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Top 20 Elite Military Quotes

#1. If only more of today's military personnel would realize that they are being used by the owning elite's as a publicly subsidized capitalist goon squad

Smedley Butler

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#2. When I started thinking about it, I was like, 'OK, if throughout time I get labeled as a conscious artist, I'll be very much celebrated, in a way, and honored.'


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#3. People tend to call me names that I can't repeat on basic cable. I will give you a hint. They rhyme with itch, hunt, & bore.

Chelsea Handler

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#4. We know next to nothing about the relationship between Chavez and Raul Castro. One thing, though, is certain. The Cuban military and political elite do not regard Chavez as a logical successor to Fidel Castro in Latin America.

Mark Falcoff

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#5. Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived in our day, faith would be simple and easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the Church must be brought up to date and made meaningful to the day's problems.

Anthony Of Padua

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#6. We need a smaller and elite military, as [Donald]Rumsfeld said - and also a smaller and elite foreign policy.

Ron Paul

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#7. I like '50s and '60s American art. I have 85 or 90 Warhols.

Aby Rosen

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#8. To contact the deeper truth of who we are, we must engage in some activity or practice that questions what we assume to be true about ourselves.

A.H. Almaas

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#9. The future arrived here a couple of weeks ago and nobody noticed. Because that's how the future always arrives. You don't realize it's here until you bump into it.

Warren Ellis

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#10. It was now the fall of 1956, and nine years after entering Georgia Military Academy as a scrawny "Yankee" from Ohio, I was now considered a "southerner," enrolling at one of the North's most elite institutions.

Ted Turner

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#11. What a long strange trip it's been.

Jerry Garcia

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#12. Like a stern father, war shames men into hating their childhood games.

R. Scott Bakker

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#13. If there is no enjoyment in this world, there would not be so much suffering. As suffering really is the frustration of our attempts to enjoy.

Radhanath Swami

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#14. It is easier not to speak a word at all than to speak more words than we should.

Thomas A Kempis

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#15. I'm worried about the future of America insofar as our academically most promising students are being funneled through the cookie-cutter Ivy League and other elite schools and emerging with this callow anti-American, anti-military cast to their thinking.

Camille Paglia

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#16. If the new military elite is anything like the old one, it would, in any great crisis, tend to side with the Old Order and defend the status quo, if necessary, by force. In the words of the standard police bulletin known to all radio listeners, These men are armed -and they may be dangerous.

Ferdinand Lundberg

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#17. Dreams must not take the place of actual life, nor constitute themselves a cowardly escape from it, but become rather a sanctuary in which the overdriven mind and nerves may take refuge, a country on the outer edge of this confusion, bright with the shadow of eternity beyond.

Maude Meagher

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#18. The second corruption of the state is oligarchy (oligos = few), in which the military elite is narrowed down to a few ruling families of immense wealth and prestige, who now openly flaunt their wealth and possessions.

Robert Payne

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#19. There isn't meaning if we give everything in replace for nothing!

Deyth Banger

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#20. By the power elite, we refer to those political, economic, and military circles which as an intricate set of overlapping cliques share decisions having at least national consequences. In so far as national events are decided, the power elite are those who decide them.

C. Wright Mills

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