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#1. As much as I enjoyed yoga courses, it was hard to make time for them. Generally speaking, my work arrangements were flexible, so it was mostly a psychological problem: it was hard to convince myself it was acceptable to go twist my body into knots for two hours when there was work to be done. - Author: Josh Kaufman
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#2. I've certainly never taken the care of myself that I should have. On the contrary. I've done a lot of late nights without enough sleep and all that. But I've had fun. Whatever wrinkles are there, I've enjoyed getting them. - Author: Ava Gardner
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#3. I bear a hell within me," Black Tom growled. "And finding myself unsympathized with, wished to tear up the trees, spread havoc and destruction around me, and then to have sat down and enjoyed the ruin. - Author: Victor LaValle
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#4. Watson loved them sour kind of jokes, which I enjoyed myself. I mean, ain't life some kind of a sour joke? Might's well laugh, that's the way him and me seen it, whether nice folks seen the joke or not. One time when Watson caught me grinning along with him, he give a wink and lifted up his hat. - Author: Peter Matthiessen
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#5. Even if I knew that Separation would probably win, when they announced the film, I was thinking to myself "Oh! I want this! I want this!" And so, when we didn't win, I got depressed for about 20 minutes, and then I snapped out of it and enjoyed the rest of the evening. - Author: Philippe Falardeau
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#6. I am very excited about the launch of my new collection with Superga UK. I really enjoyed creating for the brand and adding a piece of myself into the designs. I hope that everyone loves them as much as I enjoyed making them. - Author: Suki Waterhouse
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#7. I enjoyed my 20s - they were torturous and beautiful. I learned so much about myself and about life and about the nature of people. - Author: Craig Sheffer
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#8. How dearly, indeed, I loved my pit, my dusky room, the area of my desk with its piles of books! How I enjoyed introspection, shrouded myself in cogitation; with what rapture did I listen for the rustling of frail insects in the thickets of my nerves! - Author: Yukio Mishima
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#9. There are three reasons why this book came into being. First, throughout the 33 years I've been writing recipes - although I'm not vegetarian myself - I have greatly enjoyed creating vegetarian recipes, and cooking and serving them at home. - Author: Delia Smith
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#10. I enjoyed my breakfast this morning, and I think that was a good thing and do not think it was condemned by God. But I do not think myself a good man for enjoying it. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#11. Thank you very Much, I enjoyed myself - Author: Richard Feynman
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#12. In those days, I still thoroughly enjoyed the romance I called "by myself"; I didn't know yet how it gets lonely, picks up a sharp edge later on that ruins a day now and then
ruins more than that, if you're not careful. - Author: Elizabeth Kostova
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#13. The way I enjoyed spending time most was dancing. That's from the time I was a very small child, When I was 4 or 5 years old, I remember already having a regime. It was the way I always identified myself. - Author: Twyla Tharp
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#14. I enjoyed the innocence of unhappiness and of helplessness; could I blame myself for a sin which attracted me, which flooded me with pleasure precisely to the extent it brought me to despair? - Author: Georges Bataille
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#15. I always enjoyed working out and pushing myself physically and mentally as much as I possibly could. - Author: Jon Fitch
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#16. You put more value on every minute ... You know I always kinda thought I did that. I really always enjoyed myself. But it's more valuable now. You're reminded to enjoy every sandwich and every minute. - Author: Warren Zevon
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#17. People talk about games and loneliness - it's a lonely activity. I didn't understand that. 'Gears of War' was the first multiplayer game for me that I enjoyed. But I wasn't sad. I liked being alone. I liked playing games by myself. I had lots of companionship at the house. - Author: Tim Schafer
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#18. I wrote stories as a kid just for myself. One day, some of the kids in my class found some of my stories in my bag, and I was deeply embarrassed until I realised they enjoyed reading them. - Author: Morris Gleitzman
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#19. I've enjoyed training again, I've enjoyed pushing myself in the pool and I'll keep on swimming until I feel I cannot get any more out of myself. - Author: Ian Thorpe
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#20. There were a lot of times I wondered if I was deluding myself. I had nothing else to fall back on, but I never enjoyed anything else. - Author: Edie Falco
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#21. My own contentious relationship with gaming continued through high school and college: I still enjoyed playing games from time to time, but I always found myself pushed away by the sexism that permeated gaming culture. There were constant reminders that I didn't really belong. - Author: Anita Sarkeesian
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#22. We star-crossed lovers of District 12, who suffered so much and enjoyed so little the rewards of our victory, do not seek our fans' favor, grace them with our smiles, or catch their kisses. We are unforgiving.
