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#1. I just want to do really good work. - Author: Chaske Spencer
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#2. I've just always loved really good projects. The things that draw me into a new project have very little to do with genre and have more to do with the characters I'll be playing, the people I'll get to work with and things like that. - Author: Jewel Staite
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#3. I didn't do anything for two years but work on 'Gone Baby Gone,' and it was miserable and hard, but at the end? It is a good movie. I liked it very much. If it had been dismissed and deemed worthless, it would been definitely devastating. But that didn't happen. - Author: Ben Affleck
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#4. All the collaborators of storytelling, in film and television, have to be partly self-centered because they need to do their work the best they can, and that's what makes them really good at what they do, but then they also have to be a part of the socialist society, for the greater good. - Author: Ray McKinnon
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#5. Do a good job. You don't have to worry about the money; it will take care of itself. Just do your best work then try to trump it. - Author: Walt Disney
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#6. Religion is the fear of God, and its demonstration good works; and faith is the root of both: For without faith we cannot please God; nor can we fear what we do not believe. - Author: William Penn
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#7. I don't care what I do - act, stand-up, write, direct - it doesn't matter as long as I'm being creative and it's good work. - Author: Jeff Garlin
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#8. Google has been amazing at acqui-hiring, buying small companies for the engineers. I think in the competitive market of Silicon Valley, it's really a good way to do it. Big acquisitions often don't work out. - Author: Ross Levinsohn
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#9. I will promise you that if I can give you two good scenes
which is what I always try to do in every movie
then I feel like I'm doing my job. - Author: Nicolas Cage
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#10. I think I've had the opportunity to work for people because I wanted to and because I thought they were good people, and therefore everything I do, I can do with sincerity. - Author: Pat Meehan
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#11. I try not to think about that [getting Oscar] ahead of time. You just try to do the best work you can, and then you get the movie out there, and we've been hearing good things. But you never know, you don't want to get too high, and you don't want to get too low. - Author: Denzel Washington
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#12. It doesn't work that way, you know, because most parts that you think you'd do well, most other people don't. So they offer you something - The Avengers is a good example ... I fitted into that because I came from that sort of background. It's not even acting. - Author: Patrick Macnee
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#13. We will do the good work. It is our holy duty. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#14. Well, this whole question of how you work out the narrative is very mysterious. It's a good deal more arbitrary than most people who don't do it would ever believe. - Author: Joan Didion
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#15. I'm not a good rapper. For whatever reason, my brain does not work that way. I just do the beginning, like, 'Yeah, yeah! Ha ha! Woo! What up? Come on! Get at me!' I'm Captain Hook. - Author: Adam DeVine
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#16. I never feel like I've done good enough. That's why I'm always so excited about working because I gotta keep pushing myself to do better work, to do great work. - Author: Bryce Wilson
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#17. The three things I said when I came out of school were I want to work consistently, I want to do good work and I want to be paid fairly, and that's happened. But I didn't become an actress for the money. I do it for other reasons. - Author: Angela Bassett
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#18. It's really fine that you found a good archivist to do the basically difficult and at times harrowing work of cleaning out old papers. I hope you keep her digging into all the old boxes as long as there is ONE left. - Author: Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher
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#19. At a certain point, if you work really hard and you get good and people like your work, you do deserve the fame - but you shouldn't take it for granted. - Author: Jon Lovitz
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#20. Power has not corrupted me. I have not become jaded. I wake up every day well aware of my good fortune, loving the work I do, loving my life, realizing that life is a crapshoot and I'm on a roll second to none. - Author: Hugh Hefner
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#21. There is nothing glamorous in what I do. I'm a working man. Perhaps I'm luckier than most in that I receive considerable satisfaction from doing useful work which I, and sometimes others, think is good. - Author: Saul Bass
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#22. I hope I'm building a record of being a good team player and not just standing for my principles but being willing to work for them. I think when you do that and you work really hard, people take notice. - Author: Aaron Schock
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#23. Everything I've done in my career is a result of growing up in rural Oklahoma, because if I hadn't had the training from Mama and Daddy to work hard, to do what I'm told, to take directions, to mind and to do a good job at anything I set out to do, then I wouldn't be where I am today. - Author: Reba McEntire
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#24. I don't want to be in competition with anyone. I'm friends with women I work with and I applaud any success they have in their careers. And I'm not just saying that because it sounds good, I genuinely want people to do well and have success. - Author: Charissa Thompson
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#25. No politics, Murphy," Eve chided with a wag of her finger. "You're here to do a job." "Work." His furry mouth drooped. "How depressing. I'm a god. I should be having fun." "How about causing mischief?" His bearing straightened. "I'm good at doing that. - Author: Eve Langlais
