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#1. My parents were very permissive when it came to animals. As long as we earned the money to buy them and built whatever structure it was they were going to live in, we could have any kind of pet we wanted. They would have let us have a rhinoceros if we could have afforded it. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#2. At the end of human; life losses is equal to life gain life earned is equal to life learned and life pain is equal to life lecture. Everything is just one; You! - Author: O.O Michael
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#3. But the "Get Tough America" policy, the spirit of revenge, the approbation of all destruction and killing, has earned us a name for obscene brutality, and cost the World the possibility of Germany's becoming a peaceful and intellectually fruitful nation in anything but the most remote future. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#4. Want to hit Leo?
That is understandable
Hunk muffin earned it - Author: Rick Riordan
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#5. President Obama has earned my vote on the basis of his excellent judicial appointments, his consensus-building foreign policy and the improvements he has brought about in the disastrous economy he inherited. - Author: Alan Dershowitz
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#6. Schwarzenegger is big, he's noisy, he's larger than life, and he's earned the credibility to be cast for the role of America's Green superhero. - Author: Tina Brown
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#7. My father had a very simple view of life: you don't get anything for nothing. Everything has to be earned, through work, persistence and honesty. My father also had a deep charm, the gift of winning our trust. He was the kind of man with whom many people dream of spending an evening. - Author: Grace Kelly
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#8. It is unwise to waste in thought what could be earned and secured in action. - Author: A.J. Darkholme
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#9. Sympathy one receives for nothing, envy must be earned. - Author: Robert Lembke
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#10. There is no happiness that isn't earned - Author: Dennis Prager
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#11. The vast majority of the rich in this country did not inherit their wealth; they earned it. They are the country's achievers, producers, and job creators. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#12. I would love to retire a Raider, but I have earned the right to be a free agent. - Author: Richard Seymour
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#13. Complacency is a sword of two edges. One edge kills hard earned successes while the other end stops future glories. Complacency is a murderer and a barrier! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#14. Allah does not call you to account for what is vain in your oaths, but He will call you to account for what your hearts have earned, and Allah is Forgiving, Forbearing. - Author: Anonymous
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#15. In return, society rewards those who give it what it wants. That is why how much money people have earned is a rough measure of how much they gave society what it wanted. - Author: Ray Dalio
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#16. Money won is always better than money earned. - Author: Paul Hornung
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#17. I have earned every cent. And in all of my years of public life I have never obstructed justice, - Author: Richard M. Nixon
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#18. It's very disheartening to encounter a fearful twenty-one year old. They haven't earned the right to be that afraid. It's not like we're living in war-torn Bosnia or something. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
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#19. Sobel was Jewish, urban, with a commission from the National Guard. Hester had started as a private, then earned his commission from Officer Candidate's School (OCS). Most - Author: Stephen E. Ambrose
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#20. A free lunch doesn't taste as good as a well earned dinner - Author: Steven Aitchison
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#21. A person is what he says and does; that's how you learn whether his reputation was earned or manufactured. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#22. Courage was something John Reckless only ever wished he had. Courage was not a given; it was acquired, earned. You had to take the difficult paths, and John had always picked the easy ones. - Author: Cornelia Funke
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#23. Sell. Don't apologize for it and don't be afraid to beg with a positive, up-beat attitude. Tell prospects you want their business and you will kick ass once you've earned it. Have no shame, pride doesn't pay the rent. - Author: Thom Gimbel
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#24. I'm not some movie star relying on a studio. I have my own fans and I earned them. - Author: Tucker Max
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#25. The fundamental idea of modern capitalism is not the right of the individual to possess and enjoy what he has earned, but the ;thesis that the exercise of this right redounds to the general good. - Author: Ralph Barton Perry
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#26. Success is something that has to be earned every day. - Author: Howard Schultz
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#27. The lesson was clear and I learned it well: blind acquiescence was necessary to gain approval; being yourself only earned condemnation. - Author: Tehmina Durrani
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#28. For by superior energies; more strict affiance in each other; faith more firm in their unhallowed principles, the bad have fairly earned a victory over the weak, the vacillating, inconsistent good. - Author: William Wordsworth
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#29. The great men and women of history were not great because of what they earned and owned, but rather for what they gave their lives to accomplish. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#30. Repeat business or behavior can be bribed. Loyalty has to be earned. - Author: Janet L. Robinson
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#31. Immortality is a chancy thing; it cannot be promised or earned. Perhaps it cannot even be identified for what it is. - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#32. A man who knew his job as he spent a long time commanding a regiment and who earned great respect from everybody. - Author: Aleksandr Vasilevsky
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#33. I never seemed to learn from joy; I earned my portion of wisdom through sadness. - Author: Pat Conroy
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#34. You didn't just accidentally win my favor," I dispute, slowly shaking my
forehead against his.
