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Top 28 Film Distribution Quotes

#1. Most of the female-directed films, if they got distribution, would have fewer dollars to support the film and play in fewer theaters than the men. Because the female-directed films go to smaller companies. So the gap starts widening. - Author: Catherine Hardwicke
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#2. I realised what a powerful position you are in if you own the rights to your film because then you control the distribution and I ended up getting 25 million viewers for McLibel and that's what it's all about for me. - Author: Franny Armstrong
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#3. The Japanese are human beings like the rest of us, but they will strongly resent this insinuation. - Author: George Mikes
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#4. After film school, I embarked on trying to promote independent films. But after a while, I realized I was breaking my back doing six-day-a-week shoots, 14-hour days, and no guarantee of distribution. - Author: Devin Ratray
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#5. I believe that the internet as an open platform for distribution could be a great chance for the diversity of film production. - Author: Agnieszka Holland
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#6. I don't fight. I don't believe in it. - Author: Avril Lavigne
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#7. If you're coasting,you're either losing momentum orelse you're headed downhill. - Author: Joan Welsh
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#8. Making a film, I've learned, can be an exhausting process, due to the need for backing, distribution, etc. - Author: Anne Rice
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#9. There will always be big companies making big movies. But making film and distribution is changing in front of our eyes. I'm not sure what the future holds for this industry. - Author: Clint Howard
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#10. I take my only exercise acting as a pallbearer at the funerals of my friends who exercise regularly. - Author: Mark Twain
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#11. Peace is not a goal to achieve; peace is the way we desire to live. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#12. I'm very lucky to have worked in the '70s. It's a different industry and distribution is in a state of flux. It's all different platforms, they're doing this video-on-demand thing and also playing the film theatrically. It's funny to me: In the States it's an arthouse movie. - Author: John Landis
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#13. The Conservative Party has one overriding concern in foreign policy, and that is the growth of Communist power and influence in the world, and the dangers it can bring for all of us. - Author: Reginald Maudling
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#14. When the small independent film, which depends on its artistic appeal rather than wide commercial distribution by an MPAA member, is now denied access, the playing field becomes unfair and uneven. - Author: Norman Jewison
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#15. Contrastingly to the new model of distribution, we shot Hand of God using the traditional format of film. I myself use very few apps and tend not to engage in social media. I do use Instagram under my production company's name, but that's it. - Author: Marc Forster
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#16. Movie distribution may very well have migrated fully to digital form by then, making a huge dent in the need to print film and physically distribute content. - Author: Vint Cerf
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#17. If you look at film, distribution is pre-bought. If you've paid for the distribution, you say, 'I have to make sure it's a film that gets enough butts in the seats.' I think that's the problem: It becomes prohibitively expensive, and you can't develop films for a smaller amount of money. - Author: Shane Smith
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#18. But Judge's lonesomeness was no longer comforting; it was horrific and painful. Judge - Author: A.E. Via
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#19. I would tell filmmakers: 'Don't just be seduced by the same old, same old. There are interesting things you can explore that may get your film out there to audiences better than the traditional distribution mechanisms.' - Author: Alex Gibney
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#20. They were the worst threats to a home, for they offered ease and thought and companionship as opposed to neatness, order, and properness - Author: John Steinbeck
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#21. But the audience is right. They're always, always right. You hear directors complain that the advertising was lousy, the distribution is no good, the date was wrong to open the film. I don't believe that. The audience is never wrong. Never. - Author: William Friedkin
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#22. Securing distribution is always a battle. And to get a film released is a pretty special accomplishment. - Author: Matthew Bonifacio
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#23. Chef: Any cook who swears in French. - Author: Henry Beard
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#24. Because audiences all over the world can see an independent film almost anywhere and anytime, these new distribution outlets have opened a door that is revolutionizing the movie-going experience. - Author: Gren Wells
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#25. I went to the top of the mountain in television and could do anything I wanted, but I wanted to do an independent film, which results in you paying your own way, fighting like hell to get distribution, and maybe 30 people will see it. That was a good idea. - Author: Joel Surnow
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#26. The studios basically, besides developing some material, their strength is distribution. Distribution in any other business is a cost that you incur. You know, in a trucking business, you eat it. In a film business, distribution is a profit center. - Author: Michael Douglas
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#27. All my films have found distribution and prestige in the Japanese market, so I actually feel my films are very well received and seldom misunderstood. - Author: Linda Hoaglund
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#28. Everyone carries around pain, and it's not fair to compare yours to someone else's because you are not that person, and that person is not you. - Author: Nicki DeStasi
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