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#26. When I do a festival, I want everyone to have a party, I think it is kind of similar to a club where everyone is there to have a good time and celebrate not being at work or just being able to have fun. I love people dancing to my music as well; if I can make them dance I feel happy. - Author: Katy B
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#27. Let my hands be of service to people. Let me earn wisdom through my hands. Let my hands do good work - Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
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#28. I wonder a lot about making things meaningful. You want to do meaningful work and make art, but you're making records, which is good, but you don't want to weight them - it's a very curious thing. - Author: Doseone
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#29. When I go back to theater, I feel good about myself. When I do films or TV, it's to make a little bread to pay my mortgage or whatever, and when I've made the money, I do theater again. And when I get a part I like, a part I can work on, that satisfies me. I feed good about myself. - Author: David Hedison
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#30. Don't expect anything from anybody, work hard, put your head down, be good at what you do and good stuff will happen ... - Author: Deborah Meaden
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#31. He was good in business, but there was business left to do. He never said he loved me, guess he thought I knew. - Author: Reba McEntire
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#32. It's funny: I spend time in the book criticizing social media, but I'm also aware that a lot of my success is because of social media. I can broadcast myself and my work to thousands of people that are following me or my friends. I do think that social media can be good for self-promotion. - Author: Kim Stolz
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#33. ...use design as a secret disguise to infiltrate whatever world you want to go into. If you do that over and over again, and then translate that interest and curiosity into the work that you're doing, you'll do great. - Author: Michael Bierut
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#34. I'll probably stick to comedy for the time being. I mean, a great piece of work is a great piece of work, and I'm up for good work anytime. But I do love comedy! - Author: Jenna Elfman
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#35. One must have a thorough knowledge of anatomy and a good perception of depth for silhouette work. Otherwise they resemble those childish picture cards, snipped out by some fool who doesn't know what he is trying to do. - Author: Ugo Mochi
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#36. You should do something because you love it, not just because you're good at it. - Author: Lisa Graff
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#37. I try to get enough sleep and exercise, try not to make mountains out of molehills, and vent a lot. I have a good team to support my work. I also do lots of mundane things, which will center me. - Author: Lisa Loeb
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#38. Wealth, status, pride, are their own ruin. To do good, work well, and lie low is the way of the blessing. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#39. It's no good singing if you just want to be a pop star; you've got to work at it and do it for the love for it, not because you think it will make you famous. - Author: Bonnie Tyler
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#40. My only real requirement is that I like the projects to be good and I like the people that I work with to be really nice people and great people, and as long as that's the case the music is fun to do always. - Author: Christopher Lennertz
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#41. Circumcision stands for a religion of human achievement, of what man can do by his own good works; Christ stands for a religion of divine achievement, of what God has done through the finished work of Christ. - Author: John Stott
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#42. I was feeling pretty good out there in the middle when I went in, but it was one of those things - sometimes you get a really good ball. If it gets you out you just have to forget about it and make sure you do the hard work out there next time you get in. - Author: Mahela Jayawardene
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#43. By no stretch of the imagination can you describe me as a Wall Street lawyer. If you're going to do that, you'd have to say that 7,500 people who work here in Southwestern Pennsylvania for the Bank of New York Mellon with good family jobs are Wall Streeters. - Author: Keith Rothfus
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#44. I've had a lot of coaches in my life, but I've only had a few very good ones. So, I try to take from the best ones and apply those to what I do and think and with anyone I work with in terms of how to motivate people and work with them. - Author: Gabe Polsky
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#45. All we know is that the school achievement, IQ test score, and emotional and social development of working mothers' children are every bit as good as that of children whose mothers do not work. - Author: Sandra Scarr
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#46. I try to keep in mind that it's a long journey. It's not a race. It's about staying focused, continuing to do good work, make my family and community proud; that's all I really want to do ... and pay my bills. - Author: Gina Rodriguez
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#47. Why can't it be awesome to work for a food company? Why can't we create an environment where people are trying to push each other to do great things, and we're not trying to steal from anybody - we're trying to be good to our farmers and run an honorable business, if there is such a thing anymore? - Author: David Chang
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#48. I have a very healthy dose of self-loathing. But I think we all have a past of being whatever our story was, of feeling not good enough. It can propel you to work harder and do more, but it can also be a tremendous trap, and you can't see beyond it. - Author: Kim Cattrall
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#49. I don't see many people with longevity anymore. Everything was harder when I started, and you had to take acting lessons, do theater parts, work on connections and then get lucky. The technology is good, but it's also a hindrance for longevity. - Author: Dustin Diamond