"You earned it. Now, if I can just save your life twenty or thirty more times ... We might actually be able to call it even. - Author: M.A. George
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#35. The universe is gratis. It cannot be earned, nor need it be earned. - Author: David Steindl-Rast
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#36. There should be a path to earned legal status for those that are here. Not - not amnesty - earned legal status, which means you pay a fine and do many things over an extended period of time. - Author: Jeb Bush
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#37. You have had many successes, and you have earned the right to be respected. - Author: Lorii Myers
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#38. This is your success and this is the magic hour, the golden time before the time. Just be in it. You earned it. Don't spread it and don't pull on it and don't push it and don't share it and don't examine it. This is it. - Author: Caroline Kepnes
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#39. [L]iberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood. - Author: John Adams
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#40. I'm not cocky at all. You ask anybody, I'm one of the nicest guys. I try to be as humble as I can, but if you work hard, sometimes you know that you earned more respect. - Author: Shabazz Muhammad
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#41. We had no longing for excessive wealth: a mere competency, though earned by daily toil, so that it was reasonably sure, and free from the drag of continued indebtedness to others, was all we coveted. - Author: Edmund Morris
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#42. Praise is warming and desirable. But it is an earned thing. It has to be deserved, like a hug from a child. - Author: Phyllis McGinley
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#43. I joined Genesis when I was 19. I've earned the right to actually do nothing. I don't want to be a shadow of what I was, so I've kind of just quite willingly stood back. - Author: Phil Collins
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#44. Silk didn't care if it slid over scars or smooth, untouched skin. I'd earned my right to be paranoid. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#45. Better to have the trust of the people than their respect. With trust, their respect could be earned later; without it, respect could never be deserved, and so to have it would be like poison. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#46. The Macintosh lacked a fan, another example of Jobs's dogmatic stubbornness. Fans, he felt, detracted from the calm of a computer. This caused many component failures and earned the Macintosh the nickname "the beige toaster," which did not enhance its popularity. - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#47. My first venture was to trade bicycle parts and hosiery yarn. The initial days proved to be difficult, and I earned very little from my business. But I kept at it. Each day, when I retired for the night, I told myself that money would come in the next day. - Author: Sunil Mittal
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#48. In the political language of today, people who want to keep what they have earned are said to be greedy, while those who wish to take their earnings from them and give it to others (who will vote for them in return) show compassion. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#49. Sex was like money in the bank; if you made regular and sizable deposits, you earned more interest. Jean-Claude had earned a lot of interest over the years. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#50. How long will you carry this burden - the fame you earned by frivolous alms? Give it to him who owns the whole, the Lord of earth and the skies above. - Author: Preeth Nambiar
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#51. It's not a stretch to say the whole financial industry revolves around the compass point of the absolutely safe AAA rating. But the financial crisis happened because AAA ratings stopped being something that had to be earned and turned into something that could be paid for. - Author: Matt Taibbi
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#52. I tried to talk about it to Lily, to make her see that for once, I'd earned a feeling. [p. 174] - Author: Sue Miller
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#53. What is true is that I have at times earned my own crust of bread, and at other times a friend has given it to me out of the goodness of his heart. I have lived whatever way I could, for better or for worse, taking things just as they came. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
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#54. I noticed, rich people never toss away their pennies in their driveways, middle-class always chuck them there, and stray dogs lick up what little pennies they find on poverty ground. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#55. It comes to pass oft that a terrible oath, with a swaggering accent sharply twanged off, gives manhood more approbation than ever proof itself would have earned him. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#56. Loyalty must be forged - to him, to his: stronger than iron, from experience, from risk - it can't be bought, or taught, or promised before the fact. Allegiance must be earned so it will hold, win or lose. - Author: Janet Morris
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#57. But a yogi never forgets that health must begin with the body. Your body is the child of the soul. You must nourish and train your child. Physical health is not a commodity to be bargained for. Nor can it be swallowed in the form of drugs and pills. It has to be earned through sweat. - Author: B.K.S. Iyengar
