Top 16 Foreheard Quotes

#1. Cath thought of Levi's warmth against her arm last night. And his ten thousand smiles. And his forty-acre foreheard.

Rainbow Rowell

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#2. I never met a man I didn't like until I met Will Rogers.

Mort Sahl

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#3. If I want to be a loving, generous, giving person, I'm not going to test the waters. I'm simply going to be a loving, generous, giving person.

Liz Murray

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#4. I tried to push him away with my head. I apologise to everyone. I should not have got involved in it.

Alan Pardew

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#5. Religion without God; Death with dignity.

D. Michael Poppe

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#6. It is for your daughter," she said. "For Jane. To sit on. She seems not to have a seat of her own but she must borrow mine." There

Philippa Gregory

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#7. Look in the mirror and see who you are. Beautiful, you are.

Deborah Cox

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#8. Why do you give up on yourself, When God will never ever give up on you?

Nkosinathi Mehlomakulu

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#9. The goals of applying scoreboard are to translate the vision and strategic planning into operational goals; communicate strategy and link it to individual performance.

Pearl Zhu

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#10. Some of you may be perfectly happy with mediocrity. Some of you will get nothing but heartbreak. Some of you will be heralded as geniuses and become huge. Of course, all of you think that one describes you ... hence the delusion necessary to push on.

Marc Maron

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#11. If we had intellectual vigour enough to ascend from effects to causes, we would explain political, economical and social phenomena less by credit sheets, balance of trade and reparations than by our attitude towards God.

Fulton J. Sheen

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#12. How else can we become reconciled, except one individual at a time? This Jesus you seek did not come to address nations. He washed the wounds of lepers. He dined with sinners. He healed all who came to him. One person at a time.

Janette Oke

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#13. Spring's first conviction is a wealth beyond its whole experience.

Emily Dickinson

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#14. Does it hurt to be as suave as you, boss?" "It's agonizing." "Looks it.

Jim Butcher

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#15. The modern research laboratory can be a large and complicated social organism.

J. Michael Bishop

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#16. I got some good news earlier today before the show. Thanks to Alex Rodriguez, I am no longer the most overpaid disappointment in New York City.

David Letterman

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