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#1. You cannot travel within and stand still without. - Author: James Lane Allen
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#2. I love Vivienne Westwood. So much. Every time I go to London, first thing I do is go in there. It's ridiculous! - Author: Gwen Stefani
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#3. Politicians are like the bones of a horse's foreshoulder-not a straight one in it. - Author: Wendell Phillips
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#4. ...Nature has its unexpected and unappreciated mercies. - Author: Henry Beston
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#5. The Philippines is a country in which a man of morals can't be president, in which a politician who hasn't been linked to any wrongdoing isn't assumed to be honest, but merely better at hiding his corruption. - Author: Raymond Bonner
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#6. You ordered an immediate withdrawal, sir. Am I to understand I have the liberty to countermand your orders in combat? - Author: Owen R. O'Neill
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#7. It is not impossible to suppose that in this case our luminary was taken in the act ... - Author: Balfour Stewart
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#8. You know, my first album, some of those jokes I'd done for twelve years because I couldn't throw 'em out. - Author: Ron White
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#9. Why did things have to be so complicated with human beings? ... Yet if we were not what we were, creatures with at least the awareness of purpose and honor, what would we be? Empty knights in armor, seeming so strong on the outside, yet hollow inside? - Author: Piers Anthony
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#10. Wow. This has been such a scorching series. Two hawt alpha males. One southern Texan. A recipe for lot of entertainment. - Jamie Leigh - Author: Scarlett Avery
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#11. I think of myself as a young prince from a long line of royalty. - Author: Wesley Snipes
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