. Manicures: Which are basically just holding hands with a stranger for forty-five minutes whilst listening to Enya. - Author: Miranda Hart
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#75. I'm a woman. Forty-five in female years (which is about a hundred and thirty in male years - bastards). - Author: Debra Webb
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#76. All my life I have been acutely aware of a contradiction in the very nature of my existence. For forty-five years I struggled to resolve this dilemma by writing plays and novels. The more I wrote, the more I realized mere words were not enough. So I found another form of expression. - Author: Yukio Mishima
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#77. I used to try to run five miles every other day, which I worked up to and I was doing it, but I was subjected to my own thoughts for forty minutes without any sensory input, and I couldn't stand what I thought. - Author: Peter Steele
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#78. Theoretically, I learned in physics that the universe is expanding at a rate of, like, forty-five miles a second, but it sure as shit doesn't feel that way when you're standing still. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#79. I am resolved to grow fat and look young till forty, and then slip out of the world with the first wrinkle and the reputation of five-and-twenty. - Author: John Dryden
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#80. I'm sixty-five and I guess that puts me in with the geriatrics, but if there were fifteen months in every year, I'd only be forty-eight. - Author: James Thurber
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#81. Forty-five years ago, when I was 18, I came to San Francisco by boat and took two weeks to get here. I had a great impression. I think San Francisco is the welcoming gate for people from Asia. - Author: Tadashi Yanai
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#82. Won't the new 'Suggested for Mature Audience' protect our youngsters from such films? I don't believe so. I know many forty-five-year old men with the mentalities of six-year-olds, and my feeling is that they should not see such pictures, either. - Author: Shirley Temple
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#83. Martha
I thought you loved her.
Enough to want her happiness above all things.
You are forty-five, aren't you? I forgot that for a moment.
Dear Martha. You have such an attractive way of putting things. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
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#84. True, the curlers from Larga were supposed to be playing with a forty-five pound stone. The stone they has weighed an unofficial three hundred pounds, give or take; the Largans decided to train in the most difficult conditions in order to achieve maximal effectiveness. - Author: Vladimir Lorchenkov
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#85. The very best testament to the validity of the Warren Commission's findings is that after an unrelenting, close to forty-five-year effort, the Commission's fiercest critics have not been able to produce any new credible evidence that would in any way justify a different conclusion. - Author: Vincent Bugliosi
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#86. In general, I call her every night, and we talk for an hour, which is forty-five minutes of me, and fifteen minutes of her stirring her tea, which she steeps with the kind of Zen patience that would make Buddhists sit up in envy and then breathe through their envy and then move past their envy. - Author: Aimee Bender
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#87. I feel great. I feel younger. And I don't feel anything at all. I don't know who knows, but right now I'm, how, how many years have I, fifty five, something like that. Forty three years old. And I feel like seventeen, like twenty five years ago. - Author: Olga Korbut
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#88. Notice how those who have medicated away their hardships with illegal drugs, alcohol, or sex can seem immature. They may look forty-five, but they have the character of an adolescent. Find a person who has weathered storms rather than avoided them and you will find someone who is wise. - Author: Edward T. Welch
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#89. At forty-five degrees, the sky will burn. Fire to approach the great new city; in an instant, a great scattered flame will leap up, when one will want to get evidence from the Normans. - Author: Nostradamus
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#90. I was born October 5, 1957, on the South Side of Chicago, in the Woodlawn area, a neighborhood that hasn't changed much in forty-five years. Our house was on 66th and Blackstone, but the city tore it down when the rats took over. - Author: Bernie Mac
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#91. You run for forty-five minutes, you train for an hour and a half, and the rest of the time you hang out and talk tough - Author: Randall Cobb
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#92. When your life has been spent in one war after another for forty-five years, you have to be pretty handy to survive. - Author: David Gemmell
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#93. One of the five new replacements went right on guard duty. He was hit in the neck within forty-five minutes. I don't know if he lived, but he never did come back. His war was pretty short.

- Don Bond - Author: Marcus Brotherton
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#94. Forty-five years, these people were provided for. Not with much, you understand, but there weren't beggars in the streets or homeless people. Now everyone must figure out a new way to make a living. Selling hats or popcorn or flowers or coffee, there's not much difference. They're scared. - Author: Annie Ward
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#95. When do I stop? When I'm tewnty-five? Thirty? Thirty-five? Forty? Or right this minute? Nobody tell s you how long you should keep doing something before you give up forever. - Author: Meg Wolitzer
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#96. I was staring down thirty-five in a few months. While I might have thought forty was old when I was her age, I'd since decided to move that particular goal post down the field to somewhere around sixty. And I reserved the right to make it even older if I survived the next ten years. - Author: Marshall Thornton
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#97. Middle Age At forty-five, What next, what next? At every corner, I meet my Father, My age, still alive. - Author: Robert Lowell
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#98. We need to see men and women as equal partners, but it's hard to think of movies that do that. When I talk to people, they think of movies of forty-five years ago! Hepburn and Tracy! - Author: Betty Friedan
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#99. When I was a boy, we had forty five statues of saints in my house. Ever have ninety eyes looking at you every time you have to go to the bathroom? - Author: Pat Cooper
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#100. They weren't hours, these classes; they weren't even forty-five minutes
they were "periods," which sounded to me as if they were each at once a little era and then the end you had to see decisively put to it. - Author: Gary Lutz
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