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Top 36 Ethiopian Quotes

#1. The Ethiopian cannot change his skin nor the leopard his spots. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#2. The only thing we have in this world that is utterly and intrinsically ours is our integrity. - Author: Mira Grant
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#3. I went to start the first Ethiopian-led project in paleoanthropology, ever. Doing that was not easy. - Author: Zeresenay Alemseged
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#4. Dear Sir: I will wish to establish my name as the best Ethiopian songwriter. But I am not encouraged in undertaking this as long as 'The Old Folks At Home' stares me in the face with another's name on it. - Author: Stephen Foster
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#5. The Ethiopian government's use of the railway from Djibouti to Addis Ababa was, in practice, a hazardous regards transport of arms intended for the Ethiopian forces. - Author: Haile Selassie
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#6. There is more real devotional feeling summoned from the temple of the mind by great music than by any sermon ever delivered. - Author: Robert Green Ingersoll
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#7. Her heart slipped out of its life jacket and paddled toward the deep end of stupid, where the water was way over its head - Author: Samanthe Beck
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#8. Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge. - Author: Scott Adams
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#9. It wasn't until I came to New York and started to see the African American community, but also the Ethiopian community here, and started to eat the food, started to understand the music. I said, you know, I got to go and understand the culture. So me and my sister went. - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
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#10. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, the color of my skin and my rather peculiar background as an Ethiopian immigrant delineated the border of my life and friendships. I learned quickly how to stand alone. - Author: Dinaw Mengestu
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#11. 'The Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears' is very much about America - it just happens to have African and Ethiopian characters, and in fact, it happens to have more characters who are not Ethiopian than who are. - Author: Dinaw Mengestu
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#12. Plutarch gave her nine languages, including Hebrew and Troglodyte, an Ethiopian tongue that - if Herodotus can be believed - was unlike that of any other people; it sounds like the screeching of bats. - Author: Stacy Schiff
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#13. As I've grown older I've been more influenced by more meandering styles of guitar playing, whether it's Celtic or Ethiopian folk music or some kind of noisier jazz like Sonny Sharrock. In terms of songwriting, I don't know that I could even pin it down. - Author: Ted Leo
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#14. It's fun to pick a cuisine and say I'm going to research Ethiopian food, and see what it's all about. You find that there are a lot of similarities in cuisines from around the world and a lot of similar flavors. - Author: Cat Cora
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#15. I was adopting an Ethiopian child, that's not true. My house was haunted, that wasn't true. God, there's been so many rumours. - Author: Adele
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#16. Now there she goes again, the dopest Ethiopian,
And now the world around me be gets movin in slow motion
Whenever she happens to walk by, why does the apple of my eye
Overlook and disregard my feelings no matter how much I try? - Author: Fatlip
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#17. The Suzuki Wagon R should be avoided like unprotected sex with an Ethiopian transvestite - Author: Jeremy Clarkson
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#18. I am the blood of the dragon. Do not presume to teach me lessons. - Author: George R R Martin
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#19. Tall as he is, there is no carrying the slope under his shirt as anything other than a loose gut, a paunch that in itself must weigh as much as a starving Ethiopian child. - Author: John Updike
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#20. My brain was fine, but I did not feel like myself. My body was frail and weak - the person who could run half marathons was a distant memory - and that, too, shapes your identity. Racking back pain can mold an identity; fatigue and nausea can, as well. - Author: Paul Kalanithi
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#21. There is a broad-based guideline, however, upon which most evolved souls have agreed. No action which causes hurt to another leads to rapid evolution. There is a second guideline as well. No action involving another may be taken without the other's agreement and permission. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#22. In high school, I began to dig my way into Ethiopian history, and began to understand myself as a young man formed by multiple narratives. - Author: Dinaw Mengestu
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#23. I like certain subgenres within science fiction and fantasy, and one of those is urban fantasy, and another is steampunk. - Author: Gail Carriger
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#24. We can do better ... We can't ignore the inequalities that persist in our justice system that undermine our most deeply held values of fairness and equality. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#25. I like to have fun and be funny, but I'm much more of a thinker. - Author: Keenen Ivory Wayans
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#26. As anyone who's ever taken an Ethiopian bus knows, there is an unwritten rule that the windows must remain firmly closed. - Author: Tahir Shah
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#27. Lydia delighted her. The girl's roughness, her ability, her exuberance, were qualities desired by Sarah for her children. You could make something out of a girl like that. She had power. - Author: Winifred Holtby
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#28. According to Ethiopian custom, parents wait to name a baby because children often die in the first weeks of life. - Author: Bill Gates
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#29. I feel that, at this point in my career, I don't want to do another television show. I don't want to do a film. - Author: Pamela Anderson
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#30. I'm an immigrant writer, or an African writer, or an Ethiopian-American writer, and occasionally an American writer according to the whims and needs of my interpreters. - Author: Dinaw Mengestu
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#31. Your beliefs about your worth, deservingness and ability decides the amount of happiness, success and love in your life. - Author: Maddy Malhotra
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#32. Being an Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised chef, there's nothing traditional about my Thanksgiving spread. - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
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#33. Say the word Pepsi in this town, you best watch your back on the way out. - Author: Alessandra Torre
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#34. I have Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Ethiopian blood in my veins. - Author: Peter Ustinov
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#35. I don't have memories of Ethiopia as a child. I didn't learn about Ethiopian culture until after I moved to New York and started meeting people from the Ethiopian community. - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
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#36. I like teff, an Ethiopian grain. It's not so popular in the States yet, but it's really good, almost like a porridge. And I love sushi, but it's not always that healthy, so I don't keep it at home. - Author: Landon Donovan
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