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#1. We can learn the art of fierce compassion - redefining strength, deconstructing isolation and renewing a sense of community, practicing letting go of rigid us-vs.-them thinking - while cultivating power and clarity in response to difficult situations.

Sharon Salzberg

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#2. The artist has the power to signoff the work by deconstructing the work itself: I've finished this work now and I'll sign it and relegate the painting to simply something that services my signature. The painting becomes the colorful backdrop of the signature.

Gavin Turk

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#3. And I'm sort of deconstructing the process of what marks came first, what came later. Every aspect of the image is interesting to me to dissect and understand.

Robert Longo

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#4. I am sick of deconstructing their propaganda, because it's pretty much the same as it's always been. It's just repeating something over and over again until we believe it and we hope that you believe it.

Jon Stewart

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#5. Looking forward, it might prove constructive to examine the true historical record of an issue prior to assuming the worst of anyone's motive and deconstructing and questioning anyone's Democratic bona fides. After all, we liberals got feelings.

Gary Ackerman

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#6. Deconstructing the concept of race not only conflicts with people's tendency to classify and build family histories according to common descent but also ignores the work of biologists studying non-human species.

J. Philippe Rushton

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#7. When it comes to writers, I'm a huge fan of Ian McEwan. I've never taken a writing course, but reading and deconstructing his novels has been as good a lesson as any.

Deborah Copaken Kogan

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#8. Live or die: mere consequences of what you have built. What matters is building well. So here we are I've assigned myself a new obligation. I'm going to stop undoing deconstructing I'm going to start building ... What matters is what you are doing when you die ... I want to be building.

Muriel Barbery

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#9. I always feel so pretentious talking about comedy and deconstructing it. It always feels somehow self-centred to talk about any sort of process.

Steve Carell

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#10. We need narrative; it feeds us in a particular way, and deconstructing it completely before you've actually experienced it, I think it leaves us unfed.

Joss Whedon

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#11. As soon as you start to talk about your own mannerisms, you are screwed. Because if you are aware of your own mannerisms, or beyond that even what makes any one thing funny to people, I really ascribe to that that if you start deconstructing it too much, it is immediately not funny.

Steve Carell

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#12. I'm very good at deconstructing. I'm a very good troubleshooter for why something is unlikely to work. And most everything is unlikely to work.

Robert Downey Jr.

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#13. The analyst's psyche operates as a kind of ... something to hold on to while somebody's going through therapy, if they're deconstructing their own psyche, if that's cracking up in some way, or dissolving.

Susie Orbach

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#14. For a brief moment, I considered deconstructing the song and going down a cerebral road, but then I realized it would kill what is most powerful about it.

Annie E. Clark

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#15. [The courts and the media elite] are abolishing America, they are deconstructing our country ... they have dethroned our God.

Pat Buchanan

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#16. I like deconstructing things. I like cutting the legs out from under something that feels secret.

Rachel Bloom

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#17. We live in a racist world. Everywhere there is racism. We say to White people, "You really have to examine how you behave in the world. You are responsible for deconstructing internalized racism and being part of a ongoing process of decolonizing yourself."

Eve Ensler

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#18. Our biggest problem is that we have an entire culture shaped by a misunderstanding of the gospel. That so-called gospel is deconstructing the church

Scot McKnight

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#19. My artwork isn't evolving, it's deconstructing, and I don't know why.

Neal Shusterman

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#20. People have made a living deconstructing Lennon and The Beatles songs because of their compositional sophistication. But what's so exciting about John is that he never had any of that training on musical theory; something just spoke to him, and he just knew what sounded right.

Randy Bachman

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#21. I'm going to stop undoing, deconstructing, I'm going to start building. Even with Colombe I'll try to do something positive. What matters is what you are doing when you die, and when June 16th comes around, I want to be building.

Muriel Barbery

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#22. I give Iggy credit for deconstructing the very idea of entertainment.

Kim Gordon

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#23. They hadn't been good months. About as ugly as a wet warthog and as messed up as a bumblebee in a snowstorm.

Jamie Farrell

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#24. It is really a miracle how you have managed to be so miserable, so thirsty, when it is raining all over. You have really done the impossible! Everywhere it is light and you live in darkness. Death is nowhere and you are constantly dying; life is a benediction and you are in hell.


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#25. From a certain point of view our real enemy, the true troublemaker, is inside.

Dalai Lama

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#26. Adaora was beginning to see why Ayodele's people had chosen the city of Lagos. If they'd landed in New York, Tokyo or London, the governments of these places would have quickly swooped to hide, isolate and study the aliens. Here in Lagos, there was no such order.

Nnedi Okorafor

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#27. What does sincerity mean if it is chosen as deliberate strategy?

Rick Perlstein

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#28. The stone is a mirror which works poorly. Nothing in it but dimness. Your dimness or its dimness, who's to say? In the hush your heart sounds like a black cricket.

Charles Simic

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#29. Shoes, then, sliding me across the floor to greet the day. Dreaming of coffee. I'm afraid I didn't miss the physical presence of my husband in his absences as much as I missed coffee.

Barbara Kingsolver

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#30. To identify the causes, so it seemed to him, is the very essence of thinking, and by this alone sensations turn into realizations and are not lost, but become entities and start to emit like rays of light what is inside of them.

Hermann Hesse

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#31. A learned man is honoured by the people.A learned man commands respect everywhere for his learning. Indeed, learning is honoured everywhere.


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#32. There has been no lack of courage in Ireland; there never is, but even our courage has a fatal quality.

Susan Mitchell

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#33. There will be growing pains along the way - and more horror stories, no doubt - but the sharing economy is here to stay.

Glenn Carter

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#34. People are not heterosexual or homosexual, just sexual.

Quentin Crisp

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