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#50. I have my work and my house, and now I have you here too. If I can keep you, I'm set, so I'm going to do my damnedest to make that happen because I'm a good person and I deserve you. - Author: Mary Calmes
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#51. I realized that my life was to be one of simple, childlike faith, and that my part was to trust, not to do. I was to trust in Him and He would work in me to do His good pleasure. From that time my life was different. - Author: Charles Studd
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#52. There is no demand for women engineers, as such, as there are for women doctors; but there's always a demand for anyone who can do a good piece of work. - Author: Edith Clarke
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#53. You want to be confident when you work out because it takes a lot to make you work out. So many women really enjoy it, but it's a hard thing and you have to make yourself do it most of the time. I think you want to feel that you look good to make you want to work out a little bit more. - Author: Stella McCartney
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#54. I'm a believer in the notion that artists who do good work believe in the ideas of extremes. - Author: Wayne Thiebaud
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#55. I like to create a community where people want to come and have a good time and do their best work. - Author: Jill Soloway
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#56. You create a work of art. You do not know whether it will get public sanction. Sometimes outstanding films do no business, and sometimes films which are not so good work. - Author: Dev Anand
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#57. Do good work. Don't worry about expressing yourself. Figure out what you do well and make it better. - Author: Thomas S. Buechner
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#58. I'm a fan of movies and television shows, and I don't expect anything from actors and actresses, or anyone, but good work. What they do. I don't feel like I deserve a piece of their personal life, or even what they think about the work they do. - Author: Kristen Stewart
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#59. My only want and wish, really, was to tell a good story. I wanted to do good work, tell a good story, and give the character a voice. Those were my only expectations. - Author: Uzo Aduba
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#60. When we look in to the long avenue of the future, and see the good there is for each one of us to do, we realize, after all, what a beautiful thing it is to work, and to live, and to be happy. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
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#61. I got a nomination for director, which means the world to me; it's just the most exciting thing for me and my family. You do the good hard work, and the rest of it is something you shouldn't get too caught up in, but when it happens - boy! I respect it. - Author: David O. Russell
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#62. I'm not like Henry Fonda. He lives to act. I've just had a dedication to do the best I could. When I don't have challenges, the days get long. But I do enjoy being on stage. If I do good work, I get a kick out of that. - Author: Don Ameche
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#63. It's a lot easier to do good work when you have good words to say and work with good people. - Author: Mark Harmon
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#64. We're a different sort of thief here, Lamora. Deception and misdirection are our tools. We don't believe in hard work when a false face and a good line of bullshit can do so much more. - Author: Scott Lynch
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#65. Right now I'm doing four shows at a time, trying to read four outlines every week, four scripts every week, and watching four rough cuts; it's a lot of good work. It's fun to do it, but it does wear you out. - Author: Aaron Spelling
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#66. To do good work one must eat well, be well housed, have one's fling from time to time, smoke one's pipe, and drink one's coffee in peace - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
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#67. People with a distinctly displayed fear of failure are prone to do their work well and with good coordination only in a case when their task require simple skills - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#68. I think I have a good rapport with the people I work with and that really helps. If you like working with people and you always have a good time and you always do good work, then they're going to book you again. I like doing what I do. - Author: Kate Moss
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#69. I really do not see why there is not a splendid field for good work on the music hall stage, and if I did not have my own theatre taking up my time, I should rather like to go into it. - Author: Lady Gregory
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#70. We get through life and this is part of the education process also. In real life, we meet bad bosses and good bosses and good friends and bad friends. I think we should let the teachers do their work and not impose too much stuff on them. - Author: Philippe Falardeau
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#71. It really isn't anybody's business how many people we have working for us. What's offensive is that I'm portrayed as this prima donna with these sycophants telling me how great I am all the time. Yes, they do work for me, but we're working together for a higher good ... - Author: Demi Moore
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#72. I don't do celebrity endorsements. My work with Conservation International is a good use of whatever celebrity I might have to draw attention to important problems. I have the same responsibility as everyone to reduce consumption and to teach children to respect the environment. - Author: Harrison Ford
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#73. Everyone always asks me, 'Do you want to be famous ... ' I never really thought about becoming famous. I just want to work, to be able to put out inspiring and good film and TV. - Author: Kim Shaw
