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#1. As we struggle to overcome our troubles, we are making history and fulling our destiny. Keep pressing! - Author: T. B. Joshua
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#2. I recommend people develop a fear of elevators, like I have. Even if something is on the tenth floor, I'm walking up. If you don't have claustrophobia, pretend you do and take the stairs everywhere! It ends up being so healthy! - Author: Tamara Taylor
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#3. Nothing must be left to chance in a magical performance. Everything conducive to enhancing the mystery of the illusions must be arranged with painstaking care and thought. - Author: David Devant
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#4. The untented Kosmos my abode,
I pass, a wilful stranger:
My mistress still the open road
And the bright eyes of danger. - Author: R.L.S.
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#5. I'll always be a member of System of a Down. That will never change. - Author: Daron Malakian
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#6. The mere knowledge of secrets will not help the amateur conjurer very far on the road to success. - Author: David Devant
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#7. Powerful men needed their women to be unchallenging, the home should not be an arena for intellectual debate. - Author: Kate Atkinson
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#8. Competition among investors leads to a situation in which knowledge in the public domain can't lead to above-average investment returns. - Author: Carl Futia
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#9. So few people get to truly steer their course the way you have the chance to now. And the question before you is - will you strive to be normal and live an ordinary life? Or will you do what no one else can do - and be more? - Author: Robert J. Crane
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#10. A number of organizations are already using Web GIS to create shared information and facilitate collaboration, and it is literally changing the way organizations operate. - Author: Jack Dangermond
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#11. All done by kindness. - Author: David Devant
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#12. Adams had gone to Harvard, Jefferson to William and Mary. Washington had gone to war. - Author: Joseph J. Ellis
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#13. Stop listening to people.
They don't live your life.
Stop judging people. You
don't live their lives. - Author: Semanyenzi Richard
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#14. My favorite machine at the gym is the vending machine. - Author: Caroline Rhea
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