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#1. Your 40 trillion cells contain at least a quadrillion mitochondria, with a combined convoluted surface area of about 14,000 square metres; about four football fields. - Author: Nick Lane
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#2. At the Hong Kong festival, we were co-producers of the opening film, 'Aberdeen,' which is the third part in a popular movie series. - Author: Victor Koo
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#3. My proposition is that music is at the heart of what 'The Magic Flute' means: that it's Mozart's music, not the words, we should be attending to. Music expresses what can't be expressed otherwise. - Author: Simon McBurney
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#4. Life consists of two sides ... light and dark. Joy and sorrow. Without a balance, one cannot fully experience a full and well-rounded life. - Author: JoAnn Ross
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#5. As iron sharpens iron, we need confrontation and truth from others to grow. No one likes to hear negative things about him or herself. But in the long run it may be good for us. - Author: Henry Cloud
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#6. The first thing about a song is that it has to be real, be lived; it has to be emotional, and melancholic. I don't mean sad. Melancholy is sort of a comfort. Melancholy has a sort of beauty to it. This attracts me to every other form of art ... - Author: Keren Ann
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#7. Word For The Day BOONDOGGLE (BOON dahg'uhl) n. A pointless project. Work of no value, done merely to appear busy. Alternate Word ICKY (IK ee) adj. Very distasteful; disgusting. - Author: Deb Baker
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#8. What is full of redundancy or formula is predictably boring. What is free of all structure or discipline is randomly boring. In between lies art. - Author: Wendy Carlos
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#9. When I'm home, I cook my own dinner, all organic. - Author: Big Sean
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#10. The simple things in life ground me and keep me focused so I'm able to do a good job with what is in front of me. - Author: Kevin Eubanks
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#11. Whatever we perceive as good in the world has always endured, and it always will. - Author: Carmen Agra Deedy
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#12. No decision in business provides greater potential for the creation of wealth (or its destruction, come to think of it) than the choice of which innovation to back. - Author: Robert Heller
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#13. People often think of New York as a city, a concrete jungle with soaring skyscrapers and yellow taxis and the bright lights of Times Square. And it is that, in part. But beyond that, it's rolling hills of fruit orchards and fields of grain and ice-cold waters brimming with oysters. - Author: Daniel Humm
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#14. We continue to be spilled on by consumerism even though we know it doesn't make us happy. - Author: Russell Brand
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#15. We live inside too much. We live inside and we have square thoughts and square ideas because we live in square houses. Our lives are colored by our environments. Our attention fields are colored by it. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#16. In most cases, energy is lost in little games of manipulation, in little struggles of will, in the attempts to possess others, to wrap them up, to delude them, to shine them on. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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