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#74. I have never had anything done to my face because then you end up looking as they all do in America. Look at Judi Dench: she would never be as good if she had had work done. - Author: Joanna Lumley
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#75. I'm making good money but I ain't rich. Even if I don't wanna rap I still gotta work. Pride don't feed the babies. I'm going to do whatever it takes. As long as my fingers and toes move Im'ma get money. - Author: Sean Price
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#76. God has created me to do some definite service. He has committed some work to me which He has not committed to another. I have my mission. I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. He has not created me for naught. I shall do good; I shall do His work. - Author: John Henry Newman
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#77. The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don't wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope. - Author: Barack Obama
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#78. When I first came to work her i spotted a problem that needed to be solved, but I didn't know what to do. So I called the One Minute Manager. When he answered the phone, I said, Sir, I have a problem. Befor I could get another word out, he said, Good! That's what you've been hired to solve. - Author: Kenneth H. Blanchard
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#79. I'm thinking about directing, but I know it's a lot of work and I appreciate what directors do and I would like to be good at it. The opportunity has presented itself four to five times, and I usually said no because of the script. - Author: Angela Bassett
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#80. You have to do what is real and what is right and what is good and what you believe in. It doesn't mean it's always going to work. It doesn't. But when it does, it is truthful and forever. - Author: Mitch Leigh
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#81. I work every day until I do not have more to say. I learned from Graham Greene that a very good way is to stop work in the middle of a sentence. Then you know exactly how to continue the day after. - Author: Henning Mankell
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#82. You learn how to do good work by being honest with yourself. - Author: Rodney Crowell
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#83. A good detective not only has to be intelligent, persevering and prepared to do enless boring routine work, he also needs one other quality: Intuition. I see it rather as the ability to make connections which are there but are not immediately apparent. Subterranean connections. - Author: Dorothy Simpson
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#84. I get my drive and determination from just winning and playing tennis. I know if I don't work, I won't get rewarded. It was a life long dream to win a Grand Slam so when I was able to do that it felt so good and I wanted to do it again. It's not that hard to stay motivated. - Author: Samantha Stosur
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#85. Sleep has been provided by nature to do the body's healing work, and it takes seven or eight hours for this process to happen. Commit to getting at least seven to eight hours of good quality sleep every night to keep your body and hormones in balance. - Author: Suzanne Somers
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#86. This position I've held ... it pays may way and it corrodes my soul. - Author: Morrissey
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#87. Women with low self-esteem love bad boys. Women who have work to do love bad boys. Women who love themselves love good men. - Author: Tracy McMillan
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#88. Work hard and meticulously. When in trouble, look closely at a text that is a good example of what you're trying to do. And be patient. - Author: Lydia Davis
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#89. With hard work, living a good life, you can do anything. You will be rewarded for that. - Author: Jennifer Lopez
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#90. I think I work hard. I think I dedicate myself to the game and sacrifice a lot of things at a young age, and I know if I continue to do good, what I can get out of it. - Author: Derrick Rose
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#91. if you want to do a great or a good work, do not trouble to think what the result will be. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#92. I want to do work, but I also want to have a good time. - Author: Gael Garcia Bernal
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#93. I am eating more. I think you do eat more when you're working out. And you want to eat healthily, so it's good all round. - Author: Victoria Beckham
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#94. If your motives are high and noble and your work is hard and you do a good job, then whatever the task is in your life, it will benefit you. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#95. You can't do a good business with a bad person. Find the right people to work with and you can't go wrong. - Author: Richard Branson
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#96. Work in a place that feels good to you. Select the best of that which is available. The Zen of working is just to do it, not to worry about it. Feel you would be doing it without the money. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#97. Discipline yourself to be a disciple of great works and to do that excellently, you have to wave "bye-bye" to some things and then switch off your inner person not to go near them again! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#98. I never lifted a weight in my life. Why am I going to do steroids? That's not going to do me any good. We didn't have any weights in our clubhouse. We had one exercise bike and that was for the guy who tweaked his hamstring. And that thing didn't even work half the time. - Author: George Brett
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#99. For where God intends to do any good, he first works in them a gracious disposition: after which he looks upon his own work as upon a lovely object, and so doth give them other blessings. God crowns grace with grace. By - Author: Richard Sibbes
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#100. As an artist, I used to think that my responsibility was to do good work. But I had to learn from the '70s on that being a public figure presents another aspect of responsibility. - Author: Patti Smith
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