And I love it. Getting to be myself at last. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#23. I've definitely enjoyed myself more on the projects where I've played a good person, rather than on the projects where I've played somebody who is morally compromised. - Author: Domhnall Gleeson
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#24. I went to all the Love-Ins. I took my kids. I enjoyed myself. - Author: Al Lewis
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#25. I could feel it in myself. I felt lighter, unshackled, as if something I had been carrying had fallen away ... I just enjoyed the feeling and watched the once amorphous student body separate itself into hundreds of individuals. The pronoun 'we' itself seemed to crack and drift apart in pieces. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
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#26. I've never enjoyed sleep as much until I got the 'Today' job. There is something about early sleep that's much better than late sleep. I feel myself going to sleep; I don't just plonk my head on the pillow. It's a sort of winding-down thing. - Author: Evan Davis
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#27. From my earliest days I have enjoyed an attractive impediment in my speech. I have never permitted the use of the word stammer. I can't say it myself. - Author: Patrick Campbell
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#28. I've enjoyed myself 90 percent of the time. - Author: George McGovern
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#29. I think by my father owning a store, I was definitely aware of the commercial aspect of selling clothes. His shop was a place I enjoyed spending time in as a boy, so I learned things almost by osmosis at times, by literally just being around all the action and not really despite myself. - Author: Dries Van Noten
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#30. I was a very solitary, introverted child who got punished by being sent to a dark room quite frequently. But you cannot imagine how much I enjoyed myself in that room, and how I would look forward to being punished, because it was there that I discovered the light of darkness. - Author: Ana Maria Matute
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#31. One of the things I would like to do is make up stories that I would have enjoyed when I was a kid. So, if I'm thinking about an audience, it's usually a younger version of myself. - Author: Matt Groening
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#32. I have enjoyed writing songs for so long ... it felt like in order to make music that I could relate to myself, I would have to be a part of the writing process. - Author: Bridgit Mendler
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#33. Happiness was not made to be boasted, but enjoyed. Therefore tho others count me miserable, I will not believe them if I know and feel myself to be happy; nor fear them. - Author: Thomas Traherne
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#34. I don't mind being a suspect when the corpse is a shit-for-brains fuckwit, but if I'd killed her it would've been bloody and loud. And I'd have enjoyed it too much to keep it to myself. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#35. I've never considered myself to be working for a living; I've enjoyed myself for a living instead. - Author: John Mills
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#36. I always wanted and enjoyed sex, but I never put much importance on scoring or having an athletic sex life. I guess I define myself more by my career and my commitment to a relationship than by my ability to have a lot of chicks or achieve ten orgasms in an evening. - Author: George Carlin
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#37. When I was in college, at Wheaton-I inadvertently got cast in a play, and I had a really great time doing it. I didnt know I had any knack for it, but I really enjoyed myself. It was a complete surprise. - Author: Catherine Keener
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#38. I was very interested in vaudeville. It was the only sort of discipline that was a five-minute act on stage, which is what I really enjoyed and saw myself doing. And I bought books on it. - Author: Steve Martin
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#39. I myself have never enjoyed anything more than writing. I love to live in that world. - Author: Joss Whedon
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#40. I've always enjoyed hiding behind these characters. It's a strange thing, you're more comfortable as a character than you are in life. I could stand up in front of, it doesn't matter how many people, as a character. But if I had to do it as myself and give a speech, I would be liquid. - Author: Johnny Depp
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#41. I'll read pretty much anywhere and anytime, but for a while now, I've really enjoyed reading on flights, especially the longer hauls, when I'm unplugged from everything and can completely immerse myself in the world of a book and submit happily to its rhythms, perspectives, ideas. - Author: Chang-rae Lee
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#42. I enjoyed the Hee Haw people, but from 1980 on I didn't enjoy it and thought about leavin', and thought, hell, it's an easy job and pays wonderful. I kinda just prostituted myself for their money. - Author: Buck Owens
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#43. I enjoyed my time at DC. Dan Didio, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee were great to me, and I'm very grateful for the opportunities they gave me. Having said that, I think it's important to try new things and work with new people to keep myself fresh. - Author: Jeff Lemire
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#44. When I was little, I was actually really shy. I really enjoyed doing school plays, but I found the whole thing terrifying. I cried myself to sleep once because I thought my teacher was going to give me the lead role. I never imagined acting was a viable career. - Author: Emily Berrington
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#45. I knew how to act and had studied acting and enjoyed it, but I'd never pushed myself to really perform as an actor, and create a role, and have the whole character's backstory. - Author: Eli Roth