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#58. One of the elements of writing that is most delightful to the engaged reader is the element of surprise. And one of the ways to surprise the reader is to set up an expectation that you then veer away from it at the last moment. A stitch in time saves the penny earned. Or something like that. - Author: Douglas Wilson
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#59. submission would be, because I'd really earned it." "Oh, please. You have so many rules, your rules have rules. Any woman who dared to date you would need an encyclopedia-sized book to keep up. - Author: Lisa Renee Jones
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#60. Reason number five hundred why it was advisable to have oneself for a boss: Even when you hadn't earned it, you could still treat yourself to a coffee break. - Author: Becky Wade
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#61. That's one of the benefits of working with a smaller network like IFC. You're awarded more trust, but trust that I really earned. - Author: Scott Aukerman
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#62. What cannot be learnt through education, training, and observation is learnt by experience;and learning through experience is the hardest and the best.For, experience is not inherited; earned. - Author: Doctor Kesi
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#63. This is how Thomas lives his life, one misfired dream after the other. That journey may stretch for a lifetime, but even if he doesn't discover that spark until he's an old man, Thomas will die with wrinkles he earned and a smile on his face. - Author: Adam Silvera
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#64. In all prospering human affairs there is a streak of hazard, a blending of good fortune with good judgment which gives the lucky man a sense of having earned his deserts and gives the deserving, if he is modest, an awareness of his luck. That - Author: Winston Graham
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#65. If we are to be aware of life while we are living it, we must have the courage to relinquish our hard-earned control of ourselves. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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#66. My legislation, the Simple Savings Tax Relief Act of 2005, simply eliminates the taxation of interest earned in savings accounts, such as passbook savings accounts or bank certificates of deposit. - Author: Cliff Stearns
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#67. Life's tough. It's a challenge. So think of love as your hard earned reward. Don't let doubt take that away from you. - Author: Riley Murphy
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#68. My mother insisted that I pursue music. I rented out my father's musical equipment and earned some money. As a child, I wasn't sure about a career goal, but I was always fascinated by electronic gadgets, specially musical equipment. - Author: A.R. Rahman
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#69. In the planning stage of a book, don't plan the ending. It has to be earned by all that will go before it. - Author: Rose Tremain
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#70. I am saddened, not by Microsoft's success - I have no problem with their success. They've earned their success, for the most part. I have a problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products. - Author: Steve Jobs
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#71. There's an old saying, Zill. Freedom can't be given, only earned. - Author: Brian K. Vaughan
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#72. In modern life the world belongs to the stupid, the insensitive and the disturbed. The right to live and triumph is today earned with the same qualifications one requires to be interned in a madhouse: amorality, hypomania and an incapacity for thought. - Author: Fernando Pessoa
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#73. W. P. Kinsella, who was born on a farm near Edmunton, Alberta, has earned wide recognition for his wild imagination and rash humor as a writer. - Author: Gerald Vizenor
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#74. minority groups too often demand equal rights they haven't earned, - Author: Anonymous
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#75. Smears are not only to be expected but fought. Honor is to be earned, not bought. - Author: Margaret Chase Smith
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#76. Getting to the top of any given mountain was considered much less important than how one got there: prestige was earned by tackling the most unforgiving routes with minimal equipment, in the boldest style imaginable. - Author: Jon Krakauer
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#77. I don't know if the money I've earned is going to need to last me for the next few weeks or the rest of my life. - Author: Rufus Sewell
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#78. When it comes to success in business, an MBA degree is optional. But a GSD, which is only earned by Getting Stuff Done, is required. - Author: Christine Comaford-Lynch
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#79. Once it was his hard-earned money that had been used to buy her freedom. How could she speak against his doing something with what was his for another in need? - Author: Elizabeth Yates
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#80. Pride is the recognition of the fact that you are your own highest value and, like all of man's values, it has to be earned. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#81. In 1969, nationwide, female professors who had never been married and never published earned 145% of their counterpart male colleagues. - Author: Warren Farrell
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#82. I earned the right not to compete for a man.
