Top 12 Death Penalty Anti Quotes

#1. I find that students are very strong on my issues, stronger than anyone: anti-death penalty, anti-racial profiling, campaign finance reform, questioning the anti-terrorism bill.

Russ Feingold

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#2. There is nothing more boring than doing singing exercises.

P.J. Harvey

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#3. Work on yourself more than you do on your job

Jim Rohn

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#4. Life is hard and then we die!

Barbara Johnson

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#5. I am not anti-death penalty, but I'm damned sure anti-the-wrong-guy-getting-executed.

Kinky Friedman

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#6. But I'm not pro death penalty. I - I'm just anti the notion that it is not a matter for democratic choice, that it has been taken away from the democratic choice of the people by a provision of the Constitution.

Antonin Scalia

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#7. Now let me get this straight. Bush is anti-abortion, but pro-death penalty. I guess it's all in the timing, huh?

Dennis Miller

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#8. If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses.

Lenny Bruce

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#9. Politics are, as it were, the market place and the price mechanism of all social demands - though there is no guarantee that a just price will be struck; and there is nothing spontaneous about politics- it depends on deliberate and continuous activity.

Bernard Crick

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#10. I will not serve lunch to anyone in the middle of a workday. I rarely rearrange my furniture or cabinets; once I find a drawer for something, it stays there. I don't garden. And I don't knit.

Christina Baker Kline

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#11. In the U.S.S.R. anti-semitism is punishable with the utmost severity of the law as a phenomenon deeply hostile to the Soviet system. Under U.S.S.R. law active anti-semites are liable to the death penalty.

Joseph Stalin

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#12. Just with the basic one guitar, one piano and one vocal and an audience, I think that the intimacy comes through more. People feel much more connected to the song because there's nothing in the way, and I actually enjoy doing that.

Graham Nash

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