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#46. I write for myself first and foremost, but I hope that others will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. - Author: Shannon DuBey
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#47. I always enjoyed myself a lot in pre-school. - Author: Valentino Rossi
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#48. I'm from a very athletic family, and I thoroughly enjoyed sports as a kid, but acting was a way of expressing myself and having fun. It was something I found on my own. - Author: Matt Bomer
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#49. What am I to do on this earth? The choice rests with me: suffer or enjoy. Whither will suffering lead me? To nothingness; but I shall have suffered. Whither will enjoyment lead me? To nothingness; but I will have enjoyed myself. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#50. A really interesting and happy time was when I first went to Florence as a student and studied Italian. I was living in a pensione on an allowance of £40 a month, which was princely. I did a lot of work and enjoyed myself immensely. - Author: James Fenton
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#51. I've never enjoyed myself. I'm incapable of enjoying myself. There's just some people who don't enjoy themselves very much. - Author: Harry Crews
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#52. I enjoyed entertaining people since I was a little girl. There was nothing better than making people laugh. That, and the need to express myself in a safe environment. - Author: Amy Weber
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#53. I enjoyed 'The OC' immensely but I want to expand my horizons more before repeating myself. - Author: Willa Holland
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#54. It was like the part of me that had enjoyed those friends had evaporated, leaving behind a huge, echoing emptiness, and I was scrabbling on the edge of it, trying not to fall into the hole within myself because I was terrified to find out how far down it went. - Author: Robyn
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#55. I like making fun of myself a lot. I like being made fun of, too. I've always enjoyed it. There's just something really, really funny about someone tearing into me. - Author: John Mulaney
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#56. I enjoyed acting growing up; I did musical theater. I had a secret desire to be a television and movie actress, but it wasn't something I admitted to myself that I wanted to do, I guess. - Author: Amanda Schull
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#57. Whither will suffering lead me? To nothingness; but I shall have suffered. Whither will enjoyment lead me? To nothingness; but I shall have enjoyed myself. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#58. While I am a lawyer by profession and have travelled to several countries, working and educating myself, I came from a rural background in a Third World country at a time when women were told what their place was and whose mothers enjoyed even less. - Author: Dalia Grybauskaite
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#59. To get to know someone so different from myself as an octopus, and to know that the individual recognised me and even enjoyed my company, was an enormous privilege. The octopuses I came to know were strong but gentle, and the suction of their suckers tasting my skin pulled me like an alien's kiss. - Author: Sy Montgomery
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#60. I've always enjoyed myself. Unhappy periods for me last about twenty minutes. - Author: Keith Moon
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#61. Well in two months, it'd be sunbathing time. That made me smile. I enjoyed lying in the sun in a little bikini, timing myself carefully so I didn't burn. I loved the smell of coconut oil. And I don't want to hear any lectures about how bad tanning is for you. That's my vice. Everybody gets one. - Author: Charlaine Harris
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#62. I don't think I would be a good actor! People enjoyed 'Dancing With the Stars' because I was myself, and every time they told me to say something, I would say my own words, so I don't think I could follow a script well! - Author: Helio Castroneves
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#63. I was nervous. I was thinking, 'Gee, he's Ralph Fiennes. What an amazing actor, and I can have this scene with him.' But I enjoyed it, you know. That's what I got into acting to do - to push myself and see if I can do these things. - Author: Matthew Lewis
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#64. I learned that the songs that mean the most to me are the songs that I write by myself. While there were people I wrote really well with, particularly Gary Nicholson and Delbert McClinton, and I really enjoyed the experience, I came away from it feeling like I need to write by myself. - Author: Benmont Tench
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#65. I was an extroverted kid and performed, like, acting and singing. Then, the older I got, I realized I enjoyed performing things that I came up with myself more and I enjoyed making people laugh more than making people cry or think. - Author: Rob Delaney
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#66. If I had let myself off the hook in college, I could have enjoyed myself a lot more. Knowing that I can't have those years back, I have learned to get the most out of living in the now. - Author: Chris Pine
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#67. Though I thoroughly enjoyed playing crime branch officer Gautam Savant, it drained a lot out of me, too. It shook my faith in myself, as I explored my hidden side and wondered if I was just acting or using the character as an excuse to vent my mean side. - Author: Randeep Hooda
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#68. There were days when we used to say, what was in today's paper is tomorrow's fish-and-chip paper.When I became successful, I enjoyed myself a little. - Author: Steve Coogan
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