He wants me... Or... She is welcome to him... - Author: Virginia Alison
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#83. Winners in life visualize their success and look forward to reaping and enjoying the rewards of their accomplishments. They revel in their hard-earned victory, and that reinforces their superior level of self-confidence. - Author: Lorii Myers
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#84. I'm an expert in baseball and I don't even have a job. I'm an expert, more so than a lot of people out there. It should be my career until I'm dead. I should be one of the instructors. I think I've earned it. - Author: Barry Bonds
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#85. Thanks to economists, all of us, from the days of Adam Smith and before right down to the present, tariffs are perhaps one tenth of one percent lower than they otherwise would have been. ...
And because of our efforts, we have earned our salaries ten-thousand fold. - Author: Milton Friedman
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#86. Critics are those righteous experts who judge other people's hard earned accomplishmens as they themselves stand on the sidelines of life. - Author: Aaron Lauritsen
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#87. In my view, success is earned externally by being better than other people. But character, that sort of unfakeable goodness, is earned by being better than you used to be. And it's about self-confrontation. - Author: David Brooks
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#88. If we can find someone who has earned the right to hear our story, we need to tell it. Shame loses power when it is spoken. In this way, we need to cultivate our story to let go of shame, and we need to develop shame resilience in order to cultivate our story. - Author: Brene Brown
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#89. I have never earned one penny from any pharmaceutical company. I will never accept one penny from them either. Ever. - Author: Michael Specter
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#90. Earned a bachelor's at 27, then an M.F.A. that is still completely unused and in mint condition, never taken out of the box. - Author: Daniel Woodrell
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#91. I'm a veteran, and I've earned the right to be heard. I'll lead by example and show that gay players are no different from straight ones. I'm not the loudest person in the room, but I'll speak up when something isn't right. And try to make everyone laugh. - Author: Jason Collins
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#92. I felt I'd earned the Good Housekeeping Seal when I designed an oval-shaped spaghetti pot, because spaghetti is long. - Author: Rachael Ray
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#93. She had called herself a whore. That was a man's word, a shame-word flung at a woman. But she did not seem ashamed. She wielded the word like a sword, slicing away all his preconceptions of who she was. She had earned her living by her sex, and she did not seem to regret it. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#94. Welcome to the ring. Enter those who dare, and let them share the spoils. Only they have earned it. Will you win? The ring offers no promises. But one thing's for sure: unless you get in the ring today, you don't even stand a damn chance. Decide what really matters, and get in the ring for it - now. - Author: Julien Smith
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#95. English is the language of a people ho have probably earned their reputation for perfidy and hypocrisy because their language itself is so flexible, so often light-headed with with statements which appear to mean one thing one year and quite a different thing the next. - Author: Paul Scott
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#96. There is no necessity for forgiveness were it isn't earned. - Author: Steven Redhead
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#97. young and impressive sergeant mentioned that he was hoping to go back north with us because he had earned - Author: Patrick Hennessey
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#98. What, exactly, is the happiness that can be earned by turning away from reality? - Author: Hiromu Arakawa
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#99. It's often mistaken for good advice, but wisdom cannot be imparted to someone. Wisdom can only be earned; it's a by-product of experience, not necessarily knowledge, otherwise I would be stalking Oprah right now, begging for a transfusion. - Author: Renee Carlino
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#100. This freedom of which men speak, for which they fight, seems to some people a perilous thing. It has to be earned at a bitter cost and then - it has to be lived with. For freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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