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Top 13 Dilshan Quotes

#1. The only way to coast is downhill.

Zig Ziglar

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#2. Aulas spotted early that most soccer fans everywhere are much more like shoppers than like religious believers: if they can get a better experience somewhere new, they will go there.

Simon Kuper

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#3. It's human nature to work on ourselves, to get better in mind, body, and spirit, so there's nothing wrong with trying to live life to your fullest potential.

Josh McDermitt

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#4. I am afraid it is quite clear, Cecily, that neither of us is engaged to be married to any one.

Oscar Wilde

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#5. I lack the Lord's own gentleness of heart, for I see deliberate malice where he sees ignorance and weakness.

Anthony De Mello

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#6. Make your decisions with your heart, and you'll end up with heart disease.

Harvey MacKay

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#7. Architects are pretty much high-class whores. We can turn down projects the way they can turn down some clients, but we've both got to say yes to someone if we want to stay in business.

Philip Johnson

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#8. Jesus came to save me from myself. He came to save me from self-effort. He didn't just die for my sin to give me forgiveness; he rose again to give me life.

Emily P. Freeman

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#9. I have to write. I have to be an artist.

Louise Erdrich

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#10. I am a conservationist. It is in my DNA.

Louis Bacon

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#11. Missing someone feels like hunger. An insatiable emptiness right at the core of yourself.

Andrew Pyper

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#12. As he plunged inside her with his tongue, delving deep into her inner core, he knew the sweet nectar was heaven itself. He licked his lips, the taste of her lingering on his tongue. He wanted more. Always more.

Nikki Landis

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#13. On the top of the batting list we have pinned our hopes on the Dilshan-Thirima nne combination as they have been putting the runs on the board whenever they have been entrusted with the opening slot.

Sanath Jayasuriya

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