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Top 9 Famous Arthur Rubinstein Quotes

#1. Your calling is not an afterthought. God does not save you and then say, "Now what am I going to get him to do? What job can I give her in the church?" God saves you because He has a purpose for you. - Author: Derek Prince
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#2. But you have told me," Elizabeth protested, "time and again, that the hallmark of civilization is routine."
Lady D shrugged and made a fussy little chirping sound. "A lady cannot take it upon herself to occasionally change her routine? All routines need periodic readjustment. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#3. I do know its important to keep the romantic spark alive in your marriage. But with four kids, sometimes it's enough just to keep yourself alive. - Author: Ray Romano
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#4. I love travel. There's nothing more beneficial than getting to travel, to see different cultures, to see different environments and expose your children to that. - Author: Teri Hatcher
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#5. You go to a plant not only to pat the people on the back, but to tell them about the opportunities they have to do a better job. Quality is one of the opportunities they have to do a better job. - Author: Carlos Ghosn
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#6. If the truth gets in the way, I will remove it. But truth be told, removing the truth never removes the truth. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#7. It was death by a thousand cuts - Author: Unknown
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#8. If those who had set themselves to explain the various theories of Christianity had set themselves instead to do the will of the Master, how different the world would be now! - Author: George MacDonald
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#9. The ability to forget the past enables people to free themselves gradually from the pain they once suffered; but it also often makes them repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. - Author: Lu Xun
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