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#1. Because we remain a land of hope and opportunity, and new Canadians see in our unfinished destiny an image of their own unfinished destines. - Author: Michael Ignatieff
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#2. Time is a gift and a threat because we are bodily creatures. We only come into existence through the bodies of others, but that very body destines us to death. We must be born and we must die. - Author: Stanley Hauerwas
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#3. The humans live in time but our Enemy (God) destines them for eternity. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#4. To understand what happiness means, let us first consider being full. - Author: Anonymous
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#5. On Aditya, such would be unthinkable; on Aditya, everybody respects authority. Whether it's respectable or not. - Author: H. Beam Piper
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#6. No one lacks voice. Not even the dead. But many lack ears, the ability to hear those stories out of which the most destitute of people are forging their destines, breathing life into bleached bones. - Author: Demetria Martinez
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#7. For what does it mean to be a hero? It requires you to be
prepared to deal with forces larger than yourself. - Author: Norman Mailer
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#8. She kicked, but there was little to be gained from that, burdened as she was with the heavy lump of sharp, hard love she held so tightly to her chest. Was it the answers that it held that gave it so much weight? - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#9. I love hearing my audience breathe. - Author: Adele
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#10. I spent 2014 on a book tour for a book I hadn't yet written. - Author: Anonymous
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#11. In the good old days physicists repeated each other's experiments, just to be sure. Today they stick to FORTRAN, so that they can share each other's programs, bugs included. - Author: Edsger Dijkstra
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#12. This will be triumph! This will be happiness! Yea, that very thing, happiness, which I have been pursuing all my life, and have never yet overtaken. - Author: Joanna Baillie
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#13. When God means you to be a healer he sends you patients; when he makes you a teacher he sends you pupils; when he destines you to be a Master he sends you stories . - Author: Anthony De Mello
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#14. The world today is experiencing a profound and rapid socio-cultural transformation. But the changes do not occur at a uniform pace, and the discrepancies in the change process have differentiated the various countries and regions of our planet. - Author: Gustavo Gutierrez
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#15. I believe with all my heart that God still destines for us an even better future and the opportunity to continue to serve as an inspiration to the world. - Author: Marco Rubio
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#16. A great man may be the personification and type of the epoch for which God destines him, but he is never its creator. - Author: Jean-Henri Merle D'Aubigne
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#17. We are certain that Ukraine needs profound constitutional reform. In all fairness, we can't see any other way to ensure the stable development of Ukraine but to sign a federal agreement. - Author: Sergei Lavrov
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#18. The Fate Gene A latent Ch05En gene destines someone for greatness. Maybe you'll be a rock star, or CEO of a Fortune 500. You might save somebody's life, or give birth to the greatest supporting actress of all time. Maybe you'll be a superhero. Those - Author: William Dickstein
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#19. When life becomes hard, you will never like what your life is to be in the next day unless you love yourself for real. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#20. God destines us for an end beyond the grasp of reason. - Author: Thomas Aquinas
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#21. When I black out, it's the happiest time of my life. - Author: Artie Lange
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#22. Individual identities and national destines were shaped by the tripod of history, geography, and philosophy. - Author: Patrick Mendis
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#23. We need to know not only what is done but what is purposed and said by those who shape the destines of states and realms." Horace Greeley - Author: Harold Holzer
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