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#1. I felt okay for the first 45 seconds, and then my vision grew fussy. My lungs felt like deflated balloons. I would have sucked oxygen through my ears, if that were possible. I was experiencing oxygen debt, or perhaps better stated, oxygen death.

Brad Alan Lewis

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#2. Golf is an open exhibition of overweening ambition, courage deflated by stupidity, skill soured by a whiff of arrogance.

Alistair Cooke

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#3. flashed a spreadsheet he'd created. "Hey, guys," he said, "I think we can build this rocket ourselves." Griffin and Cantrell had downed a couple of drinks by this time and were too deflated to entertain a fantasy.

Ashlee Vance

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#4. If I am what I have and if what I have is lost, who then am I?
Nobody but a defeated, deflated, pathetic testimony to a wrong way of living.

Erich Fromm

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#5. My parents recognized something in me that they encouraged instead of deflated, and I'll always be grateful to them for that.

Graham Nash

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#6. I have to walk dogs." "Oh," Gansey replied, sounding deflated. "Well, okay." "But it'll only take an hour." "Oh," he repeated, about fourteen shades brighter. "Shall I pick you up, then?

Maggie Stiefvater

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#7. There it is: the spoken admission that he was hers to lose. As soon as the words leave my mouth, I feel weirdly deflated, as though they've been swollen, balloonlike, in my chest this whole time

Lauren Oliver

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#8. But all bubbles have a way of bursting or being deflated in the end.

Barry Gibb

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#9. My life has always been chaotic. From the time I got dressed in the back of a deflated, flat-tired, fish-smelling station wagon for Rocky. It's always been do it yourself, kind of like paper-clip it together.

Sylvester Stallone

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#10. I can assure you, nothing in my performance will be deflated

Katy Perry

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#11. I love you...and I'm sorry it took losing you to figure that out."
His anger deflated. "Did you say you love me?"
She nodded and tears dripped from her eyes.

He put a hand to his chest. "Are you sure, because my fucking heart can't take this.

Dana Mason

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#12. It is not difficult to destroy Islam. Islam is the pumped up ego of a megalomaniac psychopath. Muhammad was a narcissist madman. Just as a huge balloon can be deflated by a small needle, all it takes to make Islam explode is to ridicule its loony inventor and its brainless followers.

Ali Sina

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#13. I absolutely get thrills from taking on these big guys and recognizing how, behind all their power, they are so empty. I just keep going at it. Each of these balloons does deflate. I've seen a lot of balloons get deflated in my life.

Vandana Shiva

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#14. The overintellectualization of surrealism can be a bromide. A dream interpreted is a deflated dream.

Graham Joyce

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#15. [Lindsay] But I don't want to think about all that now, Boring Blake and his broken heart which is really his deflated dick, that's all he cares about anyway...

Kathe Koja

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#16. Just had lunch with the president who seems pensive, slightly deflated, realistic, aggravated and resolute. Didn't eat his pie.

Katie Couric

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#17. Sometimes the idea of doing something is the most fun part, and after you go through with it, you feel deflated because you realize you're back to looking for the next thrill.

Lauren Graham

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#18. When the "deity" of the other is deflated, either because it is exhausted or because one becomes accustomed to living with a "god" or a "goddess," there is a terrific sense of ennui and boredom.

Fulton J. Sheen

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#19. What Profiteth It A Kingdom If The Oxen Be Deflated?' - Riddles II, v3

Terry Pratchett

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#20. I don't read reviews. I refuse to have my ego inflated or deflated by someone I don't know.

Suzan-Lori Parks

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#21. Vern, deflated, slackened his pace.

Jason Letts

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#22. Pleasure is continually disappointed, reduced, deflated, in favor of strong, noble values: Truth, Death, Progress, Struggle, Joy, etc. Its victorious rival is Desire: we are always being told about Desire, never about Pleasure.

Roland Barthes

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#23. The lungs cannot be completely deflated at first without considerable effort. With perseverance, however, the desired results can be accomplished and with increasing power, gradually and progressively develop the lungs to their maximum capacity.

Joseph Pilates

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#24. That GOP leadership, that establishment, they've got to get their stuff together I love what they believe in, I believe in it too. But they've got to get tough, man. You know what? It's not just the New England Patriots who are dealing with deflated balls right now.

Sarah Palin

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#25. Trout was deflated - neutralized. He dropped his arms, became child-like now.

Kurt Vonnegut

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#26. You are important to me, she said, and touched his face. Important. The word swelled and deflated. More than he'd thought. Less than he wanted.

Marie Rutkoski

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#27. If the ego is inflated it must be gradually deflated.

Alexander Lowen

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#28. Punctured, utterly deflated, he dropped into a chair and, covering his face with his hands, began to weep. A few minutes later, however, he thought better of it and took four tablets of soma.
Upstairs in his room the Savage was reading Romeo and Juliet.

Aldous Huxley

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#29. The Patriots deflated balls are but an allegory for America's deflated balls in dealings with Putin, the Mullahs in Iran, and Islamic terrorists.

Dennis Miller

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#30. I told my mother he looked like a deflated balloon. Greta said he looked like a small gray moth wrapped in a spider's web. That's because everything about Greta is more beautiful, even the way she says things.

Carol Rifka Brunt

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#31. How many a dispute could have been deflated into a single paragraph if the disputants had dared to define their terms


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#32. In the world of perpetual outrage, people cannot see the difference between deflated footballs, a dead lion, and dismembered babies.

Kevin DeYoung

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#33. My heart is a harness of nothing, deflated balloon, and a place of loss.

Candace Robinson

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#34. Hope is like a balloon, always just a breath away from being deflated

Jodi Picoult

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#35. That's what it felt like - that if I let a little of the hurt out, it would keep pouring out until I was a deflated balloon of a person, with a big monster of hurt in front of me.

David Levithan

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