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Top 15 Edsel Ford Quotes

#1. So, say, when they're out in their little boats and they hear voices in the night, they forget whatever destination they had in mind and they go tearing straight towards the sound, screaming their heads off.

Simon Spurrier

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#2. Edsel is the artist in our family. Art is something I know nothing about.

Henry Ford

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#3. In 1958, my father invested everything he had in a business venture and became the largest automobile dealership in Chicago for Ford's new Edsel line. But Edsel sales plummeted and my father fell into bankruptcy. I watched him struggle; working long hours to protect us from poverty.

Radhanath Swami

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#4. There are no crown princes at Ford,

Edsel Ford

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#5. I'm sure that I was influenced by Goldsmith's large orchestral scores when I started out, and that was because the people who employed me wanted that kind of sound. I wasn't in a position to say, 'Go to Hell!'

James Horner

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#6. I've always been extremely conservative, but I've never been mean-spirited.

Matt Salmon

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#7. I've spent too much time giving speeches, traveling the world.

Billy Graham

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#8. One great cause of failure of young men in business is the lack of concentration.

Andrew Carnegie

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#9. Libertarian immigration policy would be an experiment in which I don't think we should participate. We should not bet the republic that the results will be good. I suspect the results would be a disaster and the end of the American experiment.

Jan C. Ting

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#10. Edsel Ford, son of the firm's founder Henry,

Niall Ferguson

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#11. I will not take 'but' for an answer.

Langston Hughes

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#12. Insight enables you make sure you don't allow negative beliefs to get permanently set in your thinking - just the same way you wouldn't want fractured bones to be permanently set into place.

Karen Salmansohn

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#13. The sicker our fans get, the sicker we'll get

Alice Cooper

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#14. Father made the most popular cars in the world; I want to make the best.

Edsel Ford

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#15. I think that the measure of whether a life has been a good one is how much love there has been in that life
love both given and received.

Alexander McCall Smith

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