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Top 15 Daytime Royalty Quotes

#1. The big publishers want someone they can send on the Jewish book circuit, somebody the old ladies can see marrying their granddaughters. - Author: Joshua Cohen
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#2. Our insecurities drive us. Our fears control us. We try to hide the first and deny the second and it is exhausting us. - Author: David Amerland
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#3. The ability to listen,watch and draw lessons from obvious and unlikely places breeds originality and growth - Author: Biz Stone
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#4. The love you make is equal to the love you fake. - Author: Dean Cavanagh
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#5. Keats writes better about poems than anybody I've ever read. The things that he says about what he wants his own poems to be are the ideals that I share. - Author: Andrew Motion
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#6. You cannot beat the person who never gives up. - Author: Anonymous
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#7. He says, You're an idiot. You couldn't get yourself arrested without me along to help. - Author: Daniel Wallace
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#8. My apartment is basically a couch, an armchair, and about four thousand books. - Author: Audrey Niffenegger
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#9. Who could ever reckon up the damage done to love and friendship and all hopes of happiness by a surfeit or depletion of this or that neurotransmitter? And who will ever find a morality, an ethics down among the enzymes and amino acids when the general taste is for looking in the other direction? - Author: Ian McEwan
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#10. My chest feels full of glitter and helium, the way it used to when I was little and riding my father's shoulders at twilight, when I knew that if I held up my hands and spread my fingers like a net, I could catch the coming stars. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#11. Life is fucking confusing. I don't know anything, and neither do you. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#12. Morning is a new sheet of paper for you to write on. - Author: Eve Merriam
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#13. But to be loving is simply this: a willingness to respond freely and openly. Right now, it may be limited to one or two people in your lives. But it is possible to extend this ability to embrace the entire world. - Author: Sadhguru
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#14. Never try to be funny right before people are about to masturbate. - Author: Greg Walloch
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#15. I don't remember anything from the Bills. It was rough there, but it is what it is. Now I'm here in the Super Bowl, just trying to enjoy that. - Author: Tarvaris Jackson
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