Top 9 Faith Bandler Quotes

#1. I don't think the critics could understand what we were doing.

Jimmy Page

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#2. It might not have been him. But it doesn't matter, Lara Jean, because even if he didn't encourage all the talk, I doubt he discouraged it, if you know what I'm saying.

Jenny Han

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#3. Hey, I may loathe myself, but it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm Jewish.

Larry David

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#4. And then I knew that the voice
of the spirits had been let in
as intense as an epileptic aura
and that no longer would I sing

Anne Sexton

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#5. Men love it. They have a sense of humor, whereas a lot of women are threatened or just don't get it.

Lara Flynn Boyle

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#6. She had meant to woo him. In her own weird, unsettling way she had simply been courting him and he'd been too stupid to realize it.

Connie Brockway

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#7. The more I produce, the less I am certain. On the road along which the artist walks, night falls ever more densely. Finally, he dies blind.

Albert Camus

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#8. At the age of thirty-five, I have just begun to become the kind of person who could understand the kind of book I would want to write.

Ingrid Bengis

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#9. Do some living and get yourself a typewriter.

Charles Bukowski

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