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Top 36 Either Black Or White Quotes

#1. There are two kinds of people in the world - only two kinds. Not black or white, rich or poor, but those either dead in sin or dead to sin. - Author: Leonard Ravenhill
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#2. Until the late 1970s there'd either be only black or white in the paintings or if there were colours it would be a small amount, not a large area, and with the color separated from other colors by black or white (which is formula for Damien Hirst's successful dot paintings, incidentally). - Author: Matthew Collings
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#3. My go-to shoes for everyday would probably have to be either my white Converse that I've had since high school or my black Alexander McQueen flats with the skull on the top. It depends on my day. - Author: Katherine Schwarzenegger
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#4. White undershirt. Dark-framed glasses. Sneak peeks at black boxers. Really? How much more was a girl supposed to be able to take before she either spontaneously combusted or found a shower with a removable showerhead? - Author: Laura Kaye
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#5. Even when black youth gangs target white strangers on the streets and spew out racial hatred as they batter them and rob them, mayors, police chiefs and the media tiptoe around their racism and many in the media either don't cover these stories or leave out the race and racism involved. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#6. Nothing's black or white in our country - you're either brilliant or you're hopeless - Author: Alan Shearer
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#7. What's interesting about books that take place in the future, even twenty years in the future, is that many of them are black or white: It's either a utopia or it's misery. The real truth is that there's going to be both things in any future, just like there is now. - Author: Albert Brooks
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#8. I think the end is endless. It's either a big black hole or a big white light or both together. But it's totally meaningless, because even if someone would explain it, I wouldn't understand it. - Author: Yehuda Amichai
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#9. It is not productive to see things in simple black and white, and talk in either anti-nuclear or pro-nuclear terms. - Author: Yoshihiko Noda
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#10. I had seen the world as either white or black.
It is only when I read the pages of her diary that I understood why the sky looked so grey. - Author: Sanhita Baruah
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#11. Today, we've got what seems to me to be binary-choice politics: black and white, ones and zeros, either you are with me or against me. How did we get here? - Author: David E. Hoffman
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#12. In the business world, there is no gray. Either you are black, or you are white-washed. - Author: Sameer Kamat
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#13. Woman, I'm not Roland's sister, or his daughter, either! You maybe didn't notice a small but basic difference in the color of our hides, namely his being white and mine being black. - Author: Stephen King
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#14. The majority of Latin actresses in Hollywood were always playing either spitfires or maids. Now here is a woman who comes in and does leads opposite white people and black people and other Spanish people, and she's comfortable in her skin? Gasp! How dare she? - Author: Rosie Perez
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#15. I think it's easier, I really do, because of not having that similar history, so that's why I think two-thirds of these mixed congregations are either white with Asian and Hispanic, or black with Asian and Hispanic. - Author: Michael Emerson
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#16. Imagine the world as a crayon box, and it took every colour to draw each of us. Adding a shade lighter and darker with each interaction. None would be black or white, either purely absorbing all, or reflecting each. #ColourMeSpotless - Author: Nikhil Sharda
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#17. Some people never learn the art of compromise. Everything is either black or white. They do no recognize, or will not concede, that the equally important color gray is a mixture of black and white. - Author: Waite Phillips
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#18. In a perfect world everything would be either black or white, right or wrong, and everyone would know the difference. But this isn't a perfect world. The problem is people who think it is. - Author: Neal Shusterman
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#19. What's happening is that Asian and Latino and other groups without that history are more likely to end up in either black churches or white churches and then make them multiracial churches. I talk about that in the US we have two cultures. - Author: Michael Emerson
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#20. To see something as either black or white is easy. To see the entirety in something that has blending colors takes time. To see something that's not there, takes one who is a visionary. - Author: Wes Adamson
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#21. I don't want to pretend that everything is black and white, that people are either all good or all bad, and that I'm the one best qualified to tell the difference. - Author: C.J. Redwine
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#22. I'm not ideological. I think sometimes when people are ideological, the world's a lot easier. Because it falls into either right or wrong, or black or white, or whatever. To me, I'm still trying to figure out a lot of things. - Author: John O. Brennan
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#23. There is no good and evil, only black and white. But either black or white on its own is boring, Jenny. If you mix them you get so many colors - so many colors ... - Author: L.J.Smith
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#24. Indians are the second largest population in the world, but we're invisible on TV - everything is either black or white. - Author: Russell Peters
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#25. The Americans at heart are a pure and noble people; things to them are in black and white. It's either 'rawk' or it's not. We Brits putter around in the grey area. - Author: David Bowie
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#26. I feel like decades ago it was either you're black, white, Asian or Hispanic, or whatever, but today we see more of an acceptance for people with multi-nationalities. - Author: Annie Ilonzeh
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#27. And my point was one I think that you'd agree with, which is there's no room in America for a black racist, a Latino racist, or a white racist, or an Asian racist, or a Native American racist. Now, we're either color blind or we're not color blind. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#28. Where history concerns mainly personalities, the drawings become either black or white according to the interests of the writer. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#29. The realization that he is white in a black country, and respected for it, is the turning point in the expatriate's career. He can either forget it, or capitalize on it. Most choose the latter. - Author: Paul Theroux
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#30. I like men. I like the sound of their voices, the way they think. They're more sensitive than women. With a woman, everything is either this or that, black or white. But a man can see shades of gray. That's what I call being sensitive. - Author: Carolyn Jones
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#31. It's not hard to get your way when it's your way or the highway. People either follow suit or they're not around. I don't really like the sound of that, 'cause that sounds like a temper tantrum. I'm just very black and white when it comes to my business. There's really no gray area. - Author: Nicki Minaj
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#32. In the music industry it's just you're either Black or white, and this is the box you get put in. - Author: India.Arie
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#33. I gravitate towards monochromes. I always sort of either wear white or black or cream. I really like wearing colorful things as well, but I'm a sucker for cream-colored. - Author: Margot Robbie
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#34. In movies we tend make things black and white: you're either this, or you're that. - Author: Bill Skarsgard
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#35. I'm kind of in a middle space, being marketed as a biracial actor. Roles are written either stereotypically black, or they're written 'normal,' which is just code for white. - Author: Jesse Williams
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#36. Blind obedience was never what I wanted. Yet, you seem determined to keep us in the past, where every act, every response, is either black or white, when you know damned good and well our lives never existed on such a plane. - Author: Lora Leigh
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